Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm Going To Die!

It's going to be great. In August I am going to be working for like 70 hours a week, and I'm going to die. Because in addition to working 4 days a week on average at fairs, which will totally wipe me out, I am also probably going to have work the other 3 days for 8 hours a day. So yeah, this month is going to suck.

Anyway, there are only 6 more days until I get to go to Michael Badnarik's Introduction to The Constitution Class in Lancaster VA. A few posts ago I told you that I had something to tell you regarding a celebrity, and that was who it was about: Michael Badnarik, the 2004 Libertarian Party Presidental Candidate. I e-mailed him asking him if I could film and edit his class on a DVD (or something like that) in exchange for attending his 100 dollar class for free or at a discount. Well, he sent me an e-mail back with his cell-phone number! So I called him and we came to the arangement that since he was doing this to earn his living now, he really couldn't let me go for free, (and he'd already filmed the class, and the DVD's were going to be done in a few days.) But he generously offered to let me have a payment plan, I'd bring 20 dollars to the class and then pay him 20 dollars any time I could until I was all paid off.

Anyway, that was awesome, and I can't wait to attend his 8 hour class, shake his hand, and get a photo with him.

After the class in Lancaster, I'm heading south to Laconia, NH to visit my college Buddy J-Pizzle at his lake home. Also, my roommate for this year, Joe Collesano, will be up from Connecticut too! So it's going to be a crazy fun good time.

I'm knocked out because I worked 12 hours at the North Face today, so I'm going to go. Until next time!


katier said...

That is SO AWESOME! I'm so excited for you Ezra. *grins* hope you enjoy the class. *smiles* I am so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

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