Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I'm totally not the person I used to be, or thought I was.

I realized today that I'm not who I used to be, or who I used to think I was. I mean, for crying out loud, I'm not even funny anymore. Read my blog posts, they're all so serious. I'm not even involved at school and I feel so... like I don't belong here. I've failed so far at everything I've tried to do here, and I don't have much more energy left. Maybe I should just transfer to JMU or UMF with my friends, so I'll feel good again. There is no solution.

Once Again, This Is Why I Can't Run For Office

Once again I have been misinterprited, which is probably my fault, and it is the same reason why I can never run for any public office.

I said I hate people who register other people to vote, but what I was trying to say is that I was accosted on the street by some "grassroots" campagin for Kerry, and they wanted to register me. I don't like that. When registration is provided by a non-partisan group for a general service to the community I have no problem with it. It just seems to me that in this election there are a lot more people out trying to force people who don't care into voting. I know teenagers are an underrepresented group, but there is a good reason. Tell me honestly, (you probably can't answer this question if you didn't attend a public high school) how many kids do you know who had an opinion about a certain political leader that was deeper than "Bush Sucks because we're in Iraq" and could only defend this 'arguement' with "You're an idiot, Dubya sux!" Of course, that's to say if they had an opinion at ALL. About 40-50% of the kids in my Senior class, (taking a US Government course, mind you) didn't have a CLUE about ANYTHING going on in the government.

So my point remains this: Every intelligent and informed friend of mine registered on there own, and on their own time. They will be an informed electorate, nessicery for the proper running of this country. If the people didn't care enough to register, they probably aren't thinking about a candidate to elect. (Emphisis on the probably, because OBVIOUSLY there are exceptions.

One other thing: I said that there is so much interest in registering young teens because they are an overwhelmingly democratic group. Look at all the liberal TV shows Kerry has been going on, trying to get this kids excited about him. So it seems odd that suddenly there is this huge excitement to get teenagers registered. I just drew a parrallel. I DON'T think it has anything to do with my personal decision to vote Libertarian. I'm ready for liberty and freedom. Most people are not. I don't want or expect people to vote Libertarian--and if I pressured or forced people to vote a certain way, I'd be hipocritical. So all I do is talk to interested people, let them know they do have an option.

In closing, why does no one ever leave any postive feedback? Does everything I say bother everyone? I feel like whenever I get a comment its someone trying to make me out to be the bad guy! But whatever, that's your freedom to do that.

Have a great day all!

Hyena Audition, Rain, and another "great" day!

So I tried out for the "Hyena" magazine today, and hopefully I'll get choosen. One thing I never understood is why most humor has to be so vulgar... I mean, you CAN be funny withour vulgarity, but its harder. And since I try not to be vulgar I think people don't find me as funny. If I made some nasty jokes, which I am perfectly capible of doing, maybe people would think I am funnier, but is it worth comprimising my values? Don't think so.

The rain today totally sucked. It rained all day, and the rain totalled over 2 inches. It seems like so much when there is NO permiable land ANYWHERE. Even the boston common isn't permiable, as it has a huge parking garage, and the subway under it. So the water just sheeted down the road, and when you crossed the street you got wet.

You know what I can't stand? People who push you to register to vote, especially when there main motivation to do so at a college to get the liberal 18-22 year olds to get registered and "obviously" vote democratic. I mean, I don't want some uninformed putz to vote just because they were accosted by some "grassroots" putz and cancel out my well thought out, well informed vote. Voting is important, but it's not that hard to figure out. If you didn't register yourself on your own time, you probably don't care enough about this country to be making an intelligent vote ANYWAY.

Please note that I used the word probably, meaning that this is not the case for everyone.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Shaw's Supermarket Makes CRAPPY rootbeer. Oh, today was really crappy

I've been drinking this generic "Shaw's Brand" Root Style Beer. It's just not right. The best root beer will always be A&W, the original draft root beer. A close second is probably Barq's, followed by Mug. After that I guess it could be anywere. My mom hate's rootbeer, so don't ask me why I like it so much.

Anyway, today was mostly horrible again, and I don't understand it. After C.D., I went over to the LB, changed the channel, went upstairs, dropped my stuff, went down, ate lunch, and then went to student services to get a work authorization form. It totally sucked, because I feel like such a hypocrite, participating in all these federal programs that ideologically I don't agree with. So anyway, I went to go get the form signed by Amy Grill at The Emerson Channel, and I caught her crossing the street on her way to a meeting. So I couldn't have her fill it out right now. I went to go upstairs, and I couldn't find it ANYWERE. I checked the front desk, the dining hall, and the floor of student services. Nowere. I was so pissed off that I went up to the Tufte Center, and sat in the 11th floor stairway singing random lines from songs and staring out the window for about a half hour.

Then I decided to go and get my October Transit Pass, which took quite a while. The closest place to buy a T pass is Government center, a good 15 minute walk away. So when I got there I asked if they took Visa. No, they said they didn't, so I had to go to the bank, which was another 8-10 minutes up the road, and I had a whole fiasco there. Finnally I withdrew 50 bucks to buy my T pass.

Back at government station, they told me to go through the turnstiles and downstairs to buy my pass...effectively getting me into the system for free. So anyway, I bought my pass, and I was still so pissed off about losing my ID that I hopped on the nearest outbound train. It was the blue line, and I took it all the way out to the airport, where I got off, looked around, and rode back into the city. I really missed my friend John then. We could've had so much fun together, but I don't think I'm ever going to get him to come up to Boston. It sucks.

So when I got back to the Little Building, I checked all the places again. And just when I was about to give up and plunk down twenty-five dollars for a new ID, I spit out a horrible prayer. "What is this God? Is this punishment? I started getting things together and you said 'oops, things are starting to work for Ezra, better throw a monkey wrench into things'. Please help me find the darn card."

I remembered that since I had used the card to go to lunch, I had it then, and the only places I'd gone before I noticed it was gone were the dining hall and student services. I felt like I needed to check Student Services again. I don't know if it was a prompting or God answering my prayer, but I checked again and sure enough, they had it. I can't imagine God answered my bratty, terrible, disrespectful prayer from an impudent person.... but he must love me, a lot more than I love myself.

So I forgot about changing the channel because I was so glad that I had found my ID, and then later that night I had to work on some dumb project so I couldn't get to my Women in Motion meeting. Argh. But oh well. I guess that's if for today.

Not Much Today

Fall is coming, and that's that. The leaves are starting to tinge with color, and it just SMELLS like fall. Anyway, not much happened today, just a lot of procrastination. I cleaned my room, went to church, etc. I guess that's it. Have a great day/night.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

"We Can Build A Beautiful City..."

Today I spent over four hours wandering around Boston, and I loved it. I got up around ten, ate lunch at eleven and set out. As I wandered around I saw so many amazing buildings, great architecture, and people. I also managed to locate my Bank, which is not as close as I thought it was when I opened an account there, and a Staples Express (A smaller version of the classic "big box store".

After a while, I was down by Interstate 93, and I couldn't believe the difference from when I was there in the sixth grade. I mammoth elevated freeway was gone, sure. But what lay in its wake was unbelievable. Thousands of mini construction sites, mind bogglingly stupid intersections, and jersy barriers. EVERYWHERE. The energy of the place was still evocative of the colassal construction which had dominated so much real estate. The buildings no longer make sense without the highway there to dictate their shapes and positions. The sensation is very weird, because they have pictures of the area before they started the project and the an artists rendering of the completed project. No longer are the cars whizzing by overhead... they are silently shuttled beneath the surface.

"We Can Build A Beautiful City, yes we can, yes we can. We can build a beautiful city. Call it out, and call it The City of Man"

While trying to find my bank, I found this wonderful little park, which had a specatular "cool you off right quick in the summertime" cascade. The fountain was like a gazebo but dozens of small jets of water created an arched roof, before hitting in the center, creating a torent of water falling straight to the ground. All in all, I think that park is the nicest most well kept one I have found--Dang, I need a digital camera so I can give you pictures!

Moving on, I walked through Quincy Market, not to shop, but just to see what it looked like down there. Once again stupidity of human beings was evident, as the fire alarm in the building was going off, but NO ONE was leaving. You know, when the British were being bombed by the Nazi's and the Air Raid sirens went off, you'd better bet they'd heed them, even if they didn't know if it was a real alarm or not.

Argh. So after that I went over towards the Aquarium, and the area seemed a little to overrun with tourists for my liking, so I decided to take the escalator down to the "Aquarium" station on the Blue Line, only to take it back up again. I know, I know, I'm a nerd, but I like riding escalators sometimes.

Nearby was a park with a fountain which consisted of water bubbling out of the center of a circular black marble table like thing, allowing water to cascade over the smooth black stone. On the base, the inscription read "The most important element in human life is faith. If God were to take away all His blessings and leave me but one gift I would ask for faith." --Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. What a great and true statement. While I was there, the only other people around the stone fountain appeared to be a homeless, or at least very tired. Just then a pigeon landed on the black stone, and stood drinking from the water. After considering the cleanliness of the water and its possible adverse effects on the pigeon, I started thinking about how this park and all the others like it are for everyone. We are all tired from the constant pressings of the world around us. Sometimes it seems unbelievable, that we all manage to servive in our cities of stone and steel, the only soft things we encounter are the clothes on our backs and the beds in our homes. But that ugly pigeon helped the world slip away for just a second, and remind me of the soft beauty that still exists in the world.

"We don't need alabaster, we don't need chrome. We've got a special plaster, take my hand, I'll take you home. We see nations rise, in each others eyes'"

I then walked to the Haymarket, which was AMAZING. It was like being in an old fashioned market, with the freshest, cheapest fruit, vegetables, and meats I've ever seen. They had one pound packages of RIPE strawberries for ONE DOLLAR, or half a flat for three dollars. I bought a container, and ate them on the spot.

As I left the Market, I noticed six tall glass towers standing silently amid some trees, and I went to investigate these sculptures. It was a Holocoust Memorial.

A path went under neath each glass sheathed steel tower. And I felt tears begin to swell up in my eyes, because I saw that there were tiny, tiny six-digit numbers etched in the glass. Thousands of names to each panel, stretching towards the sky. Each number was a life. A human being whom God loved, who had a family, who had dreams. Six million six-digit numbers over six glass towers. It was like suddenly I understood the enormity, and I felt sick. When you stood under a tower, heat and smokey steam rose up the tower like a chimeney in the creamatoria, and you felt immediately uncomfortable standing there, the moist heat, the looming numbers, and when you bowed your head in reverance, you suddenly saw that there were hundreds of lights twinkling in the grate below you...the lights of the heavens, somehow traped behind a grate. The memorial was amazing, everything was evocative of emotion. The frailty of the glass reminded me of the frailty of life--how effortless it is to deliberatly end a life--or smash a pane of glass. When you put your eye up to the side of the glass, the numbers seemed to stetch out into infinity--all the things that could have been, had this tragedy been stopped.

"We can build a beautiful city, yes we can, yes we can. We can build, a beautiful city, call it out, and call it The City Of Man"

Friday, September 24, 2004

Smooth Like Butta!

Now normally I would have said "Sooth Like Buttah!" but that's the way the shirt that I got in the mail yesterday spells buttah--b-u-t-t-a. Anyway, special thanks to my sister Katie for the shirt. She's the bomb. Thanks Katie!

Today I tried out for the position of "Host" for two of the Emerson Channels Programs, Speechless, a political/issues debate show, and Good Morning, Emerson(GME) which is a morning talk show.

I honestly don't think I'm going to get the job, because I don't think I came off as exciting enough. I mean, I was totally comfortable talking to the people but I don't think that I came accross as a natural host. If only they knew me!

In Concept Development today, we broke away into groups of four, and had twenty minutes to write a story using card which our fellow classmates made. We had two character cards, one object and one location card, and we had to collaborativly write a story in 20-25 minutes with a beggining, middle and end. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun. Our characters were an Indian named Arti who works at a law firm, a lush women who's kids hate her, a cage for a location, and a burned photograph of a wedded couple.

So he's what we came up with in that time:

As Arti began to leave the law office, he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder.

"Arti, I know you've been trying hard, but Mrs. Jenkins doesn't think that you're giving her case enough attention. So I'm giving it to Laurence.

His silent protests go unnoticed and his cellphone rings. The caller-id proclaims that it is his father. He sighs, returning the unanswered phone to its holster.

Meandering downtown, a neon "Budwieser" sign looms ahead. "Cheapshots Bar" is a dingy watering hole which has probably NEVER seen better days.

"Whiskey please." Arti orders.

Sitting at the bar, a lone woman drinking a martini turns to look at Arti. She knows he's never been here and sidles up beside him. She begins waving a tattered photograph around muttering "they'll burn you, the always burn you". As she speaks, the stench of alcohol washes over him, and he stammers for a response. "Do you have a family?" She clarifies.

They begin to talk about their respective family situations. Arti laments his inability to please his father, while the woman cries about how her three children are so embarressed by her that they haven't talked to her in years. She shows him the picture, which shows a bridal couple on their wedding day.

"I'm trapped in a cage, I'm sorry if that sounds cliche, but I am. It's 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide, and the door doesn't close quite right. Let's Burn down the bar! Bartender, I need a bottle of vodka and a strip of gauze!" She makes a molotov coctail, throws it behind the counter and runs out with Arti. The flames twinkle in their eyes.

Hours later, after the fire is out, the wedding picture sits in the rubble, singed at the edges.

THE END! MOLOTOV COCTAILS! I hope your day goes well everyone!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Boring! Boring! Boooooooooring!

I had my two largest, most Lecture-oriented courses, and they were BOOOOORING! It's not that I don't nessicarilly like what we are learning about, it's just that I hate taking notes. So much information is given, and you have no idea what's just trivia and what is testable material. Argh. Oh well.

Dean and I took the D Train on the Green Line out to Fenway today, were there is a Staples and a Bed, Bath and Beyond. I had to get a hour by hour day book planner, and I couldn't find one around here. Anyway, the Staples was in the first floor of a really sweet Art Deco building. Built in 1929, it was originally the distribution center for the Sears & Roebuck Catologue. It's now on the National Register of Historic Places. I just love to see old buildings with their style and elegence being used and well taken care of. They have a Best Buy in there too, so if I ever buy a digital camera, I'll try to get some pictures.

As I was riding the train, I looked out the window underground, and saw the little alcoves which are built into the walls every twenty feet or so which allow maintanence workers to be safely out of the way when a train passes. I imagined that perhaps one could navigate the whole length of the tunnel, hopping from one alcove to the next--just for the fact that you could say that you did it. I don't think I ever would, but that's what fantasy is all about. I've always thought it was funny that people would rather explore a fake dungeon on a video game than the real dungeons and places in our world.

Later I got a call from my Dad and my good friend Stewart, both of whom I told about the Constitution Course taught by Michael Badnarik. They both told me they'd watch them, so that's good. I don't have much more right now. Sorry, more to come later.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


I received a nasty letter from one of my readers regarding my rant about the Social Security information and my use of the word "gay".

First off, I would like to apologize for the use of the word gay in a derogotory sense. Old habits die hard, and in the passion of my anger, my better judgement didn't notice what I was doing. Please accept my apology, and note that I have remedied the title.

Second of all, I will NOT apologize for my "anti-socialist propaganda", because I don't have to. I have a right to free speech, and I'm gonna use it. My reader asked me why, if I was so against certain things that I participated in them. I'm participating in them because I don't have the energy or the time at this point in my life to fight for my rights. There's the honest truth. The drivers liscense too, is a violation of your right to travel, but oh well.

As for Socialism. "If you are 20 and you don't support Socialism, you are heartless; If you are 40 and you still support Socialism, you are stupid." Let me interpert this--Socialism sounds great when you are idealistic young person "Free health care, free education, free housing! What a great idea." But when you grow up, you realize that idealistic ideas are just that--idealistic. Who pays for that "free health care" YOU DO, and everyone else does. In this Country, we are a Constitutional Republic meaning individiul property rights are most important.

Here's a better definition which I borrowed from


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

In the Pledge of Allegiance we all pledge allegiance to our Republic, not to a democracy. "Republic" is the proper description of our government, not "democracy." I invite you to join me in raising public awareness regarding that distinction.

The distinction between our Republic and a democracy is not an idle one. It has great legal significance.

The Constitution guarantees to every state a Republican form of government (Art. 4, Sec. 4). No state may join the United States unless it is a Republic. Our Republic is one dedicated to "liberty and justice for all." Minority individual rights are the priority. The people have natural rights instead of civil rights. The people are protected by the Bill of Rights from the majority. One vote in a jury can stop all of the majority from depriving any one of the people of his rights; this would not be so if the United States were a democracy. (see People's rights vs Citizens' rights)

In a pure democracy 51 beats 49[%]. In a democracy there is no such thing as a significant minority: there are no minority rights except civil rights (privileges) granted by a condescending majority. Only five of the U.S. Constitution's first ten amendments apply to Citizens of the United States. Simply stated, a democracy is a dictatorship of the majority. Socrates was executed by a democracy: though he harmed no one, the majority found him intolerable.

So as I was saying, my money is my property, and since we don't live in a democracy, you have NO CLAIM to my property, AKA, MY MONEY to pay YOUR HEALTH BILLS. Show me the part of the Constitution that says you have a RIGHT to healthcare. You don't, I don't. None of us do.

Now, to address another thing--the healthcare system is so expensive BECAUSE of government intervention and the providing of Medicare and Medicaid. What incentive does a person have to find, or what incentive does a hospital or doctor have to provide, inexpensive healthcare, when the government will pay whatever the hospital/doctor charges? NONE. Government trade regulations on the transport of drugs from other countries make prices go up because there is little to no competition, Capitalism's most important element! The US Governent requires so much testing for a medicine before it can be released that the testing racks up one BILLION DOLLARS at LEAST just in saftey testing, not counting development itself! This also means that the drug companies have no incentive to research "orphan drugs" (drugs for rare diseases) because they WILL NOT BE PROFITABLE after the government forces them to spend all this money testing them. So don't blame capitalism for the failing healthcare system. Blame the Socialist/Communist direction of our country. Because that's were we are... besides, my even my reader agreed that our system wasn't working for him, so why would we make the problem worse through futher regulation and taxation?

To address Socialism as a whole, I've again saved myself some anguish by visiting An Analysis of The Communist Manifesto, which received this letter from a reader:

I am not sure I understand all of what you mean in the following paragarphs:

"In essence Marx was wrong not because there was no class struggle. There was indeed class struggle throughout most of history. He was wrong because he could not see that the dialectic process would work to elevate the working class to the entrepreneur class and not pull all of society down to the lowest common denominator.

We are still in the throws of this process. Eventually the efficiencies brought about by the capitalist system, if allowed to operate in a free environment, will provide a high standard of living for most of the world."

What do you mean by, "He was wrong because he could not see that the dialectic process would work to elevate the working class to the entrepreneur class and not pull all of society down to the lowest common denominator"?

Be careful when you write, "Eventually the efficiencies brought about by the capitalist system, if allowed to operate in a free environment, will provide a high standard of living for most of the world." The efficiences you are talking about can occur in a Socialist/Communist system if planned accordingly or adaptively. Capitalism, in a free environment, is a political push for free trade. It will not increase the standard of living for most of the world, because without socialist influence, multinational corporations would not increase those standards in "developing countries". Also, standard of living is relative to technology, population, pollution, and time. An overall increase in the standard of living is very temporary in capitalist systems, unless they find new markets to exploit.

From a resource perspective, a free environment does not exist. A capitalist scenario requires greater environmental damage than all but fascism as of yet.



Their response:

Dear Ash,

You are quite mistaken. The greatest environmental damage in history was done via the mindless and inefficient waste of resources in the Soviet Union over a period of 70 years. The Soviet government also perpetrated the deaths of millions in the name of social advancement. In the U.S. the environment has gotten better because the capitalist economy creates better, cleaner and more efficient ways of dealing with waste.

People complain that the U.S. uses so much of the world's oil resources, but the fact of the matter is that we use it more efficiently than any other nation. This means that we can produce and provide a decent standard of living creating goods shipped all over the world with the lowest ecological footprint. That is what efficiency is all about.

Socialism is naturally inefficient for two reasons. First it takes away the incentive of workers to work to the best of their ability and for entrepreneurs to invest, maintain their property or conserve their resources. Second, the best decisions are made where the action takes place, on the level closest to the need, this means that centralized planning of an economy is necessarily less efficient. The bread lines in the USSR and the grim lifestyle of the "proletariat" everywhere communism has been tried should be proof enough of this maxim.

Hope this clears up any questions you have.


W.J. Rayment

Thank you, at least I'm not the only one who noticed this.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Statement From Badnarik

Below is a statement issued by Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik to Americans 18 to 30 years of age:

Nowhere is the increasing failure of the American political system more apparent than with respect to younger voters, and it is primarily you to which I address myself.

My opponents are long on promises. They can afford to be, because they think in terms of the next four years and of their own political careers. Those terms are not compatible with long-term thinking about your future.

America's foreign policy continues to put young Americans in harm's way, both as targets of terrorism and as potential conscripts in future wars made necessary by our politicians' predilection for interfering in the affairs of, and intervening in the arguments between, other nations.

Our retirement policy continues to tax young Americans to sustain a failed Social Security system which, according to the statements of its own trustees, will be bankrupt within your working lives.

Our health policy continues to drive the cost of health care up and the availability and quality of health care down.

Our drug policy continues to threaten Americans -- mostly younger Americans -- with harsh punishments for actions which ought not to be considered crimes at all.

Our spending policy continues to pass the buck -- or, more accurately, the bill. Deficit spending accrues to a national debt which must be paid back at some point. That point, for our politicians, is always "someday" -- meaning that they are counting on younger Americans to pay higher taxes later in their lives to support government profligacy now.

As a presidential candidate, my focus is unlike that of my opponents. It's on the future. YOUR future.

As president, I'll work to re-orient American foreign policy to a non-interventionist, pro-defense standard, making American civilians safer and putting American military personnel to their legitimate work of defending our nation, not invading other nations. I'll veto any bill which introduced a military -- or civilian -- draft.

As president, I'll work to move Social Security into the private sector so that one generation isn't retiring on the back of the next. Americans would control their own destinies and make their own decisions on how to provide for their retirement.

As president, I'll work to end the disastrous government intervention in health care, meaning that more Americans will be able to afford better care -- and to get it.

As president, I'll take concrete steps to end the failed and vicious "war on drugs." I'll pardon all non-violent drug offenders in the federal prison system. I'll veto legislation containing funding for prosecution of the war on drugs. And I'll lobby congress to repeal the unconstitutional drug laws which have torn the very fabric of American society.

As president, I'll insist on a balanced federal budget -- and on a much SMALLER federal budget which leaves more money in your pocket. You earned it. It's yours. You should be able to keep it.

I've touched on only a few of the issues which are most relevant to younger Americans, but I think you get the basic outline of my approach:

I'm the candidate who trusts Americans and believes in America. I'm the candidate who regards government as a poor solution at best, and almost always not as a solution at all, but rather part of the problem. This approach is all that stands between your generation and the crushing weight of past mistakes. And time is running out.

I'm Michael Badnarik, Libertarian for President. I ask the tough questions -- to give you answers that really work!

New Roomate

Humphries is officially dead! Just kidding--but seriously, Kyle and I got a new roomie today. His name is Alfredo, and he's from California, and likes Basketball a lot. As you can see, I've met him for about five minutes total, but I think everything will be okay. It will be really cramped in here now, but that's the way life is, I guess.

I went to the EIV (Emerson Independent Video) meeting tonight, and boy oh boy, I can't wait to get involved. They showed some clips of things they made last year, and they are AWESOME. And if I work really hard and stay dedicated, I can possibly get a high position fairly rapidly. There is SO much stuff to do on campus!

What else... my lecture classes are boring.

That's it I guess. Adios.

Social Security Administration is Stupid

I was under the impression that the Social Security Number was NOT a national ID card, but I was wrong. If it wasn't an ID number, you wouldn't be required to give it to every government organization every time you made a move, and every time you tried to do something. For a program that is unconstitutional in the first place, I don't see why the Federal Government insists on seeing my SS number to get a drivers licsence, when it have nothing to do with retirement benifits. Stop pulling the wool over the American people's eyes and just admit that this program is a poorly hidden attempt at further regulation and restriction of the people of this nation.

I dare you to show me the part of the constitution where it says that the federal government has the power and authorization to withold my wages against my will, for a program I don't want to participate in. Sounds pretty socialist to me. So much for our Constitutional Republic, where the people's property rights are protected at all costs.

I'm mad because I can't even get a job because I don't have my social security card of birth certificate lying around. They are at home in a LOCKED filing cabinet. I can't do anything about it, except 1. Apply for a new card or 2. Drive up to Maine this weekend and get it, and drive back down.

Argh. I am so pissed off at our sickeningly sick sick system.

Healthy Discussion, Channel Changing, and Club Meetings

Today in class we had so refreshing, interesting discussion about how "The Media" influences and affects the different aspects of life. It was really refreshing to have some open, intelligent discussion. It doesn't happen enough. However, I was continually reminded that my class is very, VERY poor microcosm of The United States. We are some of the best, brightest, most open minded and creative people from our hometowns. So despite the energy I felt at the discussion, I got discouraged again afterwards, because I realized that 70-85% of the population doesn't give a crap about what we talked about. It's easier to sit back and let the warm glow of the television simply wash over you.

During the discussion I got more of the "wasted vote" syndrome, and tried to explain how people could make a difference by voting third party, but my words fell on deaf ears. I heard classic excuses, and not-so-classic ones:
"The media doesn't have timeto cover every third party candidate"
"A vote for [fill in the blank] is a vote for [Bush/Kerry]"
"I'm not going to waste my vote on some one who has no chance of winning"
"They'd have to get more like 15% of the vote for the parties to change their platforms."

Oh well. Freedom isn't free--you've got to work and fight for it... since niether party is going to give it to you.

I was also trained on how exactly I change the channels at the Dining Hall. At noon everyday, I change the channel from CNN to the Emerson Channel, then I change it back at 4pm, then back to the Emerson Channel again at 6pm. Yay, my job is great, because I have to walk to the dining hall an additional 4 times a day, getting paid for half an hours work each time I do it. You'd think they could automate it, but I'm not going to complain.

Let's see. I also attended a meeting for the school newspaper, "The Berkeley Beacon" (named for the street where the paper was originally located, I think) and got information about writing guest opinion articles. I plan to write one as soon as possible. Then I went across campus to visit "Woman in Motion", a filmmaking group which is smaller and more "family-like" than the enormous "F.P.S" (Frames Per Second).

Over all, I'm feeling pretty good, feeling pretty sharp, and for the most part, with it, and on top of things. Hopefully that will stick around--I don't like feeling overwhelmed.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Special Thanks To Michael Badnarik

Okay, so I remain bummed out that Michael Badnarik, 2004 Libertarian Presidential Candidate cancelled his speech at the 15th annual "Hemp Fest". However, he made it up to me when he or his webmaster noticed my weblog online and put a link from his Blog to mine! I've had almost a hundred hits today, up from my usual 18-25 hits. WHOOPEE!

Once again, I urge everyone to vote for Michael Badnarik. If you're worried about the "wasted vote" syndrome, STOP WORRYING. Let me explain something to you:

A vote is NEVER wasted.

In the United States, we have never had a president elected on the "Socialist" ticket. But I can name at least one big time Socialist president--Franklin D. Roosevelt. His entire "New Deal" was Socialist! Looking at the election results from 1932, one notices that the Socialist Party recieved a whopping 881,951 votes, (2.2% of the vote!) That equivocates to almost 2,318,309 votes today! (based on the 2000 election turnout of 105,377,660) Roosevelt saw that the people wanted a more socialistic government--so he gave it to them--even though the socialist candidate lost.

When people are defecting to third parties, the duopoly (Dems and Reps) takes notice and makes changes. If the Libertarian party this year got the 2.2% of the vote, whoever did win would say: "Wholly crap! If I don't change the direction my party is headed in, more people will defect again next time around!"

I've heard the statement that a lot of people are in the "Anybody but" camps. Well, Michael Badnarik is an anybody, a BETTER, STRONGER, MORE INTELLIGENT, MORE TRUTHFUL anybody. So make a stand for the one who will actually know what it means to "defend and uphold the constitution"--Michael Badnarik.

Old Friends Visit! HempFest Was A Drag (Pun Intended)

I spent the day today with Justin C. and Anna K., both from my "hometown" of Harrisonburg Virginia. We went to the Museam of Fine Arts to see the Art Deco Exhibit... but we didn't because they have the nerve to charge 20 BUCKS on the weekends to see it. ARRGH! It's only $7 on the weekdays, so I'll be coming back another time.

Seeing a few familiar faces was really really great. It was so nice to be with people who know exactly what you are talking about when you say "JMU" or "HHS" (Our local college and high school, respectively). I mean, we had a great time catching up and talking about how are Senior Class really is an "All-Star" cast, in that we have so many people going to great and selective colleges in and out of state. Harrisonburg High School is not a trade school that you apply to be in. It's merely a public school. The fact that we are in the same league with kids who went to exclusive private schools and specialty high schools from big cities is very impressive. I almost feel like the kids in "October Sky", escaping from a Coal Mining town in West(ern) Virginia.

Over all it was a good day, but I got really depressed because I was supposed to see Michael Badnarik speak on Boston Common today at "Hemp Fest", but he cancelled because of the crappy weather. CURSE YOU WEATHER! YOU STOPPED ME FROM MEETING MY HERO! The whole event really was cancelled. There were a few diehards, but most of the entertainment was cancelled. As a homeless guy asking for money pointed out, last year there were THOUSANDS of people which came to the event. Not this year. Oh well, I'm sure Badnarik will come to Boston SOMEDAY. :(

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Constitution Course!

I've been watching and INCREDIBLE class on the constitution recently. It's taught by Michael Badnarik, the 2004 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, and it is positively amazing, I can't believe how good it is. Many of my perceptions have been altered about the govenment and the country I live in... all of the horrible corruptions that have occured to governing bodies of this great land.

For example, did you know that the origin of the hotly debated "marriage licience" actually began after the American Civil War as a restriction to INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE.

Additionally, if you look at section three, article eight of the constitution, it describes EXACTLY what the National Government is allowed to do. And so many things that our national government does are not on that list, like the Federal Board of Education. The U.S. Govenment was established to help the individual states accomplish the things that they could not do themselves. I think that the states can handle education just fine. In fact, they did up until the 1950's, when that department was created.

Its all so facsinating, and its all right there in black and white. Granted, people can argue to me that "oh, that constitution is old and outdated" or "those rules are up to interperetation" but you know what, the constitution can be updated, but the reason it is so hard to do is because the founding fathers did not want the Constitution to be changed for TRITE and FLEETING reasons.

I don't know, you really should watch the course yourself. I used to say I was voting for Kerry, but the choice seems clear now... Michael Badnarik in '04!

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Friday, September 17, 2004

Jimmy's Traveling All-Stars

But anyway, I auditioned for Jimmies Travelling Allstars today, but I totally forgot that my audition was today at 5:10pm. I thought it was next week! So after dinner, I'm in the elevator going up to my room, and my cell phone dings (I say dings because it does, it dings ONCE, and shuts up, I can't stand incessently ringing and loud phones.) Anyway, I pick up, and its this guy asking me if I was still planning to audition. I felt like a total moron, and I grabbed my jacket, ran out the door towards the student Union on the other side of campus.

It was humid as HECK out there. I don't know WHY I decided to bring my jacket, but it was a MISTAKE. The twilight was beginning to fade, and I deliberated my options... I could go through the common, and save a few minutes, or I could walk around--and spend more time in the quelching heat. But then the choice was simple. I remembered my "street smarts" which told me that the common was a very very dangerous place after dark.

So I cut through the public gardens instead.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Got A Job! But I'm not sure what it is...

Well, I now have a paying position at The Emerson Channel. I still don't really know what I'm doing exactly, but at least it's paid work. And I got s free t-shirt, which is cool.

This saturday I'm going to see my two friends from Harrisonburg that are also in the Boston area, Anna and Justin, which will be a whole lot of fun.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that one of my proffessors, Eric Schaefer said something along these lines during his lecture about how media and technology has changed society. He said that the area where Emerson is now used to be a BIG porn district, but "thanks to the home VHS player, Porn is back in the home, where is belongs" It was SOOOOO funny. I cracked up really badly, so did a lot of people. He knew he was being funny though, so its not as funny as if he had been deadly serious.

I've been dreaming, but I haven't started writing them down immediately yet--I'm supposed to be keeping a dream journal for my course in "Concept Development"--and have consequently been forgetting them. Oh well.

Monday, September 13, 2004

First Classes: Exciting; Floor Meetings: Boring

So my first day of college classes was today, and let me tell you, I am very very excited. Going to class isn't even like work, because its stuff you WANT to be doing, instead of busywork! It freakin' rocks. Even the assignments which require a lot of time are still fun. This is going to be a great year.

I also had two floor meetings today, one which was very boring, and the other which was very fun. The fun one was our floor meeting where we had "Show and Tell". I brough my pictures of my Urban Explorations in Harrisonburg. The one that was boring was for "Digital Culture" on the 7th floor, and it really didn't have a point, even though it took 45 minutes.

Yesterday I was asked by a guy on my floor if I was a ninja. Not a fighting ninja, but he mean't some one who explores (He was describing Urban Explorers, but he didn't know that term) So I told him yes. He's climbed a radio tower, which is way cool. So now I have someone to explore with! Yay!

I went to Shaw's with Ali today, and returned my bottles, but those WHORES only accept bottles which they sell. And the best part was that they didn't take Pepsi cans OR water bottles. Apparently in Mass, they don't have a deposit on water bottles, even though bottled water makes up, like, half of the plastic bottles in the world. So anyway, we bought one of those old lady shopping carts that you roll your grocieries home with for about 20 bucks, so now we can buy tons of groceries and not have to carry them home, we can wheel them.

We were a little late leaving, about 3:30pm, and I had a class starting at 4:00pm so we took the Green Line from Copley to Boylston. Those of you who know, the Green line has very few handicapped accessible stops, and Copley and Boylston are not memebers of that elite group. So, we had to carry the cart down the stairs, carry it up onto the train, which was VERY crowded, and then push people out of the way to pick it up off the train, then up the stair again. It was the ultimate test. I felt like I was on "The Amazing Race" or something.

"Boys Chests Girls Butts" was a chant that I just heard in the hall.... I wonder what the story is behind that...

Sunday, September 12, 2004

September 11th: We've Forgotten You

On September 11th, I had a pretty good day, but at the same time, I was disturbed by the people that I saw. As I looked in peoples' eyes, they were glazed and dull. There eyes were empty, when they should have been full. There eyes should have been glowing with joy and happiness, the joy of life; life which was so freely given on that fateful day. Or there eyes should have been deep and calm in the reflection on the way that there lives were changed, the bad and the good.

All the little flags bought in the aftermath now lay and the bottom of our nations expansive landfills, in the gutters and garbage cans, as our collective "patriotism" has been exposed as little more than temporary nationalism.

Emerson College, partnered with other local colleges to hold a candlelight vigil at the Gazebo on Boston Common. I decided to join those in a solemn evening of remembrance.

There were perhaps 150-200 people there, a paltry turnout for an event so fresh in the memory. It made my heart break to see how few people could manage to “break away” from their busy schedule to remember the fallen heroes and the sifting through the ashes. As the candles were lit, we stood and prayed, meditated, and pondered the events on that fateful day, and the effects of terrorism worldwide.

Then peaceful mood was soured.

Tita Puopolo, whose mother was on American Flight 11, spoke at the vigil. To paraphrase, she said “After September 11th, Senator John Kerry lit a candle to remember the fallen victims, and I am thankful to Senator Kerry for his compassion. And I know that it is important that we have a president who will fight the war on terrorism well. A president like John Kerry”

I kick myself now for not walking out the minute that bile came spewing from her mouth.

Whether you are Republican or Democrat, it remains the same—the presidential race is irrelevant and inappropriate at a vigil for the dead. To cheapen the memory September 11th by pushing a candidate or an issue is wrong and makes me sick to my stomach.

Loretta Lynn sums up my feelings in her song "God Bless America Again"

God bless America again you see all the troubles that she's in
Wash her pretty face dry her eyes and then God bless America again

God I sure to wish you bless America again
You know like you did way back when it all began
You blessed her then but we just sorta kinda take it for granted
And never did ask again
So God just hold her hand that's all
And if she should stumble please don't let her fall
God bless America again...

You know I don't understand to everythin' I'm readin' here
About what's wrong with America
And if you don't have a lotta good learnin'
I guess there's a lotta things you don't understand
But let me say this God she's like a mother to me
And though all I am or ever hope to be I owe to you and to her
Wash her pretty face...

God Bless America, Again--please.

I just wrote a post, but the FU*KING COMPUTER FU*CKED UP

I wrote a very eleqent post on my experiences today, the 3rd anniversery of September 11th--A lengthy article, and I was done, all I wanted was to close with a certain lyric, which I couldn't remember, so I went to check how it went, and the FU*kING COMPUTER CRASHED. SO YOU GET NOTHING. CALL ME IF YOU WANT, AND I'LL TELL YOU ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED. (207).577.1478

Saturday, September 11, 2004

September 11th, 2001

Please observe at least a few moments of silent rememberance for those who gave their lives selflessly in the effort to save others. Pause and contemplate the changes made, the good and the bad, the positive and negative, and learn a lesson about love--and hate.

We Will Never Forget.

(More on September 11th tommorow, I think that's all you need today.)

Friday, September 10, 2004

Pictures Are Up!

You can view pictures of my dorm here.

Let me know what you think!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Boat Cruise, NYC, Work/Study. etc.

Tonight we went on a boat cruise of Boston Harbor. It was sweet to see the city lit up from the ocean, and feel the night breeze blowing arcoss the deck as the boat listed heavily to one side in the wind. It was a little too long, but I enjoyed talking with my new friends.

In the Emerson newspaper, "The Berkley Beacon" there was an add stating that it is a mere 40 dollars round trip from Boston to NYC on Mon-Thurs, and only 30 dollars on Fri-Sun! I may have to visitJake and Tara Beth in NYC sometime!

Looking into work/study today, I have basically got some jobs on the line. One is 6 hours a week working as a mail clerk at 100 Beacon Street, and the other is a Block Editor with the Emerson Channel. Hopefully I'll get both, giving me about 16hrs of work a week.

There are so many groups I want to get involved with, including a film group called Women In Motion, WECB/WERS, the Emerson Channel, ETC. ETC. ETC. I'm pumped. Classes all sound exciting.

I borrowed a friend's digital camera, and the pictures I took of my room should be up soon. Have a good night!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Morning, Morning MORNING!

Goodmorning folks! We have a manditory meeting at 9:30am this morning in the Cutler-Majestic Theatre, for "Academic Affairs Welcome and Department Meeting" In other words, Bullcrap. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A Modest Proposal

EAT BABIES!!! No, I just watched SeaLab 2021 and they talked about "A Modest Proposal" by Johnathan Swift. Man, that's a great idea.

Today was good, I went and talked to Amy, director of The Emerson Channel, about getting a job as an editor. I probably won't get hired on a paid basis right away, but I'll probably get a job volenteering as a block editor, which is linear editing. So I'm going to try and get work/study as a mail room clerk, since I do have experience in shipping and receiving.

Today was good other than that, food here continues to be excellent, and we walked all the way down to the Shaw'a Supermarket to get some goodies. I'm fitting in, everyone on this floor is grea--OOH! I met a Mormon named Dean today, and he lives two rooms away on my floor! We'll probably end up going to church together. It's good to know I know some one with the same background as me.

Talk more later!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Can't Sleep, So I'm Blogging. Yay!

At around 12:15am I tried to go to bed, and it didn't work. These absolutely TERRIBLE matteresses are so uncomfortable, and I don't know how I'm going to sleep. Couple that with the fact that I have so much stuff running round in my head I can't clear my mind and sleep. I feel like such a fool.

You know, I am so excited and worried about SO many things that can't sleep despite my total exhaustion. College is going to be interesting for the next two weeks or so while I get accustomed and acclimated to everthing that is new around me.

So obviously, as the name of this post construes, I've decided that the best way to clear my head is to write everthing I'm thinking down. Now, what this means is I'm going into the subconscience and will be writing what could almost be called "stream-of-conscience" (AP English with SheFe ROXORS!)

I'm worried about little things, like the fact that I don't know how to deal with Hobos and homeless folks. During my orientation this lush named "Jaun" sat down with us and tried to join our friggin' group! It was so messed up. When we came into Boston, this homeless guy came up to the window and asked for a quarter... you know everyone's got a quarter, and so I gave him some change as we drove away, and I know I shouldn't have, but you know there are people who are legitametely homeless, and need our help, but then they should be at the shelters. It hurts to see the humiliation in most of their eyes when they ask for money. It hurts my heart and my mind because Jesus would help everyone WWJD, you know? So it's hard.

The dorm is really tall, and I am indeed on the 12th floor, and my window opens all the way and I could end it all if I wanted to, but that's not going to happen I don't think. You can see into other people's rooms from up here, so maybe when people change they should think about closing their blinds. My dorm room is a triple, but the third person isn't here, so it's really a double. Kevin is MIA. Kyle is here. I've got no spanish class. I'm not going to be able to keep up with my spanish and that makes me sad.

I did tell you guys not to read if you don't like stream of conscience, so don't feel like you're obligated to keep reading or anything. I'm worried about getting things done here because I am easily distracted, but I can always go to the library, or some where were I can be alone. I don't know. School will start on Monday, (not tommorow, but next monday) so I am glad I have my books. My roommate seems pretty cool, but he likes sports, and I really don't care. Video games, he likes those too, and I'm not a big fan, but he does let me use his fridge to store soda pop. Pop.

Okay, I don't know if that's enough stream of conscience or not, but I should really try sleeping again, I've got to fix my insurance tommorow and apply for Work/Study Jobs, meet people, etc etc. So I should try and sleep.

Wish me luck, help me sleep.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

I'm Finally Here!!! EMERSON '08!

I just returned from the Hyatt/Rygency Hotel in Boston after attending a free preformance by the "Improv Asylum", a Boston-based improv group... I thought they were pretty good, but they don't hold a candle to the "Who's Line" guys.

Anyway, I am basically all moved in, got my schedule and bought my books. My schedule is as follows:

Digital Culture MW 4-5pm
"...investigate the impact of digital technologies on forms of artistic and cultural expression ... students strive to balance conceptual understanding, technical knowledge, design principles, and cultural context." Blah blah blah

History Media Arts, TR, 12-1:45pm
"...two semester course exploring the historical development of the media arts ... will investigate the relationship between economics, industrial history, and social and political systems, and the styles and techniques of various films and broadcast programs."

Concept Development MF 10-11:45am
"Emphasizes a variety of approaches to the creative process ... Highlighting storytelling methods, students will create treatments, outlines and short scripts which can ... be developed and used in subsequent courses"

Intro to Visual Arts (New Pathways Course)TR 10-11:45pm
"...ephasizes visual analysis, understanding of materials, the history of style and techniques, and the functions and meanings of art in its varied manifestations."

As you may notice I only have one morning class on friday, so I've got a nice long weekend. AND NO EIGHT O'CLOCK CLASSES! Sweet Cuppin' Cakes!

So I love everything about college so far. There are some things which I am not crazt about, but I'll get used to them--like the crappy matteresses and the noise of the city, blah blah blah.

One other interesting thing is that our MIA roommate Kevin Humphries is still not here. He should have moved in today, and neather Kyle nor I have ever successfully contacted him. So maybe we'll luck out and have a double anyway.

Ate dinner here at the "LB" (The Little Building) and it was very good. (I guess it better be, when the cost averages out to 10-12 dollars a meal. Foodservice is by Aramark, and it's pretty sweet. I can definately see the problem of the "Freshmen 15" creeping up.

My first night in college and I'm so excited--and ready to meet the world... If I can keep up the energy! It can be very exhausting being away from every single person you know and meeting hundreds of new people.

I'll post pictures very soon!

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Less Than 24 Hours To Go!

In 16 Hours and 26 minutes, I will begin moving my stuff into my dorm room! My excitement is building, and its really starting to settle into my mind that I am REALLY going to do it!

Everyone else has already started school, and so it's been kinda lonely here. Maxx H. and I have been hanging out, since he and I are the only ones left. (He's going into the Air Force) We did some last minute shopping tonight getting some things I forgot. I'm also holding off on getting some other things, since I don't know if I'll need them or not.

I just finished having a great talk with Tanner's dad, Patrick. We always have good conversations about Lewiston/Auburn, and the states of the world locally and globaly. In short, he's a blast to talk with.

One more box is left to pack, and then it'll just be my computer and the clothes on my back before tommorow. I don't think I will go to church before going to Boston, so that I can sleep in a little and read more of the Illiad before I go down. I know I'm not going to get a lot read while I'm getting moved in.

Oh! PLEASE tune in to C-Span on Monday at 1pm for a televised debate between Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik and Green Party candidate David Cobb. It's sure to be an enlightening REAL debate, unlike the scripted bullcrap which comes out of the Republicrats mouths. I know my TV will be on.

Going to wrap it up. The next time I blog, it will be from the 12th floor of my dorm in Boston, Massachusetts!!! Wish me Luck!

You Would Have To Rain On My Parade!

Special thanks goes to Joe for being JERK OF THE HOUR and undermining my WHOLE ARGUMENT with this link, and now I am depressed. ;)

Seriously, I thought I had a very original phrase! And it turns out it was used at least two years ago!

Today is my last full day in Maine--tommorow at 11am I will head south to Boston, where I will (hopefully) embark on the greatest adventure/experience in my life. Or I may die in a firery wreck on the drive down.

Putting the macabre aside, I', going to have breakfast with Max and Maxx, two friends of mine, at a place called "Sylvas" where we will help Maxx get a girl's number. Wish us luck. Afterwards, we're going back to the Ellard Building (My house) to watch some of my movies before I leave.

Illiad Update: I'm on page 137, 63 pages short of my goal for yesterday.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Just a Note

Going to go over to Maxx's house before I head over to Jake Sasseville's premire party in Auburn. I hope there are lots of people whom I have not seen.

College looms closer, and I am still 165 pages from being finished with the Illiad. I better get reading, instead of FRUITLESSLY BLOGGING.

I just want everyone to take note that I am the first person to ever say "Fruitlessly Blogging" on the internet. Google it if you don't believe me.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Illiad Blows & I've Dropped from the Forum

Hey everyone. Only four more days until I move down to
Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. I'm really excited, because I have been pretty bored and without energy without anything to do. But I am also nervous because I'm going to be working with lots of very talented people and I'll have to work extra hard.

Speaking of hard work, I'm having a pretty tough time with the Illiad by Homer. I am only on page 70, and it is 302 pages long. The problem with the book isn't that its a hard plot, and it IS in english. Its that the nuances of the language are so different than the way that you and I use language today. Consequently, you have to read with ALL of your attention on the text, or else you don't remember/understand what you just read. In short, the Illiad BLOWS. (Apologies to all my friends who are big fans of classic literature.)

Well, I dropped out of my online forum yesterday, because I felt like I was being picked apart by not only strangers, but friends. If you have been following my forum, you know that I am a Libertarian who wants to have Kerry in office if I can't get a Libertarian in office.

I have been really dissapointed with both John Kerry and George W. Bush, because both of them are promising things that they have no power to deliver, neither of them will end the war in Iraq, and both want to futher encrouch upon our freedoms (See previous posts about both candidates wanting to ban advertising by "527's", despite their first amendment rights.)

So right now I am planning on voting my conscience, which tells me to vote for Michael Badnarik. I'm still going to encourage those who are undecided to vote for Kerry, but I'm not.

So explained this to the forum in a more emotional way, puting some words in Caps lock to emphasize words the same way you would if you were speaking. To make a long story short, everything I said was ripped apart by a couple people. Don't get me wrong, they weren't "flaming" me, like I aparently was them, but you can tear some one apart civily. Look at most politics.

One person called me a flip-flopper, and insinuated that I should change the way I think because I was going to lose the election to Bush by voting third party. But you know what I think the real problem is? They are angry with me, because they think its my fault that Kerry is going to lose. That's bullcrap. The people who may cause Kerry to lose are the people who are to stupid to see that Bush is tearing the foundation out from underneath this country. That's who they should be pissed about.

So I decided that I don't have time to defend how I feel against multiple people. Dropping out of the forum gives me more free time, and less stress. It's funny, because everyone was so anxious to hear my "opinions" and to tear me apart, so when I left, I left my e-mail on my last post, telling anyone who wanted to that they could e-mail me. No one did, so it once again proves that no one was really interested in "conversation" or "discussion"--they just wanted to win the arguement.

The funniest thing is that almost everyone on that forum has the same opinions, so I can't imagine what they'll discuss, since they've lost one of the two people with different opinions.

Oh! I'm watching The Family Guy, and Stewie was riding the dog, Brian, and he said "Walk slower, DOG! My Huggies are already holed up in box canyon!" I was laughing so hard.

Well, have to go to bed, since I've got lots to do tommorow (IE read 80 pages of the Illiad.)