Thursday, May 18, 2006

I'm Back In Maine, EVVYs and School are over, and more...

Well I have finally returned to Maine and it has been too long. I'm currently dictating this blog post to you, the reader from a cool program called Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7. It took awhile to get it trained to recognize my voice. I had to read passages from books and other readings like letters in order to get the program to recognize the idiosyncrasies of my voice. I find it rather impressive that a piece of software is capable of this level of recognition after only a few minutes of training. My assumption would be that after several hours of reading more and more documents the program would have very high if not flawless comprehension.

I start my new job at the North face on Tuesday. I'm pretty excited about it although it seems like I haven't had enough time off before jumping into the rat race. However I do realize that I need to make as much money as possible during the summer and after all, that's what the summer is for. I talk differently than I write I realize this as I am reading back what I just said. The funny thing is that I will have to go back and ad certain punctuation marks where they are needed, and also correct mistakes that the program makes. The program doesn't interpret pauses as commas, because when you're dictating you often stop in places you wouldn't normally stop to collect your thoughts.

Okay, it probably is still quicker and easier at this point to type, so I am going back to writing with my hands and a good old fashioned keyboard.

The EVVYs went swimmingly this year. I really think The 25th Annual EVVY Awards was probably one of the best EVVYs ever. Maybe I'm just proud. Whatever the reason, we had some really cool people on the show, including the Emmy Award winning actor, Sean Hayes. (From will and Grace) along with Tom Bergeron of America's funniest home videos and Max Mutchnick, executive producer of Will and Grace. The shows were fairly smooth, with only some minor hiccups, as well as some lucky accidents. For example, in the evening show, we had Sean Hayes presenting an award to Max Mutchnick, but he left his hotel or something late, so we inserted two unrehearsed but AMAZING songs into the beginning of the show from the a-cappella group Noteworthy. It really got the audience excited and ready to see our show. It ended up really working in our favor.

I finally made it up to Maine, and am pretty much settled in for the summer. I've got my job lined up at the North Face, my 1993 Toyota Tercel is inspected and ready to roll, and I've already got some ideas rolling around in my head for summer movie projects. Tanner and I would like to do a dramatic short, and we are already making great strides in the brain storming process. Also, since Tanner will be working pretty much the same hours as me at his new job, we won't be working weird schedules and things to keep up with one another.

It's the beginning of summer, I'm in the beautiful state of Maine with almost four months ahead of me to plan and think--and I've already got some great plans.

Not even the fact that it will soon be hotter than heck and I will be workin' all the time and the fact that I lost all of my data when my hard drive crashed and burned a week ago (including a years worth of digital photography) can't keep me down!

I'm also already eating too much Wendy's food. Tanner is such a bad influence.

Love and kisses, I'll try and update at least 3 times a week from now on.

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