Monday, November 29, 2004

Hmmmm... Homesick Already

I realize now that I am back at the dorms again how homesick I really am.

After spending just a few short days with old friends and my sister, Sarah, I feel so out of place here. Hopefully it will only take a few days before I have re-integrated into the college lifestyle... of course, then it's only 22 days (three weeks) before I am back in Virginia for a whole MONTH. How will that be? I don't know, but I do know that I will love the visit. It just unnerves me that I am not excited to be back at school... I shouldn't worry, because I like what I am doing. I guess everyone would rather be at home with friends than working hard at school with people who you haven't gotten really close to yet.

So anyway, I was going to sleep in until about 9:30am, and then just shower and go to class, but when my roommate got up this morning and went to class, I woke up, and I couldn't get to sleep. It totally sucked. So I got up and started working on my blog, checking my e-mail, and doing other things to keep me busy.

Today I will be "hitting the ground running" going to class at 10-12, Change the Channel, Desk sit from 12-2pm, work on my Digital Culture Assignment until 4pm, (change the channel) at 4pm go to my digital culture class until 6pm. I change the channel again at 6pm, then I have a little time for dinner until my Women in Motion meeting at 8pm.


Anyway, it took a helloova (thanks, John) long time to set up my room again, since I had to totally destroy my desk, and I have to do it again very soon. But I love Christmas, and I have yet to do ANY shopping... uh oh.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Need to Verify A Rumor or Urban Legend?

I stumbled across while looking to verify whether or not it was true that James Taylor's "Fire and Rain" was written about his girlfriend getting into a plane crash and dying. It wasn't.

Friday, November 26, 2004

The Day After...

MMMM, Thanksgiving food is SOOO good. I can't believe it. I really didn't even eat that much of the actual meal, because Maxx's mom had so many appetizers out that I was munching on. Anyway, needless to say, the meal was great and Maxx had a TON of folks over at his house. Interestingly enough, Maxx's mom pobably had more friends than family over. It was really funny because one of the guests was names Gino, and he used to sing with "The Platters" It was really funny, because everyone kept mentioning it, and when he sang it was good, but he was singing unnessicerily load with a karaoke machine.

Anyways, I had a great time with Maxx, and at about 9pm he brought me over to Tanners house. We stayed up until about 2am talking and catching up. It was a whole lot of fun. Today we got up around 1pm (Tanner actually didn't get up until about 2pm.) I ate a bunch of cut up veggies that Tanner had in his fridge, checked my mail, and started sorting through some of the stuff in my closet to get the things that I needed to bring with me back to Boston. (Software, computer parts, DVD's, Suitcase)

Then Tanner got up, showered, and then we both walked around his livingroom BLASTING James Taylor, Rent, and Eve8, singing in the wonderfully acoustic space. It was great. I realized that I really was working myself really hard while at school, and was not able to really be myself, because I don't have any family or close friends at school (at least not yet). Hopefully I won't get too sad when I have to go back to the grindstone.

I called school "the grindstone". That's not nessiceraly a good thing, because I am supposed to like what I am going to school for... But I don't feel like analyzing my thoughts right now, I just wanted to let you know what was up.

Anyway, Tanner and I played some Mario Kart for Nintendo Gamecube, then we called my old frien, Lee. What a guy. Anyway, he came over, we played more games, and then we went over to Pizza Hut on Minot Ave, to participate in an age old tradition--sharing a big New Yorker Pizza. Well, there are a couple of things wrong with this picture, number one; Tanner is disgusting and consumes an entire 16inch pizza ON HIS OWN. So only Lee and I actually share, and number two; Pizza Hut no longer sells The Big New Yorker. Instead they have a new 16inch pizza called "the Full House" or something like that. It's not bad, tasting very similar to the Big New Yorker, but still, it's sad to lose an old favorite.

I bought the whole pizza to celebrate because Lee told me he will have his diploma by next September. I am very glad to hear it. I don't care if he goes to college or not... college isn't for everyone. But I was very upset when I heard Lee hadn't graduated. But he is not going to give up, and I am very pleased with that.

So we enjoyed our Pizza, sharing stories, laughing and talking like always. It was great. And I realized that I was home. Please don't take offense Virginia people, you are my home too. I have two homes, and I love each one.

So anyway, on a side note, I was given permission by Dori, Tanner's Stepmom, to drive the enormous Dodge Quad Cab truck with a Hemi V8 engine.... Whoa. Hot.

I can definately see why people want enourmous SUV's after driving that beastly thing. But still, when I think about the intitial price tag, coupled with the gas bill, I don't have the desire any more.

Well, I think that's a substantial post for today. Have a great night. I'm going to go to JC Penny's tommorow and get some things for school.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving: What am I Thankful For?

In celebration of Thanksgiving, here is a list of things both big and small that I am thankful for, in no particular order--

The Gospel
James Taylor
Music is general
My Grandma
My Mom
My Siblings, Sarah, David and Katie
My Father
Having friends who care about you enough to invite them into your home, whenever you need it, no questions asked.
Emerson College
MBTA Subway System
John N.
Carrots and Dip
All the vegetables and fruits that are so wonderful
Acela Train
Christmas, and all it truely represents
My watch
All the programs and clubs I am in atr Emerson
Lewiston and Auburn
Wooden desks
Legs and Arms
My Weblog

Just an abreviated list--chances are if you are reading this I am thankful for you too! Have a happy happy thanksgiving all!

Monday, November 22, 2004

Wow, it WAS a busy day

Whew! I sure am tired. I did QUITE a lot of things, and I am proud of it. My taping at 6pm actually went until ten, instead of at 8, which is when I swear I was told it would end. But all in all it was good because I was doing something that I like, even though it was at a lower level of professionalism than I would have liked.

Oh well.

Anyway, an anonymous commenter called me a "tease" because I didn't let you all know which James Taylor CD's that I bought. Well, I bought James Taylor's Greatest Hits Volumes One and Two. About two hours of soulful singing by the master.

Also, I was asked about how I got a ticket to the The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (Click here to see a trailer!) Well, a while back, someone had left a copy of Rolling Stone Magazine in the Common Room, and as I was flipping through it there was an ad telling you to go online and sign up for advance screening tickets, and they would give them to random people. Basically a giveaway. I believe the film has not been released in the US yet, but it will air on HBO in late December. From what I saw of the trailer, it seems like it will be a fascinating movie.

Anyway, I really need to get started on my art paper which is due by noon tommorow.

Frosted Flakes in a Dixie Cup

My room mate has almost a full gallon of milk in his fridge which he has to finish up before wednesdsay or throw out. So he said I could use his milk for cereal in the morning. I've had my cereal for a while, but I kept forgetting to pickup some milk, so it's been a while since I've had any. Needless to say, it's really hard to pour cereal into a Dixie pastic cup, and harder to eat out of properly. I spilled quite a bit of cereal.

Anyway, I have a full schedule today. I have a class from 10am to 11:45, lunch, then at 1:30pm I am helping with the load-on of a show that will be going up tonight in the "Caberet" (a preforming space here on campus) until about 3:30 or so. Then at 4-5:45pm I have another class, and at 6 I have a special shoot in Studio B for the "R Rated Kid's Show" which a guy on my floor is producing. That should wrap up around 8pm, at which time I have another meeting at the student union at 8pm--Women in Motion. That usually isn't done until 9:30 or so. So as you can see...busy, busy busy!

Wish me luck.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Hey There, Sexy Knickers, I Don't Half Fancy You!

This post is a little shout-out to my old friend Wendy, who used to jokingly say that to me whenever I saw her. (For those of you who don't know (probably all of you) the line is from a British television show called "Are You Being Served".

Very funny.

Sunday, Nov. 21st. A Day

Well, today was rather uneventful as far as days go, that's why I haven't written more. However, per request and because it allows me to procrastinate, I am updating.

You may notice a new "Daily Read" on the right. It's called "Overcompensating" Very funny, I would recommend visiting and reading the guys daily blog, complete with comic!

I woke up at about 11:30am, and then I chilled in my room for about 1/2 an hour, then ate lunch at the dining hall. (Slice of tomato and basil pizza and slamami and cheese sandwich on wheat.) Upon going back upstairs, I took a shower, chatted online with some friends online, and then I went to church with Dean.

Church was really really good today. Part of this was because I went to our ward Thanksgiving Dinner last night, and met several people. (Jason, Julia, Holly, Amy, Steph, Denver, Brittany) Who were added to me slowly but surely growing list of people whose names I know. The other part was because I felt interested in the lessons, a lot of things hitting my right were I live, and I got to have a meeting and get to teach our hometeachee. But most of all, I got to meet with the bishop. He did a tithing settlement with me (full tithe payer) but we talked about my problems and struggles, and I am filled with joy because I think he really cares and is going to actively help me make it.

The lord moves in mysterious ways, and I wondered why the Lord would help me get to a school that was so not supportive of religious types, so far away from everyone I know, but maybe it was so I could be in this ward with this Bishop. I feel like the healing can begin now. I had my first deep, long cry since I've been at college because of it.

If that didn't make any sense to you, I'm sorry, but unless you are LDS, you're probably not going to get that part.

Anyway, so I'm back at the dorms, updating you all, listening to James Taylor and procrastinating my work. I think I am going to wrap it up now. More tommorow.

Flabbergasted Eagle!

I thought my friend Thad would like this.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Wow! What an Exciting Day!

Today proved to be both exciting and wasted.

I went to my class at 10am, par ususal, which was pretty normal, and as always it was a whole lot of fun. To make a long story short, at one point I was laughing with this guy Theo so hard that the teacher had to seperate us. I honestly can't remember the last time that happened.

Anyway, Nate, the Master Control honcho, has asked me to be master control for EIVl LiveUpdate every friday. Yeah. Later during the day I found out that I am officially being promoted to assistant programmer, which basically means I do the same things I always do, but now I have to attend another meeting. Yay!

So today when I went to do LiveUpdate, someone had scheduled the tapes wrong, so that EIV REC tape was not in the record deck (Deck Five) and instead, a movie, called "American Dream" was in it. American Dream was supposed to be in deck 4, but Back bay cinema was in deck four, which was supposed to be in deck three. Deck three had something else in it, etc, etc. Basically I had to reprogram the VTR programing and move some tapes around, but I am VERY happy that I checked and noticed it, becuase everthing went off without a hitch because of my checking. Another point for me. (In this case, I think points are deserved.)

So after LiveUpdate I went over to the Dibona TV studios to chill out before the taping of Speechless. I took the pictures of the guests like always, and the show went up a few minutes ahead of schedule. About 5 minutes into the program, a noise fills the room. "BEEEooooP ... BEEEooooP, BEEEoooP ... BEEEoooP"

The host, Adam, is flustered and cracks "The cookies are done!" Everyone looks around. The director, Trevor screams "What is that?" I walk over to what I feel is the likely source. As I move closer the sound gets louder, and I touch the offending fixture. Its vibrations confirm the sound.

It's the fire alarm.

A lot of swearing begins to take place, but the director orders quiet in the studio and continues to role tape, getting the antics of the studio on a blooper reel for the Emerson channel, when a voice comes over the intercom. It says something to the effect of "There is an indication of an emergency in this building. Please only evacute if you hear another alarm after this message. We are verifying the situtation."

Odd, but it was a prerecorded voice. Obviously with sky rises, they don't want every floor pouring into the stairways--they need to evacute the floors that are in the most potential danger.

So anyway, we don't get the second alarm. Tom (The studio guy) tells us that we don't have to leave. The building attached to this one was evacuated, and they are looking into the matter. Well the guy in charge said we could stay, so we decided to start the taping from the top. Everything went smoothly.

Until about 10-12 minutes into the shooting. Tom comes over the intercom and tells us that we have to leave. So we abandoned another take and walk down the stairs from the eighth floor.

Turns out there was a bad gas leak somewere in 120 Boylston Street (The building connected to the studios) and the whole block of Boylston street was evacuated. Everything was fine in the end, however.

Anyway, I didn't wait around, since the Producer, Aaron, told us we weren't going to finish the taping today (obviously) so I headed over to the west side of campus to help with the auditions for the Women in Motion film. My job ended up being waiting in the lobby, signing people in and then leading them to the audition.


But here's why this is sooooo cool: I met another Ezra!

He introduced myself to him, and he did a double take. His name was Ezra Stevens, and he was black! So I showed him downstairs, explaining to him how exciting this was for me, never having met another Ezra in the flesh before. So when I introduced him to Tara, the director, she said "Hey Ezra..." AND WE BOTH SAID YES AT THE SAME TIME! That has never happened to me before, and I couldn't believe it! Its such a bizarre and new experience for me.

So anyway, as you can see, today was quite a day, and I am ending it by telling you that I just watched ELF with Will Farrell. Good movie, but not a classic.

Mailing Address

If you'd like to send me a letter or a package, heres how to do it!

Ezra Horne
C/O Emerson College
P.O. Box 9145 RM T-1218
Boston, MA 02117-9145

Or, if you want to send a NON USPS package

Ezra Horne
C/O Emerson College
120 Boylston Street RM T-1218
Boston, MA 02116

I hope to get lots of letters!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

What More Do You Want?

Geez, I never realized that I had any "AVID" readers. But I guess that's goo information to know. But I am sorry that I haven't updated in a while, as I have been pretty busy, and with my until very very recently lack of computer, I had learned to start slacking off. Which is unacceptable, you are absolutely right.

Anyway, today was a good day, and yet also a bad day. I woke up at 8:05am to the ringing of my cellphone, which I use as an alarm. (I used to use my stereo, but I worry that with how late I stay up these days that I would sleep right through it.) So anyway, being Thursday, it was GME master control day. I went down to the studio, loaded all the tapes and DVD's, checked the NetEm/Leightronics Programming and let the studio know that I was recieving their feed.

That being done, I settled down to check my e-mail until the deck was to start recording. Then I looked over and the deck didn't start recording.


So I hit record manually, nothing. I started to panic, but then I checked the deck, and for some reason, whoever usually puts the GME record tape in the deck HADN'T DONE IT. So I had to find the tape, put it in and hit record. By the time the tape was recording, thirty seconds of preroll had already gone by.

But the immediate crisis was over. So I just reprogramed the Leightronics to correct the tape for the re-air so it would still air properly. However, I forgot to adjust the take delay, so when the time came for the show to play over the channel, it didn't and so I had to take it manually.

Yeah, so my drama and excitement as Master Control continues.

Anyway, after that I had Intro. To Visual Arts, which was cool, but as always a little flaky. Then I had lunch with my pals and we went to take out History of Media Arts test. We had all of our 1hr and 45min class to complete the 50 question test.

I was out of there in 25 minutes, the second person done only because I went through and double checked my answers.

Then I proceeded over to ECTV, where I began editing a package for "Ladies Room" a female talk show, which was about one of the hosts getting a makeover at Sephora, a department store.

Needless to say due to multiple and insane complications and interuptions, and redos for the hosts, I just wrapped it up around 8pm.

Then I had dinner, which included NACHOS WITH HOMEMADE, FRESH TOMATO SALSA. It was awesome. Now I'm here updating my blog before my Evvy's meeting at 10:00pm.

Oh! When it rains it pours, because I never get mail, but today I recieved SIX peices of mail today! A package containing my two James Taylor CD's that I bought off of Ebay for about 8 bucks, 2 DVD's which I got from on a free trial of their version of "Netfix", my monthly check from Dad, a letter from my friend Laura, AND my invitation to the ADVANCE SCREENING of "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers"--which I can't wait to see!

Anyway, I'd say in all it's been an awesome day, just long. But that's okay.

Okay, regular posts from now on!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

I'm Friggin' Awesome

I know that you all already knew that, but I thought a friendly reminder was in order.

So yesterday my mom drove my truck down from Maine to Virginia, and on her way she stopped and we hung out for about 5 hours. It was really good to see my mom again. I miss my family, and my friends, and my old, stable life in Virginia. It was really nice to have lunch with my mom and just sit across the table from one another holding hands. Just to have some one who really loves you, in that honest, motherly way to sit and spend some time with her son. I loved it, and it made my whole week. I wish she hadn't left.

But fortunately I will be coming to Virginia on about the 20th of December and staying until about the 18th of January. So I can't wait to see all of my family and friends.

Another cool part about mom visiting is that she brought me cookies, bread, and a monitor for my computer AND I got to drive my truck, something which I hadn't done in since September 5th. Over 2 months.

Well, I really need to start on my homework, ASAP. God Bless.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Sweet Caroline!


So today I had a terrible neck ache, I think I've been sleeping on my neck funny or something. But oh well. I'll be seeing my mom on Saturday, maybe we can massage each others shoulders!

I got all of my computer parts in the mail today! They are soooo cool. I've put them together and it all seems to work just great! Now all I need is my moniter and to install the operating system. Totally sweet.

I guess I'll keep it short for tonight, but I hope your fine dreams and good wishes come true!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Sitting In Master Control, Watching Good Morning, Emerson and Making Observations

Well, I'm sitting here in Master Control doing my job once again making sure the signal feed doesn't get lost somewere.

While programming the tapes and DVD's for this morning, I noticed that 9 out of 14 movies have the word "America(n)" in them:

The Quiet American, Wet Hot American Summer, American Psycho, American Beauty, The Ugly American, Angels In America Part I: Millenium, Angels In America Part II, Peristroika, An American In Paris, and American Dream.

I just think thats really really bizarre. But oh well.

Then I was watching the News portion of Good Morning Emerson, and I couldn't help laugh because some "Liberal vegitarian who hated guns" shot himself at Ground Zero in New York City. Um, Yeah. You hate guns. So you kill yourself with one. Over the president? Okay. Things have gotten bad, yes, but having another potential activist dead does no one but the mortician good.

So I guess that's it for this morning, I'll go on drinking my disgusting Dr. Pepper from 7-11.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Red Sox Nation: World Series Win! PHOTOS!

Red Sox Celebration (Riot) Pictures Here!

Lake Shore Hotel: ABANDONED!

New Pictures posted here!

Hello Hello! I'm at a Place Called Vertigo!

Yeah, special thanks to U2 for that catchy post title (Please don't sue me.)

Anyway, I had a meeting with Women In Motion, as we are gearing up to shoot our short film, "Lunch Break" (Working title). I'm assistant producer, so I'm going to be keeping very busy making sure all of this stuff gets off the ground and the shoot goes as smoothly as possible.

It has gotten really cold and windy all of a sudden, and I finally pulled out my long wool peacoat that I bought way back in Septemeber. I really like it, but I am almost worried that it won't be warm enough. But we'll see.

Interesting side note: As you may recall, I recieved some negative and harrasing anonymous posts in the past, and I criticized the poster for not leaving their name when they insult me. A friend of mine said that posters have the right to be anonymous and not leave their name. But I stumbled upon this while reading Joe's blog.

I just feel thats kinda funny. But I don't care, because no one is perfect. Depending on the circumstances we change are minds, don't we? Because whatever we feel is right IS right in our own minds.

Well anyway, I love all my friends and readers, and I miss everyone so much. I can't wait until Christmas Break when I return to Virginia and see everyone. Have a great day!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Beautiful Day

So today I got up, checked my e-mail and took a leisurely walk through the Boston Common and the Public Gardens, enjoying the goreous fall breeze and colorful leaves. There were lots of geese running around the Gardens, and I took some photos, sat on a bench, and just enjoyed it, since I know that winter will be hear very very soon, and by then it may be too late to enjoy.

Then I went to an Emerson Independent Video (EIV) "Flypack" workshop. Basically, a flypack is a TV studio in a box. (Actually 3-5 large boxes, but hey, you get the idea.) It was a lot of fun, but very complicated. You really have to understand the flow of the video signal through the studio to set it up properly. But we'll see.

After the workshop, it was only about 3:20pm, so I decided to explore Boston a little bit. I walked over this really neat footbridge that went over some busy road, and went along the Charles River, staring at Cambridge and MIT and the sailboats accross the water, viewing the "halfshell" concert space that is in the park there. As I walked along, once again I felt really pleasant and happy. I just wished that I hadn't been alone. But I walked down the river until I got to another footbridge back over the road near the Massachusetts General Hospital. So I hopped on the Red Line there, and rode in to Park Street, where I transfered to the green line to go up to the Haymarket.

I already explained about the haymarket, but it remains true--its like you are suddenly in a third world--vendors hock merchandise in the open air as people move slowly through the narrow isles. Anyway, my original intention in going to the market was that I heard that they had Mangos 2 for a dollar. And they did, even one place selling THREE for a dollar, but I suddenly didn't feel like mangos. So I bought a fresh pinapple for $2.50. They were also closing up the stand, so they started selling these bunches of flowers for $1.00 each, so I got about 20 carnations for a buck. I love this city.

Then I went to the bank to cash my next paycheck, which was $110.25 after taxes, and then I returned to the dorms. I was hungary, so I went to dinner with Dan and Jeff from my digital culture class.

At dinner, I had an uncontrollable urge to have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. So I made TWO white bread peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches which I ate with two eight-ounce glasses of skim milk, and on top of that I had a piece of pepperoni pizza and a glass of Sierra Mist.

Needless to say, I couldn't believe it, but MAN were those PB&J's good!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the sweetest game ever. After dinner, I went to J Pizzle's room and watched him play GTA: San Andreas for about an hour or so, killing cops and rival gang members, stealing cars and money. It was awesome.

So here I am now in the ECTV station writing on the weblog that I have been recently neglecting. I came the the station because their was black on the channel and I had to finish it. So now I'm going to wrap this up and head to the basment to chill with my friend who is on the radio right now.


Thursday, November 04, 2004

374,523 Votes For Michael Badnarik

Well, obviously he didn't win, but I was a little dissapointed with the low 374,523 votes. I was hoping for at least a million. In Virginia 11,591 people cast their vote for Badnarik. It's kinda cool to think that I am the "1" on the end of "11,591"

Just a brief and obligatory comment about the election: Sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better. Don't get me wrong, I think John Kerry is a douchebag, but I'm not happy with Bush either. At least you can't blame the third parties for making Kerry lose--he lost by a margin wider than ALL the third party votes combined.

We have a lot of "fair-weather patriots" in this country. In the last two days I've heard so many people talking about "getting their passports ready" or "moving to Canada". Good riddence, get the hell out. I'm not saying you have to agree with Bush, but you had better stick around during the hard times. If you believe in America, you need to fight for America no matter WHO is in office.

Sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better. If it takes more Bush to get people to realize he's a terrible leader, then that's what it takes. You can't coerce people into thinking "the right way". They must come to that realization on their own. Just like you can't force freedom.

Anyway, that's enough about that. I knew I was going to be dissapointed no matter who won. I didn't want the most Socialist senator in history in office, and I didn't want the most ridiculously NOT finacially conservative man to stay in office. It'd be down hill for me either way.

Right now I am sitting at the computer it Master Control at ECTV, watching Good Morning Emerson. It's my job, after all.

I'm still kinda tired because on election night I went to Emerson Independent Video to help with "Decision '04", a live program that they do the morning after. So I was up and awake at EIV from midnight to six in the morning. It was such a bizarre thing, because I didn't end up doing much, and at 3am I walked from Beacon Hill (near Kerry's House) all the way to this Pastery shop in the North End called "Bova's". It's open 24 hours, and they had some of the tastiest lookin' stuff ever. It was amazing. The pastry I got looked amazing and beautiful, but I didn't like the flavor. Oh well. It was just so weird to be somewere in the middle of the night/early morning. And you have to understand, the streets in the North end are sooo narrow and it feels like a gangster movie. Amazing.

So anyway, cheer up you old bugga's! Always look on the bright side of life!

Monday, November 01, 2004

I've Been workin' on my website, all the live-long day

What's goin' down my homies? I'm in the lab again this afternoon putting the finishing touches on my website project for my digital culture class at four.

Hopefully I'll then be able to rest a little bit.

Anyway, I'm gladly keeping myself entertained. I watched an episode of Mr. Rogers Neigborhood today and I was happy.

More later!