Saturday, April 15, 2006


So Submissions week happened, and when the dust settled the answer was clear-

We had shattered last years submission record.

BY ALMOST 250 ENTRIES. This equivocates to about 3750 dollars of additional revenue to help pay for the EVVY Awards.

Our grand total was 842 submissions. Last year was record breaking and we only had 597 entries.

I'm still in shock, honestly. Maybe it's based on the fact that I operate for about 24 hours at a frantic pace on only three hours of sleep, then only getting three hours of broken sleep on a concrete/thinly carpeted floor of a classroom.

Now I am dubbing TVMC-Best Multi-Cam Director. It will take about 5 hours, and so I will not be done with this category until 4pm.

I'm so very tired, but so very pleased and excited.


dubby said...

Please call Allen Fordham at 208-283-5545 if you are looking for a summer job dedinging windshields. Happy Day! Maybe you can open a branch in Maine!

Anonymous said...

Ezra is a sluff bucket!!! it's May 21st and he hasn't posted in over a month. The Evvys are over, he's in Maine, he's got wheels he's got a job, but can't stop and tell the world that he and his cohorts entry won. Well sir, you may not be bloggin' but word gets a round! get off yer duff and spew onto yer blog! ain't cha got no moxie!?!