Sunday, September 19, 2004

Old Friends Visit! HempFest Was A Drag (Pun Intended)

I spent the day today with Justin C. and Anna K., both from my "hometown" of Harrisonburg Virginia. We went to the Museam of Fine Arts to see the Art Deco Exhibit... but we didn't because they have the nerve to charge 20 BUCKS on the weekends to see it. ARRGH! It's only $7 on the weekdays, so I'll be coming back another time.

Seeing a few familiar faces was really really great. It was so nice to be with people who know exactly what you are talking about when you say "JMU" or "HHS" (Our local college and high school, respectively). I mean, we had a great time catching up and talking about how are Senior Class really is an "All-Star" cast, in that we have so many people going to great and selective colleges in and out of state. Harrisonburg High School is not a trade school that you apply to be in. It's merely a public school. The fact that we are in the same league with kids who went to exclusive private schools and specialty high schools from big cities is very impressive. I almost feel like the kids in "October Sky", escaping from a Coal Mining town in West(ern) Virginia.

Over all it was a good day, but I got really depressed because I was supposed to see Michael Badnarik speak on Boston Common today at "Hemp Fest", but he cancelled because of the crappy weather. CURSE YOU WEATHER! YOU STOPPED ME FROM MEETING MY HERO! The whole event really was cancelled. There were a few diehards, but most of the entertainment was cancelled. As a homeless guy asking for money pointed out, last year there were THOUSANDS of people which came to the event. Not this year. Oh well, I'm sure Badnarik will come to Boston SOMEDAY. :(

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