Tuesday, May 23, 2006

First Day Of Work

Well, today was the first day of work this summer, and even though I only worked a 4 hour day, it really wiped me out. I really have gotten out of the habit of working, and am now just a lazy sluff.

Fortunately, it seems like they'll be easing me back into the work week, since they don't have enough payroll to bring me in full time until June. In June I'll be working full time in the back room. I was also really proud of myself because I asked for a raise this year and got it. It was really nerve racking to ask, because I didn't want to come accross as ungrateful or greedy, but I really needed the extra money, especially with the way fuel prices are these days.

I've got to get crackin' on my scripts if I am ever going to make a film this summer. I just spent the last few hours repairing the damage to my music collection, which I had to pull off of my iPod when I lost a bunch of my music. I am very happy with all the errors that I fixed. Now my next project is to go through the many versions of One Tin Soldier by Coven, and find the Covers that I like the best. The song has seriously been covered 20 times.

After that, I really need to get working on this DVD authoring I need for my Film IIs that I was almost finished with when my computer harddrive failed. I think I'm going to try recovering data one final time before I call my brother and ask him to help me return the defective drive (he and my dad got it for me this christmas).

I bought a few small upgrades to my computer, and they should be very nice. I'm excited to say that I will finally be replacing the stock CPU fan in my computer with a really cool looking and better proforming CPU fan and heatsink. It's gonna be awesome.

Well, that's about it for today, but I'll try to keep you up to date on exactly what's goin' down in my neck of the woods.


J-Pizzle said...

You're installing a new heatsink without me? I feel cheated... j/k - good luck with that stuff.

Anonymous said...

wooohooo two posts in a row!
Keep it coming! You asked for a raise????!!!! Boy you are gutsy!
How much can I have a ice cream ?