Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Sitting In Master Control, Watching Good Morning, Emerson and Making Observations

Well, I'm sitting here in Master Control doing my job once again making sure the signal feed doesn't get lost somewere.

While programming the tapes and DVD's for this morning, I noticed that 9 out of 14 movies have the word "America(n)" in them:

The Quiet American, Wet Hot American Summer, American Psycho, American Beauty, The Ugly American, Angels In America Part I: Millenium, Angels In America Part II, Peristroika, An American In Paris, and American Dream.

I just think thats really really bizarre. But oh well.

Then I was watching the News portion of Good Morning Emerson, and I couldn't help laugh because some "Liberal vegitarian who hated guns" shot himself at Ground Zero in New York City. Um, Yeah. You hate guns. So you kill yourself with one. Over the president? Okay. Things have gotten bad, yes, but having another potential activist dead does no one but the mortician good.

So I guess that's it for this morning, I'll go on drinking my disgusting Dr. Pepper from 7-11.

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