Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Social Security Administration is Stupid

I was under the impression that the Social Security Number was NOT a national ID card, but I was wrong. If it wasn't an ID number, you wouldn't be required to give it to every government organization every time you made a move, and every time you tried to do something. For a program that is unconstitutional in the first place, I don't see why the Federal Government insists on seeing my SS number to get a drivers licsence, when it have nothing to do with retirement benifits. Stop pulling the wool over the American people's eyes and just admit that this program is a poorly hidden attempt at further regulation and restriction of the people of this nation.

I dare you to show me the part of the constitution where it says that the federal government has the power and authorization to withold my wages against my will, for a program I don't want to participate in. Sounds pretty socialist to me. So much for our Constitutional Republic, where the people's property rights are protected at all costs.

I'm mad because I can't even get a job because I don't have my social security card of birth certificate lying around. They are at home in a LOCKED filing cabinet. I can't do anything about it, except 1. Apply for a new card or 2. Drive up to Maine this weekend and get it, and drive back down.

Argh. I am so pissed off at our sickeningly sick sick system.


Felix J. Lockhart said...

And I am so pissed off at your use of "gay" as a derogatory adjective.

I don't see what's so bad about your SSN being used as a "national ID card". Every legal US citizen has one, so using it as a form of identification just makes sense.

And if you get your feathers so ruffled over the concept of a national ID system, why the hell did you apply for a driver's license? It's the same damn thing.

Last time I checked, socialism wasn't so bad, and in some cases I'd prefer it to capitalism. I spent eight months working a crap job with no health insurance, and I hurt my back due to all the heavy lifting I was doing. My job provided no insurance, my mom's policy wouldn't cover me because I worked too many hours, workman's comp wouldn't pay for it because of some BS about my job classification or something, and since I was working for the hospital, they'd withhold my wages if I went to the ER. So, since I couldn't afford to be without income for any length of time, I had to work hurt for awhile, until the pain finally subsided. If it wasn't for our capitalist healthcare system, I could probably have gotten the help I needed when I needed it, instead of being in a potentially dangerous situation. Capitalism is fine, but insurance and healthcare should NOT be driven by profit motives, and that's what they are. Corporations have proven for almost a century that they cannot be trusted to make decisions based on anything other than profits, regardless of the cost to the people. Fuck your anti-socialist propaganda, the role of the government is to protect the welfare of the people, and letting/forcing insurance companies feed on the misfortune of their clients (mandatory car insurance laws, anyone?) is just plain wrong.

katier said...

We, the guardians of the state,
Hearby bequeath and bestow upon you
Your social security number,
By which you shall be known
Upon the computers of the United States
And by every licensed institution
With whom you are free to associate.
Memorize this number, treasure it always,
For it is token of the covenatn,
Key to welfare checks and unemployement
Social retirement and tax withholdings;
For a birth certificate you are
And a probate record you will be,
Worlds without end,
Amen and
-our papa
haha, good one by our dad. Anyways, thought that would be fitting...love you!