Wednesday, December 06, 2006

CMYK Teaser Clip Reel

Watch this! I Assistant Directed this! It was three hard intense weekends, but watching this footage makes it all worth it.

As a side note, at 0:42 seconds you can see my small cameo in the film as a bored high school student. I'm in a red jacket almost center frame.

Let me know what you think!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Okay, Sorry. Christmas Time Is Here!

Well, I actually feel a little bit into the Holiday Spirit this year. Last night I went to the tree lighting ceremony on Boston Common. It was great. We counted down the 10 seconds before the tree lit up, and when it did, the lights were beautiful. They had a small fireworks array that shot up from near the base of the tree, and all I could think about was,

"I hope the tree catches on fire so it'd be a real 'lighting' ceremony"

Obviously that did not happen.

For those of you who don't know, our tree is given to Boston every year by Nova Scotia for their help and aid after the 1917 explosion of a ship which killed 1,900 people. Pretty aweful stuff.

Some of you have been eagerly awaiting my christmas list, and well, here is the latest version. I'm trying to think of more cheap things to add, but it's hard sometimes, because I already can buy the cheap stuff.

View the list here: Wish List

It is also viewable on the sidebar at any time.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's been awhile...

Life tends to move along at its own pace. It cares not how fast or how slow you might like time to pass. Some days fly by, and sometime meetings or classes draw out forever.

I'm very busy (which I like) and it's making me work a little harder.

Flossing is becoming easier. I've started to brush and floss every night. It's good because I feel like I'm actually doing something right and so far am succeeding in it. I mean, it doesn't change the fact that when I went to the dentist the other day I found out I have eight cavities. But at least it scared me into taking care of myself.

In the mean time, I've got editing for Jake S. and to do, which is nice because it's something that I love to do and it brings in the cash. However, I'm also First Assistant Director for a BA Practicum film. Our second week of shooting is tommorow and we are going to be shooting at a very empty mall in Billerica Massachusetts. I haven't seen the location, but if it's anything like they described, I'm sure it'll be amazing.

ADing is hard, because you've got to be constantly pushing everyone to get they're work done. You are in charge of scheduling and pacing the shots so that you can really move through the day and stay ahead of the game. If you fall behind, it's your job to basically invent time--either eliminating or combining shots, making people go faster, or spinning the globe backwards--whatever it takes.

I got a call from the Elders here in Boston today. It's actually the second time they've called and I've missed them. But I don't call back. Partly because I'm too busy to have a serious meeting with them, but I think part of it is that I'm afraid that when they meet me they'll see through me, see that I should be in there shoes, on a mission like them. And they'll think less of me. And I don't need more feelings of inadaquecy in my life--I've already got enough.

As for other things, my classes are moving along at a good clip. I've got a presentation on Islamic Architecture due sometime in mid December, two more editing projects to complete for Editing Class, my final draft of my second project and my third writing project... argh, there is still so much to do.

Life is like trying to empty the ocean. No matter how much you scoop out, there will still be the same amount of water in the sea.

Wish me luck on the shoot tommorow... I'm going to need it!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Work! Work! Work! It's Why I Am A Jerk!

I am not posting regularly because I am always working on something or other and I don't think about it. However, now that I have a paper to write, scripts to draft, etc, it is the perfect time to post, because I can use this as a procrastination tool.

Tommorow I'll be heading down to the Cape to help on Tyler Bell's BFA film, the Hop. It's going to be amazing. The film has a 20,000 dollar budget! They've got losts of equipment, too, which is awesome.

Needless to say, I'm still waiting on my car to sell, and hopefully it will sell so I can afford the G5 I bought.

We'll see. Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Well, I was not selected as Director for any of the Women In Motion films.

I guess this was to be expected, since I haven't really directed anything on this campus since I've been here.  It makes me really frustrated.

Oh well.

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Proposal...

I pitched my script to Women In Motion (a film group I am involved in) and it was chosen to be produced!

It's called "The Proposal". Based on a satircal essay by Jonathan Swift (titled "A Modest Proposal"). In the paper, written in 1729, Swift suggests that the citizens of Ireland can end their poverty problem by selling poor babies that parents cannot support, for food, to the rich of Ireland and Britian.

My story follows a poor, young couple, Patrick and Emily as they spend an evening together. They end up at a deli where they sell their one year old baby girl for money. But this is no shock for the parents. It is an everyday occurence in modern day.

It's a great little script which I might have to re-write, but I'm happy about it, and happy that it was chosen. I'm now nervous to see if it will be done justice. We'll see. I think I am going to go out for Director.

What else? I've accepted a position as post-production coordinator for Kevin Bright's show. That is pretty cool because I'll be able to say I worked with Kevin Bright, executive producer of Friends.

Payment arrived the other day for work I did for Jake S. on a website video. It was nice thing to get in the mail. I've got a bunch of editing to do in the coming weeks, along with lots of writing and other creative work. I am happy, but nervous about how this will all pan out.

We'll have to see.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Fall Is Coming

Well, Fall is coming.

I'm excited for it, but sad that it will soon be very cold.

It rained very very hard for about 5 minutes before clearing up. It is now sunny and almost completely dry. Rather impressive.

When the leaves start to change, I really want to take the D line out to Riverside, and the Red line out to the Ashmont-Mattapan high-speed shuttle. It's such a beautiful time in New England.

I've got 3 TV shows I'll be working on. I'm assistant directing Tube Talk and AfterHours, and if the auditions go well today, I'll be talent on the Gentlemen's Club.

This weekend I'll be turning in a script for Women in Motion and hopefully I'll get a chance to direct or DP or produce a film for them this year. If I can, I'll be on a film shoot every weekend.

Joe Collesano want's me to help him on his film two, and I probably will. I've got "The Hop" Tyler B's project, and hopefully more will be coming.

Editing jobs are rolling in as well. Stephen C. and Alex C. want me to edit the weekly podcasts of there VM498 Show. Hopefully I'll be able to do all of that and still edit the EDGE and edits.

We'll see how it's all going soon enough.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Wow! Wowwy Wow Wow!

That's a reference to something that Steve Martin says in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

I am updating right now to let you know what's going on in my mind and my life.

The audition's for all ECTV Programming were today, and I didn't go at all. You see, I am pulling away from the Emerson Channel this year because I want to leave my time open so that I can go on film shoots at have time to edit movies and do my own things. Please be aware that I love and respect the Emerson Channel, but it is time for me to move along, at least temporarily, so that I can dive into film.

It's really scary, as I said before, but I sat down with Pete Chvany, advisor of the EVVY awards and he told me that he thinks that it's okay to experiment and try new things because that's what college is for, and you will usually be forgiven for leaving one area for another as long as you are clear on why.

In reality, the times they are a changing, and I'm trying to bring my film experience to fruition. It's about time.

I'm just worried that people will think that I don't care about TV or the friends I have made there and that I am abandoning them there.

This is not true at all. I just want to make films for a little while, and see what it's like, to re-affirm the things that I want to do.

I'm already starting to worry about being in too far over my head. I'm going to be editing a podcast (10 segements) over the sememster, about 1 every week or so, and I am a little worried about getting that done ontop of my classwork and other editing jobs and obligations. But I'm sure I'll figure out a schedule soon enough. The calender year is still young.

What else? I'm teaching a bolex workshop tommorow at 1:00pm, and I'm really excited and nervous about it. After all, it's not something that I've ever done before, and I'll have all these freshmen looking up to me! How cool! It's going to be a fun and exciting time, and I'll try and let you know how it goes.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

BlueYonder, Who Are You?

I've noticed that I've been getting repeat hits from a person in the UK. Their ISP is Blueyonder something or other, and then always find there way to my weblog by searching "ezra horne" in

I don't think I know anyone in the UK. So who could it be? If it's someone I know, can you e-mail me at let me know who it is? I'm curious.

If it isn't someone I know, then I am super excited that someone finds my life interesting enough to be following.

As for the rest of my visitors, thanks for coming, and keep coming back!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I'm at a point in my life where it is becoming crucial that I start examining what I am doing.

And it's crippling me.

I'm paralyzed with the fear that if I make a sudden change to what I am doing, I won't be able to make it, or that I will be rejected, or that I will have made the wrong decision. It's scary.

I'm not happy with my job at The Emerson Channel, and I think I am going to ask to either be giving a creative position or leave the channel. That's scary. I'll be losing my spending income and creating potention problems down the road. Should I just stick it out? I don't know, and find it impossible to tell. But I know that I am not sleeping well, that I'm already feeling anxious, and it's only day 4... nothing has started yet!

I still have to drive my car home from the North Shore. I think that I might do it today if possible, so that I can have one less thing to worry about. I'll have to pack a camera to get some photos taken for when I sell it.

I'm sorry these posts are getting lamer. I've got a lot of goals on my plate for this sememster, and sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to meet them all. I have been walking about 30 minutes everyday with a few skipped days, but I think as long as I walk 5 times a week or so I should be able to fight weight gain and maybe even lose weight.

My meeting with a trainer from the Emerson College Fitness Center is Monday. I'll be taking a fitness test, and working with them to make a fitness plan so that I can increase my energy and stamina while hopefully loosing weight. I'm very nervous and very uncomfortable with this. I know I am very out of shape, and I don't want to fail. But we'll see what happens.

All of the classes I have are amazing. I'm really excited about them all. I am mildly concerned with the work load, but only because I am a procrastinator and I plan to be very very busy this semester.

The Organization Fair is tommorow. That's where I'll be signing up for FPS and NBS to hopefully work on more film shoots this year. I'd still like to work as a host on The Gentlemen's Club doing craft corner, and I really want to try out for director of Tracking. But other than that, I really want out of TV this year.

I want to poduce some of my OWN things, and I want to make them EVVY Award winners. That's my goal.

That's scary.

Monday, September 11, 2006

First Day Of School / A Day I Can't Forget

Well, today was the first day of class. I had "Writing the Short Subject", and though it is going to be a very labor intensive class with lots and lots of writing, I think that I am going to like it a lot.

In other news, today is September 11th.

I thought about posting a long diatribe or reflective peice of writing. But I'm not. Why? Because I'm tired of thinking about war and terrorism. It seems like "we are at war with eastasia, we have always been at was with eastasia"/ Except replace Eastasia with Terrorism--No, wait, replace Terrorism with freedom.

Think what you will about that.

I love America, and I am so scared for the future of our land. Its enough for me to really not want kids. I don't won't anyone to hate me for the world I left for them to fix.

Tommorow I have three more classes: Islam in the world, Editing for Film and Video, and Preformance for Television. They should all be pretty good. As for other things? Well, I'll just have to do my best and try a little harder. I'm going to be going to the gym, and I'm trying to walk for at least half an hour everyday. I'll keep you updated on how that's going.

Take it easy, and good night.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Workin' on the Chain Gang

So I'm capturing footage for a 8-10 minute orientation video. It's pretty funny, but it's also been a cross-country epic, so to speak. We'vc got all this stuff to log and capture. Probably over 9 hours worth!

Granted, full interviews were conducted with each staff memeber they encountered for a seperate project, which is why the footage is so much longer than the final project.

In short, it's going to be an interesting time, as I stay up late and try to edit all of this crap rogether and keep a cool head the entire time. Wish me luck!

Tommorow is the last day before I head out to Spencer, MA for the Spencer Fair. I'm kinda bummed that I have to go, but I will make the money that I need, and that is all that's important.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Aaarrgh! - And Other Musings From The First Days Back At School

So apparently blogger has integrated with/been bought out by Google.

HOWEVER, since I already have an account, it is NOT integrated, and at least at this juncture, it appears that the only way I will be able to integrate will be to create a new blog. Which I am not about to do after almost 3 years of blogging.

What else is new?

Well, I'm back at school, editing segments for Fast-Forward/Rewind, a show that documents freshman orientation week. I actually should be editing right now. But I'm not. I'm already staying up to late and not getting enough sleep, even though no one is here and I am not even that busy yet. I'm really nervous about this year. If I don't step up this year, I feel like I never will. This could be a banner year, or a failure year.

Pete Chvany said I looked like I've lost 15 pounds. In reality, I've only lost about 5, but I can already tell it will be short lived unless I get a fitness regimine going. I need to either walk or go to the gym three times a week at least, and cut down drastically on my soda consumption.

In other news, I talked for over an hour with one of the security gaurds at Emerson named Susan. She was born in Kenya and moved here around 40. She has a facinating life. Interestingly enough, she found out I was Mormon and we talked about Utah. She lived in Logan, UT for a few years when she first arrived in America, and then when she went back to Kenya she told all of her friends that there was no alchohol in America! (Utah has relatively little in terms of bars and drinking). Anyway, we had a great conversation, and I already feel like I know her a lot better. She told me that the personal assistant to the school's attorney is a Mormon, and that we should meet. I agreed.

Anyway, when I left, I bumped into a guy asking for money. I recognized him as the guy who had asked me for money the first day I had got back to Boston, and I had given him around a dollar in change. I told him "You asked me for money the other day" and he said, "No, that wasn't me" and I proceeded to describe what he was wearing, and he said "Oh yeah, that was me". He seemed taken aback, and I'm not sure why. I can hypothosize that he was suprised that I had seen him.

I had looked at him and seen him.

In the city you learn to look away and ignore the poverty and panhandling around you. But I saw him and rocognized him two days later, in the dark. And I think it shocked him that I knew and treated him as a person. I'll never know his story and I just hope he can get to a better position someday.

It's certainly been an interesting time. I'm getting anxious about the future, but we'll just have to see what happens. I'm going to try and post for a little bit every night.

Now, on to that editing!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

4 Days... And counting!

I cannot believe I am moving back to school in four days... I am psyched!

When I was a kid, you could never have convinced me that a time would come that I would wish summer break would be over.

Hope all is well. I am heading up to Union, ME in about an hour to work the fair for another 3 days. Wish me luck and survival.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Shi-tastic Day!

today was a bundle of crap from minute one. Though I didn't have to wake up until 9am, I was woken by construction and banging from the back alley way behind the house. So I rolled around for almost two hours drifting in and out of sleep. Then I woke up, checked my e-mail, showered, and (now this was unusual) made some breakfast. Normally, I don't think to really eat breakfast, so I ended up leaving about 5-7 minutes later than I usually do.

This would prove to be my downfall.

I was drowsy and inattentive while driving to work. I've drive Route 136 hundreds of times, and I am very aware of changes in the road surfaces, speeds, curves and corners. When I got into Durham, I reduced speed to 40 mph, (its a 35mph zone) and cruised through. After passing the junction of Route 9 West and the softball field, I began to speed up to 55mph, knowing that around the next corner the speed limit became 50 mph again.

I saw the blue and white flashing lights and thought "That'd better not for me." But I knew they were--I'd been having a premonition, a prompting, if you will that I was going to get pulled over today. Ever since I first got onto 136 I kept thinking that I was going to get pulled over. And here it was, happening.

The officer TELLS ME that when he first spotted me that I was going 40, (as I told you all) and that I sped up to 54 mph as I rounded the corner! Just so you know, by the time he had pulled me over, I was almost 3/4 of a mile INTO the 50mph zone. This shows you how close I was to the 50mph zone when I was spotted. I didn't admit to anything, but I was given a ticket for doing 54 in a 35mph zone. A 185 dollar infraction. PLUS my insurance card said my insurance had expired (it hadn't, I just hadn't been given a new card from Sarah yet). But that was another 175 dollar infraction. Fortunately, the insurance one will be a cinch to contest. I am still debating whether or not I will contest the speeding ticket. I am going to go back and take photos because I think I can get the fine reduced if not erase. I mean I was literally 1000 feet from the 50 mph zone. I mean, I'll take a 50 dollar ticket for doing 54 in a 50, that's fair. I WAS speeding 4 over. But I NEVER go 19 over, that's not me.

So I went to work, mood soured by my perfect record being spoiled, and my soon to be through the roof insurance rates. I am sure that it won't matter that I have had a FLAWLESS driving record for 3 years. They will just see that I am a Male under 25 and assume that I am a reckless and irresponsible adult. (Sexual profiling is still an okay type of descrimination, as long as it's towards men, not women.)

Upon getting to work (15 minutes late, when the boss has recently been cracking down on tardiness) I found that we were SWAMPED by french canadians. It was busier than a weekend, even though it was a TUESDAY. So instead of being able to chill and hang clothes and listen to music, I had to work on the floor, making pitiful attempts to help customers and fruitlessly cleaning the floor (zipping, tucking, hanging) just to see it destroyed the moment I walked away. I went to lunch a half and hour late because I could get a moments free time, and I decided that I needed junk food because I was in such a bad mood. I grabbed my ticket out of my car so I could read it over at lunch. I walked to McDonalds because Freeport was so packed with people that if I had driven I would have never found a space within a mile of my work.

I called Sarah and vented my problems as I ate a big mac and fries. I totally forgot to read the ticket.

Which is why at about an hour after lunch I realized that my ticket was missing. After work I retraced my steps, asked if it had been turned in at McDonalds, but to no avail. I LOST MY F-ING TICKET WITHIN 5 HOURS. NOW I have to figure out how to get another copy, only to contest it.

THEN my boss asked me to stay an extra hour because we'd been so understaffed.

Awesome. SO I didn't even get home until 8pm, even though I was supposed to work 10-6pm.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Survived!

So I made it!

Thank you for all your prayers, I know that they were pouring in. I could tell because the week was actually very bareable and I was fairly happy through it.

So tonight I drive down to plymouth and shoot "The Outdoor Type". I'm going to be acting as Nate, a camp councilor. It should be a lot of fun and a nice change from the work I have been doing.

Wish me luck.

I went shopping for clothes with my Mom, Sister and Grandmother, and I had a really nice time spending the day with them. After shopping, Mom Katie and I went candlepin bowling in Oxford. That was a blast, and I even won one game!

Anyway, I've got stuff to do, so I'll talk to you later. Love you all!


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I Could Use Your Prayers

So in the last week or so I have wanted to cry or come close to crying many times because of the state I've been in.

I worked a 9 day stretch at the North Face in Freeport. It started okay, but after day five I began to suffer, and really began to notice the sorness in my throat and my low energy.

But Thursday I picked up my Brother David and we drove to Laconia, NH to spend some time at Jon's Weirs Beach House. However, to make a long story short, I got even worse, restlessly sleeping and hacking and coughing in the night. My head filled with fluid at one point and made all sound seem as if it were coming from another room through a wall.

I had fun, but I didn't get to participate and do as many things as I would have done if I hadn't gotten sick.

So then when I went home, I had to go to work the next day, and because of scheduling requests already made, I felt that I really couldn't call in sick. So I went, and managed, but I was still at work, sick.

Then after work, I drove to Portland to pick up my sister so that she and I could meet up with the rest of my family (Mom, Katie, David and Grandma) at Margarita's Mexican Restaurant in Lewiston. While there I saw my mom and my sister Katie for the first time in more than 6 months. The whole group had not been together like this for over 2 years, when I graduated from high school. It was so happy and I was so glad to see everyone, but it made me so sad because I know that it was so short and the time that we have with the people we care about is so short.

So David flew home to Utah today, and Tanner moved out and down to Buxton last weekend, so I feel really alone right now, and really sick, on one of the hottest nights in the year (it's 91 in my room right now, and very humid). And tommorow I have to get up early (6-6:30am) so I can drive to Rockland, ME to work a 12 hour day in a concession stand on a hot day while I will undoubtedly still be sick.

And then I'll get to sleep on an air matteress in a pop up trailer and repeat that action. FOR FIVE DAYS.

So I feel like crying and I feel sick to my stomach thinking about the next month and how tiring and stressful it will be. Please pray for me. I need it. I need it so badly I can feel tears welling up just thinking about how many prayers I need.

Katie saved all her change for over three months to give to me for my birthday for college. As I started to count it out today I began to cry as I thought about how much my family loves me and supports me and is counting on me to succeed. What if I let those people down? What if I already have let them down with all of my shortcoming and failings? I'm reminded of the story about the Widow who came to the temple and gave her 'mite' in donation. Others laughed at her because it was such a small, worthless amount. But Jesus said that her donation was the greatest of all because it was everything she had. I know katie didn't give me all of her money, but it adds up. She doesn't have a job like I do, and she too will have need of money for college in short order... so why give it to me?

Because she loves me and she believes in me.

I feel like everyone around me believes in me and sees me succeeding beyond my dreams... execpt for me. I don't see it. I still doubt, fear, and block those people, telling myself that they don't know what they are talking about and that I am doomed to fail.

Please pray for me. I could use those prayers tonight. Maybe I should pray, too. It's been a while since I had a meaningful talk with God.

I hope he still has a line open for me.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Birthday, Birthday, Coming To Earth Day!

...Pink and wrinkled and small!

Well, my 20th birthday is coming in just 2 short weeks and I am excited. Soon I will leave behind the disparaging label of "teenager" and be one year closer to being considered a full fledged adult.

Many people have been asking me, 'Ezra, what do you want for your birthday?' and I have not been able to give satisfactory answers. I've been thinking it over and I've tried to come up with some answers that will fit everyone's budget.

Of course, I don't want anyone to feel obligated to buy me a gift, but I'd prefer gifts to money because money ends up getting spent on groceries or gas... and I have my own cash to spend on that stuff. And if you don't want to buy me anything, just send me a card! I love hearing from people!

I will add more to this list as I think of it.

Expensive ($100 or greater)
MacBookPro with Final Cut Pro
Glidecam 2000

Moderate ($20-$100)
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Seasons 1-4 on DVD
Complete Monty Python’s Flying Circus on DVD
The Complete Calvin and Hobbes
Wireless Keyboard (Black and Silver) (Something like this.)
For some reason, the hyperlink won't work, so you can copy and paste this: into your browser.
The Weird Al Show on DVD
Subscription to Netflix 3 at a time movie rental service (

Cheap ($20 or less)
MiniDV tapes (Preferably Panasonic brand)
PS/2 Extension Cord (6-10ft)

Hudsucker Proxy
Big Trouble
Noises Off!
*Batteries Not Included

More later!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Employee of the Month

Image hosted by
by JupiterJones88

I got a $50 gift card from North Face for getting employee of the month!

I felt really good--whenever someone really recognizes your hard work like that, you feel fantastic inside.

I've got the day off today, so I'm probably going to go run errands and whatnot. Have a good one.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day

Well, It's July 4th, the day that we signed the Declaration of Independence.

Today, 230 years later, we sometimes forget that making the choice to break away from the mother country was not an easy one to make. Many many people felt that a country had to be founded on peace and diplomacy, but others knew that King George would only understand one thing--force.

How did those people, so torn on the issue, make that decision?

In today's political climate, it seems impossible that anyone could create enough support on any issue, let alone one that would affect every American in a deep and profound way.

So for all intents and purposes, this country never should have been foudned. Only by the the grace of God and the courage of those members of the continental congress was our nation ever conceived.

And for all its flaws, I still thank God that it was.

Happy Fouth.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Home Sick not Homesick--well, not really.

Well, I went home from work sick today, because I felt horrible. It wasn't like I was going to throw up or anything, but I wasn't working at even half my normal capacity. My eyes were dry and scratchy. My head was throbbing, and I was exhausted.

I would imagine a hangover feels something like that.

Since I had tommorow off, I asked if I could go home and work on Thursday instead. They agreed and I went home after only working 1.5 hours.

On the drive home, I didn't even put my music on. I just drove home, eyes half closed, driving in a daze. Before I knew it I was home, and I flopped onto bed and slept for almost 4 hours.

I still don't feel that much better. I had some lunch (a ham sandwich) and two excedrin, and those seem to be helping with the headache, but I need to drink a lot of water/fluids too. I think that might be why I am so sore and low energy.

It really motivates me to get a better diet. Cooking and planning meals for one person is terrible! It's such a hassle to do all that work just for yourself. I'd much rather cook for a group than just myself.

Oh well.

Called Emerson College's Financial Aid Department and asked them why the heck I hadn't received my award letter yet. They said it has been created, but it hasn't been mailed out yet and that I can expect it in 7-10 business days. Argh. I'm so worried.

I did laundry the other day, and today I'll probably have to do some grocery shopping. Tanner has expressed interest in learning how to drive a standard transmission, but won't commit to a time to learn. Hopefully I can convince him to try it tonight.

This friday, Jonathan Paula comes to town for the weekend, and we are going to rock out and explore the town(s) where I grew up. Perhaps he will force me to go to the beach or OOB (Old Orchard Beach, for those who don't know) niether of which I have done in years. My plans for his visit include: going to mardens (comparing it to Building 19 & 7/8ths), Showing him the houses I used to live in, walking around town looking at all the awesome architecture and mill buildings, playing Mario Kart Double Dash on the Game cube, tracking down one of the two deloreans in the Lewiston Auburn area and getting some pictures, Maybe playing age of mythology on the LAN, maybe visiting where I work or going to the LL Bean Flagship store, if the darn candlepin bowling alley hadn't closed recently, I'd have taken him there but alas. What else? That's probably about it, since there ain't a helluva lot to do in this town. We'll probably visit all the parks and landmarks, too.

Lot's of photo ops.

Well, I guess that'll end this post for today, but hopefully all is well with everyone. Until next time!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Earthquake In Boston

So last night, I had a dream, and I wrote it down as soon as I woke up. Here it is.

I was flying in on a plane, and suddenly the wind picked up, answe clipped the edge of a high rise building on our way into the airport. At that moment, an earthquake hit, and though the plane was not shaking, the runway was, but the pilot successfully landed the plane.

Somehow, I was magically in the dorm room in the high rise that we clipped (maybe it was an apartment building) but Dan, Joe and I were living there.and Dan was showing us how he had an inflatable car. It was literally the size of a very large vacuum cleaner when folded up, but it unfolded into a compact car. It was partially nylon for some of the walls, so I commented that he'd probably not fair well in an accident. Dan mentioned how much he hated public transportation. I looked out the window towards the beautiful city of boston. Suddenly the earthquake hit, (but it was the same earthquake that occured before, when I was on the plane, I guess I was in two places at once.

I screamed to jump under a table and did so, as Dan hid somewhere else. I don't know where Joe was. It seemed to last a lifetime. Definately over a minute. I looked out the window and saw the trees on the shore shaking violently. When it was all over, it seemed like the city had faired pretty well. I noted that the back bay was still there, and had not sunk due to liqifaction like my Natural Disasters and Earth Sciences teacher had predicted.

For some reason, I decided to head into the main part of the city (For some reason this high rise seemed to be in cambridge.) Since we still had power, I tried taking public transportation, IE, the green line, and it actually worked. For a little while. The train stopped in the middle of the tracks and I had to wind my way up many flights of stairs and down narrow passages trying to find a way out.

In the process, I came accross some sort of major machine room for the T, and workers were trying to fix damaged machinary. The foreman leading the repairwork was none other than Pete Chvany. I talked to him briefly, and tried to reconnect some severed wires, but apparently I did it wrong, and I told him how impressed I was that a film director knew so much about subway machinery. I left and made my way to the surface again.

Somehow I made my way back to the dorm (I don't know if I even made it accross the Charles/Bay (I don't know where anything was because it was only a verisimilitude of boston, because as you know, the Green line isn't underground at Cambridge, but I still was underground on the greenline there). When I got to the dorm, I peeked into the room, and couldn'g find Joe or Dan. So I peeked into the neighbors room too. There floorboard were litterally spread out so that there were gaps you could see through in them. As I gingerly and carefully walked out of the weekend room, I (for some reason) paused to close the doors on the refridgerator, as the power was still on, and I guess I wanted to make sure that their food would keep.

As I steeped out into the hallway/elevator lobby, I spotted a young black security guard, and flagged her down. "Excuse me, miss" I said, "Where is everyone?" She said that they'd all been evacuated, and she was searching for others, because many people were just staying put. Then, from around the corner, my Civil Rights class professor, Mike Brown walked by and said hello. We were all in shock, but we still exchanged pleasantries. When suddenly I looked out the window behind Mike and noticed the giant wave coming in from the ocean. I screamed, and ran for the stairs, and the other two followed, evidently seeing what I saw. Mike Brown was running and I looked back as the wave crashed into the building, bending and twisting it. Somehow the stairs remained intact as parts of the floor began to break away, including the landings, which meant that we had to vault over the railing to get turned around to go up the next flight of stairs. Mike brown screamed that he should have known to get to higher ground, as everyone talked about the tsunamis that follow earthquakes ever since the Indian ocean tsunami on Christmas Day 2005. We got to the top of the building to some kind of atruim, and the building had definately disintigrated beneath us. We began to float, but I don't know weather the wave was still going in or going back out, but we were floating, and we were alive. I think I remember smiling in spite of my fear.

We picked up some more people on some other floating debris, but I was still the youngest survior. We floated trying to keep our strange bouyancy for tipping over. We began to float towards an auto body shop, where an empty lift sat right at the waterline. We somehow steered or through the grace of god landed on it, and beached on it so that as the water receeded from under us, we didn't float out to see. I had no idea were we were. But the water receeded and we all got off of our raft.

I'm really shaky about this next part, so I may make stuff up to fill in the blanks in my head.

I think I grabbed a walking stick and started poking around, and then I began to pray. And god spoke to me. I don't remeber exactly what he said or exactly what I said but I think I said the wrong thing or something, because I was overcome with emotion, and I started sobbing, leaning on my stick, crying out through my tears: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I've never talked to god before" and "How can I lead this people to safety, I don't know anything".

Everyone was watching me, and to my suprise, I think that they all knew that I wasn't crazy, that I really was talking to god. Maybe it was the fact that all those fantastic events had occured that day, but not one person questioned it.

After that, I woke up.

Strange dream, no?

Friday, June 16, 2006

I'm Still Alive, and Pay is now coming in!

Well, I finally got paid. Took 'em long enough! Not that I'm bitter.

Here's my question? Where is the line between having character and BEING a character. And why is character building so good but being a character can be so bad?

Just a thought.

Things are going well, work is riding me hard as we prep for the huge sample sale next week. Lots of hard work, but fun too. Now I'm off to bed so that I can dream a little dream--maybe it will be beautiful.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Sample Sale Is Coming!

Well, I'm sorry that I haven't updated this blog in a while, I've been hassled about it, but like that's anything new. Sometimes it really makes me wonder why I ever started the dang thing. If I didn't have a weblog, I'd probably have to e-mail people individually to let them know what's going on, but even when I do post, I still get e-mails asking for response. Oh well.

Anyway, I had a very busy day of work today at the North Face. We are having a Sample Sale this year, which is when we sell off all of the salesman's samples from the last year at a dramatically reduced price. However, this is insane because we received 1100 boxes today. In a normal shipment we might get 200. So we got over 5 times as much (about one full semi-truck load) product in one day. This means that over the course of the day, 8am-11am we got all the boxes out of the truck and CRAMMED onto our tiny loading dock so that the trucker could leave. Then from 11-6pm we moved boxes into the building and around 3pm some of us got to consolidate the smaller boxes into bigger boxes. WHOOPEE! It was very tiring but a lot of fun, and our boss bought us all pizza and drinks for lunch because he knows how hard of a day it was for us all.

The little boxes were funny because we had about 400 of them. They are about the size of a medium pizza box, and each contained and average of ONE item. For example, a hat or a pair of gloves, just rolling around in there. We filled half a dumpster with the cardboard from those tiny boxes, and all the product consolidated into like one box!

The reason that the garments were like this was because they keep individually boxed items at the warehouse so that they can send out the one sample when they are requested, and they had those left over. AWESOME! Another cool thing about the day was that Sarah was in Freeport with her clients teaching them comparison shopping, and so we got to say hi and hug. Unfortunately I had to get back to work, as did she, but it was nice to see her again.

What else?

Oh yes, so I finished my book called "The Wal-Mart Effect" and it was very good, and provided a nice and objective approach to the wal-mart phenomenon. It really shed some light on some important ideas, but as the book inself admits, wal-mart is so secretive with it's information that it is hard to pin down solid facts.

I should be heading to bed. My roommate, Tanner, has to get up at 6:30am for work, so he's already in bed and he is snoring! LOUDLY. It's kind of comical.

I've still got a lot of things on my list to do, but to be perfectly honest, now that Tanner and I are home at reletively the same time, we end up play Age Of Mythology a lot over the LAN. Oh well. At least I know I'll get things done on monday.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Okay, so I lied... Sue Me.

Yeah. I said it, but it was a teaser--and a lie. I don't even remember what I was going to write about, because it really wasn't that important. Oh well.

It's my day off from work today, and I have been busy running errands, and trying to get started on other projects that I have been putting off. Monday's will probably always be my day to get things done because Tanner is at work and so I have to spend the whole day just chillin' out.

Went to the library and got three books "The Case Against The Direct Election Of The President: A Defense of the Electoral College" by Judith Best, "What it means to be a Libertarian: A Personal Interpretation" by Charles Murray, and "The Wal-Mart Effect" By Charles Fishman. Some heavy reading, I know, but all very interesting topics. I think that I should have taken out a fiction book too, to balance things out, but maybe I'll get audio books and listen to them in the car on the way too and from work. That would certainly be a better use of my time than listening to music.

Oh well. I've got my computer up and running again, just about everything is back to normal, including my harddrive which I had thought had died! I remained positive, and it turns out that it is working again. This time, however, I will burn backups of all my photography and other data. My new DVD burner is working famously, and I've ordered some new DVD-Rs to complete my backup process. Apparently my old DVD burner was crap. Not really that suprised, since the computer actually called it "GENERIC DVD-R/RW BURNER". Hahahhaha. Whatever.

I helped out with Auburn Adult Ed graduation on Friday night, it was a truck shoot, so we brought the truck (actually a van) out and set up three cameras in the ELHS gymnasium and shot the event live. It was nice to do that again. But not terribly exciting either. Lewiston High School is having their graduation tommorow night, but I'm not sure I'll make that one, because I have work the next morning.

Other than that, I'm still fledgling along with ideas for my film productions, and I have gotten a little jealous of people who are doing things like making films this summer. (Thanks, Facebook, for showing me how much cool stuff my friends are doing while I am just working.)

What else? Well, there really isn't much else. I'm still trying to get back into touch with my creative self, the self that was willing to take risks, fool around and make something stupid just for the sake of making it. Wish me luck.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I'll post a full update tommorow, and I'll tell you all about it.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Last Day At Sams OR A New Dawn Is Breaking

Tanner has his last night working at Sams yesterday. After working for them for 7 years, (including a time when he quit and went to work and Blockbuster for a few months) he is finally free from the indentured sevitude that is food service.

But enough about that slor. I'm so happy with my new car. I've been driving around for like two days and it's only burned like an 1/8th of a tank. Buying the Toyota Tercel was an excellent choice in this fuel price climate. (Wow, that sounded weird, what the heck is a fuel price climate?)

Going to be heading up to take a shower in a few minutes, then off to Wal-mart to buy a few unmentionables 0(j/k socks, pizza, photos that I had developed) Then after that it's probably some Mario Kart on Gamecube, then writing, then dinner, etc. It's going to be a pretty chill day.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

First Day Of Work

Well, today was the first day of work this summer, and even though I only worked a 4 hour day, it really wiped me out. I really have gotten out of the habit of working, and am now just a lazy sluff.

Fortunately, it seems like they'll be easing me back into the work week, since they don't have enough payroll to bring me in full time until June. In June I'll be working full time in the back room. I was also really proud of myself because I asked for a raise this year and got it. It was really nerve racking to ask, because I didn't want to come accross as ungrateful or greedy, but I really needed the extra money, especially with the way fuel prices are these days.

I've got to get crackin' on my scripts if I am ever going to make a film this summer. I just spent the last few hours repairing the damage to my music collection, which I had to pull off of my iPod when I lost a bunch of my music. I am very happy with all the errors that I fixed. Now my next project is to go through the many versions of One Tin Soldier by Coven, and find the Covers that I like the best. The song has seriously been covered 20 times.

After that, I really need to get working on this DVD authoring I need for my Film IIs that I was almost finished with when my computer harddrive failed. I think I'm going to try recovering data one final time before I call my brother and ask him to help me return the defective drive (he and my dad got it for me this christmas).

I bought a few small upgrades to my computer, and they should be very nice. I'm excited to say that I will finally be replacing the stock CPU fan in my computer with a really cool looking and better proforming CPU fan and heatsink. It's gonna be awesome.

Well, that's about it for today, but I'll try to keep you up to date on exactly what's goin' down in my neck of the woods.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I'm Back In Maine, EVVYs and School are over, and more...

Well I have finally returned to Maine and it has been too long. I'm currently dictating this blog post to you, the reader from a cool program called Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7. It took awhile to get it trained to recognize my voice. I had to read passages from books and other readings like letters in order to get the program to recognize the idiosyncrasies of my voice. I find it rather impressive that a piece of software is capable of this level of recognition after only a few minutes of training. My assumption would be that after several hours of reading more and more documents the program would have very high if not flawless comprehension.

I start my new job at the North face on Tuesday. I'm pretty excited about it although it seems like I haven't had enough time off before jumping into the rat race. However I do realize that I need to make as much money as possible during the summer and after all, that's what the summer is for. I talk differently than I write I realize this as I am reading back what I just said. The funny thing is that I will have to go back and ad certain punctuation marks where they are needed, and also correct mistakes that the program makes. The program doesn't interpret pauses as commas, because when you're dictating you often stop in places you wouldn't normally stop to collect your thoughts.

Okay, it probably is still quicker and easier at this point to type, so I am going back to writing with my hands and a good old fashioned keyboard.

The EVVYs went swimmingly this year. I really think The 25th Annual EVVY Awards was probably one of the best EVVYs ever. Maybe I'm just proud. Whatever the reason, we had some really cool people on the show, including the Emmy Award winning actor, Sean Hayes. (From will and Grace) along with Tom Bergeron of America's funniest home videos and Max Mutchnick, executive producer of Will and Grace. The shows were fairly smooth, with only some minor hiccups, as well as some lucky accidents. For example, in the evening show, we had Sean Hayes presenting an award to Max Mutchnick, but he left his hotel or something late, so we inserted two unrehearsed but AMAZING songs into the beginning of the show from the a-cappella group Noteworthy. It really got the audience excited and ready to see our show. It ended up really working in our favor.

I finally made it up to Maine, and am pretty much settled in for the summer. I've got my job lined up at the North Face, my 1993 Toyota Tercel is inspected and ready to roll, and I've already got some ideas rolling around in my head for summer movie projects. Tanner and I would like to do a dramatic short, and we are already making great strides in the brain storming process. Also, since Tanner will be working pretty much the same hours as me at his new job, we won't be working weird schedules and things to keep up with one another.

It's the beginning of summer, I'm in the beautiful state of Maine with almost four months ahead of me to plan and think--and I've already got some great plans.

Not even the fact that it will soon be hotter than heck and I will be workin' all the time and the fact that I lost all of my data when my hard drive crashed and burned a week ago (including a years worth of digital photography) can't keep me down!

I'm also already eating too much Wendy's food. Tanner is such a bad influence.

Love and kisses, I'll try and update at least 3 times a week from now on.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


So Submissions week happened, and when the dust settled the answer was clear-

We had shattered last years submission record.

BY ALMOST 250 ENTRIES. This equivocates to about 3750 dollars of additional revenue to help pay for the EVVY Awards.

Our grand total was 842 submissions. Last year was record breaking and we only had 597 entries.

I'm still in shock, honestly. Maybe it's based on the fact that I operate for about 24 hours at a frantic pace on only three hours of sleep, then only getting three hours of broken sleep on a concrete/thinly carpeted floor of a classroom.

Now I am dubbing TVMC-Best Multi-Cam Director. It will take about 5 hours, and so I will not be done with this category until 4pm.

I'm so very tired, but so very pleased and excited.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Submit Your Work to The 25th Annual EVVY Awards

No, No, I'm not dead. One more week before I'm dead, but yeah, whatever.

I'm submissions coordinator for the 25th annual EVVY awards and I'll probably be talking about nothing but submissions for the next 7 days. It's crunch time now. On thursday and friday we had our early bird special and we got a decent amount of submissions for being so early. We have an online registration system, and there are currently 86 submissions registered, including 19 from fall submissions, but we've received about 30 of those. So we have some to start with. Whatever. I can't even think straight. I wish that I a weekend.

But I totally don't. Not only do I have a bunch of homework to do, I've got a film shoot for Women In Motion "Not-So-Super Heros" and I'll be shooting both Saturday and Sunday. I thought that I was going to be working on the film that shoot like the last weekend in April. But somehow I ended up on this film, and now it's too late to back out. Hopefully it will be quick, easy and short. But I doubt it, as films rarely are, especially with a huge crew like we have on Women In Motion.

Hopefully everything will calm down by the 17th, but I don't know. I've got a lot of stuff to keepup with on top of my EVVY Submissions stuff. Hopefully I can pull it all off. Anyway, I thought I'd just stop in, proverbially speaking and tell everyone that I am still alive and doing A-Ok.

Until Next Time!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Keeping It Up

I'm managing to keep things up, as I struggle along.

I got my new video card today, so that it could support my new monitor. That's a relief to have dealth with.

Also talked with my good old friend, Tanner for a while about what our plans are. It seems that he's planning on moving to Portland, ME sometime in October, so if I planned on living in Utah this summer, (as I have been considering for a little bit) I probably wouldn't ever get to stay with Tanner again.

Tommy is probably the greatest rock opera ever. It's just spectacular.

In other news, I can feel sickness welling up in the back of my throat. I've started taking herbs, and am trying to get enough sleep (ha) and eat better to fight it off, but I don't think it's going to work. I'll have a sore throat and probably something worse coming right behind it. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to have my home teachers give me a blessing when they come by this week.

My film shoot went pretty well, we've been working hard, and we only have one more day of filming before we wrap the second film. But that's still in the air because we need to find three new actors by friday. A hippie and two cops. Wish us luck.

The assembly edit of "Callisto" (I posted Julius's pictures earlier) is really good and I'm super excited that it's coming together. I hope it is done enough to enter as a "Best Film II" for the EVVY awards this year.

Which is another thing I need to be thinking about, on top of Taxes, Financial Aid, my C- in British Literature, What I'm going to do this summer, and getting sick. As EVVY Submissions coordinator, it's my job to make sure that everyone submits their work so that we have a reason to do the show. I am terrified that I will screw it up. Please pray that I will be okay. I just fear screwing up because I don't want to let the EVVYs down and be yelled at. I also need to think about what things I'm going to submit this year. I think I may submit Best Film II, Best Color Photo, maybe best Director... hahaha, right. I'll probably submit 5 on the 6th or the 7th, since it'll only cost me 52 dollars if I do it then, as opposed to 60.

I need to either a) do homework or b) go to bed.

Right now b) is looking better.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

WHOA! I'm Back From The Dead!

Okay, so I know I haven't posted in a while... but I'm hoping to get back in the habit. At least to help me stay connected to those around me.

I don't want to make this post a laundry list of all the crap that I am doing that is stressing me out, so instead I'll just share an interesting anecdote.

I was directing my Nightly News show, and as director I am calling the shots on the show. So I'm watching the monitors, telling the technical director to change the cameras, etc. It got a little loud in the studio, and I asked everyone to keep it down because I was having trouble concentrating.

Here at Emerson, there are perpetual campus tours. Emerson is a marketing machine, bringing in 7th and 8th graders on occasion to hook 'em early. So I guess the normality of seeing a tour group coupled with the fact that I was focusing on directing a show made me miss it.

I found out what "it" was after the show.

Tim Robbins.

Yeah, That Tim Robbins. The academy award winner.

He was on a tour of Emerson College, and he was in the studio while I was directing a show. Funny thing about it is that I never saw him. So I can't even tell the story as "I saw Tim Robbins". I can only say "Apparently Tim Robbins was behind me on Tuesday". Strange.

Most later.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy... In other words, if it's not one thing, it's another.

Well, I've been working incredibly hard for the last little while, but part of me wants to know what's happening to me. I don't use my time as effectively as I should, because somehow I don't have enough time to do the things I need to do--and I end up doing them poorly or not at all.

I have a take-home mid-term exam for a class called British Liturature. It was a huge mistake to take this class in the first place, and I am going to pay for it with the grade that I will undoubtedly receive. It's due Thursday and I haven't started.

My Nightly News Show that I direct is going up tommorow morning at 10:30am, and I'm nervous because I've never done it before. We'll see what happens.

This weekend was the taping of the first of my two film II shoots. We shot on location in New Hampshire, and let me tell you, it was SUPER exhausting, but it was very fun, rewarding and I can't wait to see the footage when it comes back. In the mean time, if you'd like to see some stills from the production, visit our director's flickr account. He took some awesome stills, and you'll be able to see what our film is going to look like. I'm so excited.

I produced, but we worked with basically just the four of us, plus the two actors. I helped by Assting with the Camera, Gaffing, (setting up lights) in addition to my producer duties. I only got 3.5 hours of sleep before I got up at 5:20am. I didn't sleep until 2:30am the next day. And I only got to sleep for three hours that night too. But I now have my midterms, EVVY's stuff to worry about, Taxes, housing, financial aid, W2's, Homework, reading, why my computer is acting up, cleaning, packing and doing all that stuff that you have to do. (This is a truncated list.)

Well, I always feel tired... maybe I am diabetic or something? I doubt it.

I loved working on this film, and I had an amazing time, and while I was doing it I really felt like all my decisions to spend all my (and everyone elses) money on this film school were affirmed. However, I still don't feel like I know enough or have enough experience... In fact, I feel like I am slowing down... and the one thing that you can't do in this day and age is slow down. Or you get left in the dust. I want to make a film, I want to make something amazing, and I want to be in a creative role... but I keep finding myself in Producer roles. I don't really like it as much, but it seems that I'm pretty good at it. Is this God's way of guiding me, or am I just not being assertive enough to get into my creative roles. Who knows. I sure don't.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sitting Evvy Office... It's Been A While, Ain't It?
And I'm Hella Busy, Too!

Well I'm sitting in the EVVY Office again, and all seems well. Except that I am writign in my weblog when I have tons of things I should be doing instead. Such is life. It's going to start getting very very busy, very very quickly. Today I basically onlyy had 3 hours of free time from 8am to 10pm.

So much for academia.

Such is the way it should be at a school like Emerson. I'm working on producing my film two stuff, and I just did a rough budget the other day, and realized I'm probably going to be spending over $500 dollars on these two short films.... and I'm already trying to do the cheap route! One major way that we could get costs down would be to find someone with a van/suv or truck witha cap so that we don't have to rent a car. Those costs alone are around 400 dollars of the total budget... About 1/4th!

Other than that, things seem to be going pretty well. This is what's on my plate in the near future.

Direct Nightly News Show A (Show time + one meeting per week)
Segment Producing Speechless (Includes finding EDITORS, WHICH IS GETTING HARDER! + two meetings per week)
Camera Operating Speechless (Show Taping)
Chyron (Graphics Computer) Operating for Tracking (Show Taping)
Master Control Associate (Programming The Channel, putting in tapes + one meeting per week)
On Air Promotions Editing (Off and On)
Editing "Gentle Urban Beasts Of Burden" for Women In Motion (ASAP!)
Acting In Rob Krauss's Digital Film "Self Help" (All This Weekend)
Host Packages for The Gentlemen's Club (shooting on location once a week)
Submissions Coordinator for the EVVY Awards, which includes four meetings a week, plus updating and figuring out the submissions packets and methods.
General Meetings for ECTV every other week.
Producing My Film II "Callisto" (Two Meetings a week)
Sitting EVVY Office (2 hours a week)
Hosting "The News" as a Weatherman (One Show Taping a Week)
One book to read a week for British Literature Class

That's a pretty complete list, but it doesn't count all the e-mails and things I have to deal with (Like sleeping, eating, personal hygene, etc)

I'm crazy I guess. But as I've told others--I'm not paying 35,000 plus dollars to sit around hanging out with friends. I can do that for free!


Thursday, February 02, 2006

Brokeback To The Future

This movie, a parody re-edit of Back To The Future footage, is absolutely hilarious! The concept was created by Emerson College's own comedy troupe, Chocolate Cake City and edited by Patrick De Nicola and Jonathan Ade. It is hilarious! Check it out here!

It's already becoming an internet phenomenon, being linked by sites like and!

I'm so proud of Emerson stuff!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Never Enough Time

I have class in half an hour, and I am way too busy these days. My presentation on Auteur Theory in Television is due at 4pm today, but I have class until 2pm, so I've got 2 hours to pull it all together.

Oh well.

I sold my first item on e-bay, which is cool. I'll be shipping it out tommorow. Anyway I had better go. Hope all is well!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I just felt the need to post this really quick thought:

"They stand around admiring his carpetbag"

I was walking out of my dorm this morning and for some reason, there was a group of people standing around this guy who had a large purse-like bag which looked like it had been made out of an oriental rug. And all I could think was the above.

It made me smile.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


I just saw a cop driving down the road, and he was purposly crawling and then speeding up and stopping suddenly on a narrow road, and no one could pass him. He wasn't looking at anything because no one was there. He was just enjoying the power trip, watching all of the slaves (er, citizens) of America bow down to his authority by blocking traffic.


Maybe I'm mistaken, and I hope so, but it wouldn't suprise me at all. Anyway, I have class in about an hour, and I've got to go to the post office and get lunch. Things are going well, the editing team for Women In Motion is editing the assembly edit of the film today. (That should be cool.)

More later!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

British Literature, and other woes.

Help me! What have I gotten myself into!

I should have taken my lit course last year, because it is super labor intensive, reading A LOT and writing a whole lot of papers. Argh. I still haven't met my professor, either, because I missed my first class (due to my airline going bankrupt and ceasing operations) and I got a really cheap ticket on Tuesday and missed the class. Today, when we had the class for the second time (and I did not have a syllabus so I hadn't done the reading or the response) of Thomas More's Utopia. The professor wasn't there! So we had this sub with a british accent, who was obviously incredibly intelligent, but had a really soft voice and stopped every three words or so, and made him a torture to listen to, because he told all these stories and facts and you had no idea what to write down!

It was aweful.

I also ordered my RAM last night and (I think) successfully burned a DVD master of my senior play "Bye Bye Birdie" we'll see though.

I learned to transfer 1/4inch nargra tape into avid so that we can soon be working on syncing the sound with the video clips and begin editing the women in motion film! It's really funny, it's a documentary style film about traffic cones, as if they were living creatures.

Hopefully all is well with everybody. This should be a good semester, but we'll see!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Back In Boston

I wanted to call this post "Back In Beantown" but a friend of mine told me that no one who lives in or around Boston actually calls it Beantown. "But," I responded, "I am not from Boston!"

Anyway, I'm settled in for the most part, and I can already feel the weight coming down on my shoulders. I slept like a BABY last night, and slept all through my roommates alarm clock. I guess I'm having trouble adjusting to the way things work around here. Hopefully it won't last and I'll be back in the groove in no time.

Oh, by the way, if there is anything I hate, it's people who are to spineless to attack your character to your face. They must hid behind anonymity to say what they really feel.

Well I am Ezra Horne, and I could not care less what you think about me and my beliefs, "Bro Jake Larabee".

Now that that is out of the way, I'll say adeiu, and get some grub.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Lies And Misrepresentations By Those Who Wish To Destroy Us

My sister's history textbook gives a brief history of the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, however, the "history" speaks in generalizations, and calls the church "The Church of Latter Day Saints"

Convienent that they leave out the words "Jesus Christ"--this intentional misprepresatation futher propells the IGNORANCE of people about Mormons/Latter Day Saints. We believe in the teachings of JESUS CHRIST. WE ARE CHRISTIANS BY DEFINITION. But most people don't know this despite the fact that it is right in our name!

You can argue to me that it wasn't on purpose, but I know it was. When writing a history text, you put the full, real name of the event or organization. When writing a history of the Boys Scouts of America, you don't call them the "Scouts of America" because not only is it wrong, but it OCCLUDES IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION.

Arrgh. I hate textbooks with a passion. One of her other textbooks actually has a footnote under the 2nd amendment which says (INCORRECTLY) that "militia" means the military, and that the quote "'right' to bear arms is a limited one" BULLCRAP. It makes me so mad.


I go back to Boston on Tuesday, and I'm nervous but excited to return to school. A longer post may come later this week.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hello, I've Got Moxie

Whatever I do in life, it will be better than some lame foodservice or retail job, even if it isn't my dream job (whatever that may be) so I should stop worrying, because I've got the Moxie to make it happen.

I wish I could believe that in my heart the way that I know it in my head.

Monday, January 09, 2006

I've Made A Decision

I've made a decision.

I'm not going to live by "The Rules". I'm done letting other people deceide the things that I should or should not do. I've made a list, adapting "The Rules" of my friend Jon. I like them, and I will try to make a better effort to live by them.

20 Tips For Ezra To Live A More Fullfilling Life

1. Everyone Has Your Trust Until They Lose It
2. Get The Facts Straight
3. Don't Hesitate To Do What Is Right
4. Always Stand Up For What You Believe/Know Is Right
5. Believe In Yourself
6. Give The People What They Want--As Long As You Maintain Your Integrety
7. Take Nothing And No One For Granted
8. Hope For The Best, Plan For The Worst
9. Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Done To You
10. Enjoy Life
11. Don't Be Too Proud To Ask For Help
12. Do Your Best
13. Listen To The Promptings Of The Spirit/Your Conscience
14. Good Advice Is Worth Taking, BUT
15. You Are The Best Person To Determine Your Future
16. Never Bet More Than You Can Afford To Lose
17. Google It
18. Bathe Regularly And Use Soap
19. Love One Another
20. Trust In God, Whatever You Percieve Him To Be, That He Will Provide A Way

I feel good. I'm tired, and I'm worried about life, but it feels good to have what I've known in my head to be true all along down on paper.

Goodnight, God Bless.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Kickin' Screamin' All The Way, (and other such things)

I’m kickin’ screamin’ all the way. The lyrics to the Shapiro song adequately describe my current situation. I got the 1987 Toyota Truck’s fuel pump replaced. It’s the third time in one year. Awesome. It also was inspected and fortunately it passed. The whole ordeal cost 194 dollars and change. It frustrates me so. Let me recap. Last January the fuel pump was leaking and so I had it replaced so that it would pass inspection. Then this summer, while I was driving out of Portland headed south to visit a friend, it just died. So now I am mega annoyed because I had to shell out another 200 dollars for a THIRD PUMP. Fortunately my mother and grandmother are generous and understanding and footed the bill this time. This means that I can actually use the money that my Grandma gave me for Christmas to buy something for myself.

I was thinking about getting a gig of ram for my computer, or maybe trying for a flat-screen monitor. But since I have a crappy video card, I’ll probably go with the ram, since I currently only have 512MB.

Back to the pickup for a minute. Something else is wrong now! I was driving it and it hesitates and chokes when accelerating and often dies when slowing down or idling. Or it just chokes and wheezes. I think that they got me a sub-par fuel pump that is not providing adequate pressure for the gas, and therefore failing. I’m dreading the fact that I have to call Midas and tell them this and in a way I hope its something that they did so that they will fix it.

Okay, on to a topic that is less technological and boring and frustrating. My dad is working on a pilot to a show, and I have been trying to brainstorm and help with ideas, but I haven’t really been putting the time into it that I should. I’m really hoping that this takes of because if it does, then I might be able to go out to Utah this summer and help him shoot the other episodes (this is of course assuming that someone finances the show).

I’m going to be in Harrisonburg until the 14th-17th (I don’t know exactly when it will be because my airline went bankrupt on the second. Which is another awesome slap in the face since I will not be able to get any money back on the 70-dollar ticket. AWESOME.

Since I will be in Harrisonburg, I would like to visit with people, but as I have a deathly fear of my truck now (because I think it still has something else wrong with it) I don’t know how I am supposed to do that.  Let me know if you wanna hang out.

What else is new? I feel like making a really long update since I have not done so in quite some time.

Also, I’m working on writing a pilot for a sitcom that I will be working on with Adam Ginivisian, comedic extraordinaire.

I guess that should do it for this post. I really need an alphasmart like the older “Alphasmart Pro” that I am using now that I got for my sister some time ago. I like it because for some reason I prefer to write on it, sitting on a comfortable couch, then say, sitting at a computer. The other reason I like using an Alphasmart to type is that there are no distractions. No doodling in a notebook, no surfing the internet like on a laptop. Just typing. That’s all you can o, and that’s why it rules.

Goodnight Cleveland!