Thursday, September 23, 2004

Boring! Boring! Boooooooooring!

I had my two largest, most Lecture-oriented courses, and they were BOOOOORING! It's not that I don't nessicarilly like what we are learning about, it's just that I hate taking notes. So much information is given, and you have no idea what's just trivia and what is testable material. Argh. Oh well.

Dean and I took the D Train on the Green Line out to Fenway today, were there is a Staples and a Bed, Bath and Beyond. I had to get a hour by hour day book planner, and I couldn't find one around here. Anyway, the Staples was in the first floor of a really sweet Art Deco building. Built in 1929, it was originally the distribution center for the Sears & Roebuck Catologue. It's now on the National Register of Historic Places. I just love to see old buildings with their style and elegence being used and well taken care of. They have a Best Buy in there too, so if I ever buy a digital camera, I'll try to get some pictures.

As I was riding the train, I looked out the window underground, and saw the little alcoves which are built into the walls every twenty feet or so which allow maintanence workers to be safely out of the way when a train passes. I imagined that perhaps one could navigate the whole length of the tunnel, hopping from one alcove to the next--just for the fact that you could say that you did it. I don't think I ever would, but that's what fantasy is all about. I've always thought it was funny that people would rather explore a fake dungeon on a video game than the real dungeons and places in our world.

Later I got a call from my Dad and my good friend Stewart, both of whom I told about the Constitution Course taught by Michael Badnarik. They both told me they'd watch them, so that's good. I don't have much more right now. Sorry, more to come later.

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