Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm Going To Die!

It's going to be great. In August I am going to be working for like 70 hours a week, and I'm going to die. Because in addition to working 4 days a week on average at fairs, which will totally wipe me out, I am also probably going to have work the other 3 days for 8 hours a day. So yeah, this month is going to suck.

Anyway, there are only 6 more days until I get to go to Michael Badnarik's Introduction to The Constitution Class in Lancaster VA. A few posts ago I told you that I had something to tell you regarding a celebrity, and that was who it was about: Michael Badnarik, the 2004 Libertarian Party Presidental Candidate. I e-mailed him asking him if I could film and edit his class on a DVD (or something like that) in exchange for attending his 100 dollar class for free or at a discount. Well, he sent me an e-mail back with his cell-phone number! So I called him and we came to the arangement that since he was doing this to earn his living now, he really couldn't let me go for free, (and he'd already filmed the class, and the DVD's were going to be done in a few days.) But he generously offered to let me have a payment plan, I'd bring 20 dollars to the class and then pay him 20 dollars any time I could until I was all paid off.

Anyway, that was awesome, and I can't wait to attend his 8 hour class, shake his hand, and get a photo with him.

After the class in Lancaster, I'm heading south to Laconia, NH to visit my college Buddy J-Pizzle at his lake home. Also, my roommate for this year, Joe Collesano, will be up from Connecticut too! So it's going to be a crazy fun good time.

I'm knocked out because I worked 12 hours at the North Face today, so I'm going to go. Until next time!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Best of Craigslist = Comedic Goldmine!

Oh man! So I was browsing Craigslist in search of a free or cheap computer desk, and I stumbled upon "The Best of Craigslist", and let me be the first to say--comedic GOLDMINE.

Here are some that I found particularly entertaining:

Keep your Big Smokey away from me
This one made me laugh because it reminds me of my friend Joe C. from Emerson... I could just see him being involved in something like this at our local 7-11.

Free Microwave of Mysteries!
This one is about someone trying to convince someone to take her broken mircowave.

Open letter to all Honda owners
I think everyone has had some stupid idiot pull up beside them in their "tricked out crap mobile" and try to race you. I know I have. This article points out how stupid that is.

Spare New York Please, Nasty Terrorists
Pretty funny letter explaining where the Terrorists could attack instead.

For Chrissakes, Can I Eat a F#%*ing Taco in Peace?
Bottom line: Taco Bell is gross and scetchy. But they are oddly good.

"Dear Red States..." A Letter From The Blue!
Pretty funny letter about why America wouldn't miss the red states if they left.

I'm post something personal soon, I promise. In the meantime, check out the Best Of Craisglist!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Workin' On A Sunny Day

I'm workin' on a sunny day,
Sitting desks to make my pay,
Now I've time to make a post,
Of all the things I love the most.

Yeah, I'm definately not a poet (unlike my sister Katie) But anyway, on we blindly stumble--er, on we bloodily stagger, sorry, I withdraw that. Props if you get the reference.

So I'm sitting at the reception desk at Crawford and Company, a smaller insurance company. Yesterday I was contracted by Adecco to help them refile a whole bunch of client files in numerical order. They were impressed that I was able to do the whole lot of them in 6.5 hours as opposed to two days. Fortunately, I didn't work myself out of a job because I was asked to cover for their receptionist who would be out today. So now I am trying to deal with the phone, and so far I've been alright, but it hasn't been terrific.

The first call was a woman wanting info about her claim, and I took down her information and told her that she would be contacted on monday. However, I didn't get the woman's name (brilliant.) Then the next call was someone asking for people that don't even work here anymore. So I had to ask if they were or not, which was annoying. And finally the third caller was one of their claims adjusters who wanted somebody who was out, and I think I accidentally hung up on him, so he called back and I apologized, told him I was a temp and connected him to a person he wanted.

Argh. It's going to be a fun day.

Fortunatly there isn't too much to do--it's pretty slow on Fridays they told me. Which is good because I really hope to be able to do some writing and get some scripts/ideas hammered out. It should be a really be productive, since the internet is only so fun when you are force to use Internet Explorer after becoming completely dependant on tabbed browsing.

Oh well. The secretary's desk has a 1/2 gallon fish bowl on her desk with a very lively and beautiful fish, and it's really entertaining to watch. I guess I am groping for amusement. Anyway, later today I am going to have dinner with my sister Sarah, since we've not seen each other in a while. Hopefully I will be able to get back to Lewiston in time to pick Tanner up from the Lisbon Street Sam's (he had to walk to work since I was gone, and I thought I'd try and pick him up.) I also wanted to talk to Sarah and find out if she showed to video that I edited to her MVA clients yet, and if she still wanted to buy a spindle of 50 DVD's so I could burn copies for her. Then I can proceed with my plan to make a bunch of DVD's of What?!?! my ninth grade community access television show, and give them to all the participants.

Tanner and I have been talking a lot over the last two nights about a lot of deep stuff. It's hard to explain, but if you've ever had one of your best friends as a roommate, you would understand completely. We've been talking a lot about who we are and how we've come to be where we are today. It was sparked because I was thinking about how much I want to do another play... I mean, I really want to act again, but I'm so busy with other things that I don't want to abandon that I don't think I have the time. But I watched The Making Of Monster Hunters, the spring show my Junior year at Harrisonburg High School, and I saw how much fun it was and how much I laughed and had more energy, and, and.... I want that again.

I like Film and TV, no question, but I miss the fun and the flair of drama people sometimes... the passion and fun that they have in the process of making their art. *Sigh* I need to get to that point again.

I'm going to wrap this little post up, but I'll probably post again before this is all over, since I am friggin' awesome, and will get bored again. Toodles!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Series Of Events...

Well, I'm sure you've all realized that I am dead.


I just got not as good at keeping up with blogging recently. But I've recieved plenty of complaints, so it's time to get it goin' again.

However, I am warning you in advance, August will probably be a dry month. I'll explain why:

I am going to be working for Trish and Alex in their concession stands. But I am probably going to be WICKED tired, running myself into the ground, expecially during the 4th week of August, when I attempt to do a WHOLE WEEK at the Union Fair. We'll see how that goes. I hope I can make it.

In other news, I got a part time job at the North Face in Freeport, however, that may be in Jeopardy because apparently one of the main reasons they hired me was because of my weekend availability--which will be completely gone in August. I just hope that they won't harbor any hard feelings for only hiring me for a very short time. But there is the possibility that I will try to work for them full time next year... but I'm not sure.

Tanner is at Sam's, and I'm probably gonna drive on down there and chill with him for a little bit, since when I get back to my bed I'm going to get some sleep, since I also managed to procure a temp job for Thursday and Friday, 9-5 in Scarborough, ME.

So work, though confusing, seems to be panning out. But the real fear is going to be that something happens which gives me work so much that I can't get any rest and I burn my self out before school starts... I don't want to get to school so tired that I don't do anything/do poorly. Especially since I am really excited about my Film One class and my civil rights class.

I figure that I will make this years tuition bills, thanks to help from my Grandma, but it will be a close call. Or maybe not. I haven't spent that much time calculating what might happen.

My weight lifting hasn't been happening, and I'm a little annoyed with that, because I had been doing so well. After work I feel really tired and don't want to work out--what I really need to do is practice standing up all day, every day, in preperation for the Fairs and Festivals, since that's what's going to kill me--because of my weight, standing all day is really really tiring. And unlike a 9-5, this is, like, 10am to 10pm, running around serving customers, etc. And as far as I know, you really can't sit down. Argh.

That's what worries me. But that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

All is well other than that. I am going to go down to Wiers Beach in New Hampshire, to visit my friend J-Pizzle at his lake house on Winnepesaukee. (Sp?) It's going to be awesome, expecially since I'll be there during my birthday and they are going to have this big party for me, his sister and someone else who has a birthday during that week. Also, the infamous Joe Collesano, co-star of Fattitude is going to be there, coming up from Connecticut, so we'll all be able to do some catching up.

I've got to get down to Sams and see Tanner, but I'll tell you about a very big development happening as soon as it's over--but it'll be really good... It involves a celebrity! :0 Later! ;)

Saturday, July 02, 2005

I'm Friggin' Awesome: DVD making, Moving, Denny's, The Fourth, and Moxie!

So I know that I promised that I would post more, but I am actually somewhat suprised that I haven't updated much, do to my lack of work and Tanner being on vacation for the last week.

Oh well.

Anyway, I am pretty sure that I am going to leave this rut of no work very soon. I am FINALLY signed on with Bonney Staffing, and they gave me a position within two days, unlike Adecco, who seems to not have any jobs at the moment. Which totally blows, because Bonney doesn't pay as well.

Oh well.

I've also been doing ALOT on the computer, including making a DVD of almost all my editing during the past year (I left out a few that I didn't like.) So it should make a good demo to show to folk, however, I should still edit a reel. The DVD is friggin cool, and I can't believe how easy it was to do. I used Ulead DVD Workshop 2, and once you understand their interface (which is so "user-friendly" that for an advanced user it is neccisary to think down a bit to operate it.) But it is a suprisingly powerful little tool, which allows you to do a myriad of things and edit thousands of parameters. You can even use photoshop and your own photos to creat totally sweet and unique menus. In other words, I've loved using it.

Additionally, I have finished editing the movie for Sarah's clients, "Daniel Radcliff's In Trouble", which to put it mildly, is bad. But it's bad in a pretty fun way. Sarah came over and helped me make sense of the some-what confusing script and footage. I think it came out well. I made a DVD for it already!

Then I proceded to use my Sony Camcorder to convert my VHS copies of "What!?!?", "Rapture and Debacle in Less Than Twenty Minutes" and "Sure Thing" into digital files. They look terrible, because the source was analog VHS, but oh well, at least I have them. (To explain, What!?!? is a movie I made in 9th grade for community access TV, Rature and Debacle is a rock opera a friend and I wrote for a 10th grade talent show, and Sure Thing is a skit that I preformed in that same show.)

What else? Oh yes, Sarah and joined Pam at Grandma's camper to help her pack up all her stuff. Which also meant that I had to take all kinds of stuff off of grandma's hands, but I was happy to oblige, as much of it was food, but I also snagged a toaster, canvas camp chair, and a small video/DVD shelf. It was fun, and then we were treated to lunch at Mac's Grill in Auburn. They are pretty good, but BEWARE! We were VERY DISSAPOINTED to find that we could no longer order jalepeno poppers individualy--they only came in a sampler appetizer--and would you believe it, they only give you ONE!!! Even though the menu says "poppers" (plural) we were told that only one was included. That's RETARDED.

Needless to say, it took my opinion of Mac's down a notch, though they still have awesome burgers and steaks.

Ted came over and Me, Ted and Tanner all went to Denny's, but since I had already eaten pretty recently, I only had the "Sasseville Special" (Bowl of whipped cream and oreo crumbles for 0.99 cents.) That was fun, and I really liked our waitress, she was nice, and she was very comfortable with us, and even guessed that Tanner put his food away in his hollow leg!

Then we returned home and played two all-cup tours on MarioKart for gamecube, then Ted left for War Of Worlds, (whice Tanner and I are going to see when Nancy visits).

For the Fourth, I am not sure what I'm going to do, but I'll obviously watch the fireworks. I'll probably go and watch some of the entertainment in the park.

And finally, I am thinking about asking the Moxie people if they would pay to have my vehicle painted Moxie Orange with the logo and everything... the Moxie festival is next week in Lisbon Falls. We'll see. Sarah wants to see if I can get into the Parade... I don't think so.

Well, it's midnight, and I need to be up in eight hours to get ready for church, so I guess I'll post more later. Hope you enjoyed it! There should be more to come soon!