Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Sweet Caroline!


So today I had a terrible neck ache, I think I've been sleeping on my neck funny or something. But oh well. I'll be seeing my mom on Saturday, maybe we can massage each others shoulders!

I got all of my computer parts in the mail today! They are soooo cool. I've put them together and it all seems to work just great! Now all I need is my moniter and to install the operating system. Totally sweet.

I guess I'll keep it short for tonight, but I hope your fine dreams and good wishes come true!


astrid said...

You know the sentence about you and mom giving each massages??? Well I just have to tell you that it sounds like something kinky and wrong. Although you could just say that my brain is in the wrong place, but really most peoples are. That said, look at what you've made me do little brother. In order to comment I had to make a spot for myself. That said I love you lots and I hope that your neck feels better.

Anonymous said...

No nothing kinky or wrong about a massage.

You could just post anonymously.

The Wizard of Speed and Time rocks!