Sunday, September 12, 2004

I just wrote a post, but the FU*KING COMPUTER FU*CKED UP

I wrote a very eleqent post on my experiences today, the 3rd anniversery of September 11th--A lengthy article, and I was done, all I wanted was to close with a certain lyric, which I couldn't remember, so I went to check how it went, and the FU*kING COMPUTER CRASHED. SO YOU GET NOTHING. CALL ME IF YOU WANT, AND I'LL TELL YOU ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED. (207).577.1478


katier said...

fu*king? really? I didn't expect to ever see that on this blog...fu*king? really? don't go's no fun. I should know.

Ezra said...

I'm really sorry, but Katie, you don't know HOW PISSED OFF I was last night. I couldn't help myself. Sorry.