Thursday, October 19, 2006

Work! Work! Work! It's Why I Am A Jerk!

I am not posting regularly because I am always working on something or other and I don't think about it. However, now that I have a paper to write, scripts to draft, etc, it is the perfect time to post, because I can use this as a procrastination tool.

Tommorow I'll be heading down to the Cape to help on Tyler Bell's BFA film, the Hop. It's going to be amazing. The film has a 20,000 dollar budget! They've got losts of equipment, too, which is awesome.

Needless to say, I'm still waiting on my car to sell, and hopefully it will sell so I can afford the G5 I bought.

We'll see. Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Well, I was not selected as Director for any of the Women In Motion films.

I guess this was to be expected, since I haven't really directed anything on this campus since I've been here.  It makes me really frustrated.

Oh well.

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Proposal...

I pitched my script to Women In Motion (a film group I am involved in) and it was chosen to be produced!

It's called "The Proposal". Based on a satircal essay by Jonathan Swift (titled "A Modest Proposal"). In the paper, written in 1729, Swift suggests that the citizens of Ireland can end their poverty problem by selling poor babies that parents cannot support, for food, to the rich of Ireland and Britian.

My story follows a poor, young couple, Patrick and Emily as they spend an evening together. They end up at a deli where they sell their one year old baby girl for money. But this is no shock for the parents. It is an everyday occurence in modern day.

It's a great little script which I might have to re-write, but I'm happy about it, and happy that it was chosen. I'm now nervous to see if it will be done justice. We'll see. I think I am going to go out for Director.

What else? I've accepted a position as post-production coordinator for Kevin Bright's show. That is pretty cool because I'll be able to say I worked with Kevin Bright, executive producer of Friends.

Payment arrived the other day for work I did for Jake S. on a website video. It was nice thing to get in the mail. I've got a bunch of editing to do in the coming weeks, along with lots of writing and other creative work. I am happy, but nervous about how this will all pan out.

We'll have to see.