Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Hyena Audition, Rain, and another "great" day!

So I tried out for the "Hyena" magazine today, and hopefully I'll get choosen. One thing I never understood is why most humor has to be so vulgar... I mean, you CAN be funny withour vulgarity, but its harder. And since I try not to be vulgar I think people don't find me as funny. If I made some nasty jokes, which I am perfectly capible of doing, maybe people would think I am funnier, but is it worth comprimising my values? Don't think so.

The rain today totally sucked. It rained all day, and the rain totalled over 2 inches. It seems like so much when there is NO permiable land ANYWHERE. Even the boston common isn't permiable, as it has a huge parking garage, and the subway under it. So the water just sheeted down the road, and when you crossed the street you got wet.

You know what I can't stand? People who push you to register to vote, especially when there main motivation to do so at a college to get the liberal 18-22 year olds to get registered and "obviously" vote democratic. I mean, I don't want some uninformed putz to vote just because they were accosted by some "grassroots" putz and cancel out my well thought out, well informed vote. Voting is important, but it's not that hard to figure out. If you didn't register yourself on your own time, you probably don't care enough about this country to be making an intelligent vote ANYWAY.

Please note that I used the word probably, meaning that this is not the case for everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps some people may be informed and simply have not registered yet. Be glad people are voting even if it isn't for your "favorite". Part of the purpose of getting so many young people to vote is not because they will vote democratic but simply because they are such a large group of people and in recent elections have not voted. Every presidential election emphasis is placed on young people to vote. Everyone knows that young people are opinionated and "the future" yet they don't vote because they think it won't matter or for various other reasons. It seems that you are assuming that a lot of people are uninformed simply because they are not voting for the same person you are. Just an observation.