Sunday, September 19, 2004

Special Thanks To Michael Badnarik

Okay, so I remain bummed out that Michael Badnarik, 2004 Libertarian Presidential Candidate cancelled his speech at the 15th annual "Hemp Fest". However, he made it up to me when he or his webmaster noticed my weblog online and put a link from his Blog to mine! I've had almost a hundred hits today, up from my usual 18-25 hits. WHOOPEE!

Once again, I urge everyone to vote for Michael Badnarik. If you're worried about the "wasted vote" syndrome, STOP WORRYING. Let me explain something to you:

A vote is NEVER wasted.

In the United States, we have never had a president elected on the "Socialist" ticket. But I can name at least one big time Socialist president--Franklin D. Roosevelt. His entire "New Deal" was Socialist! Looking at the election results from 1932, one notices that the Socialist Party recieved a whopping 881,951 votes, (2.2% of the vote!) That equivocates to almost 2,318,309 votes today! (based on the 2000 election turnout of 105,377,660) Roosevelt saw that the people wanted a more socialistic government--so he gave it to them--even though the socialist candidate lost.

When people are defecting to third parties, the duopoly (Dems and Reps) takes notice and makes changes. If the Libertarian party this year got the 2.2% of the vote, whoever did win would say: "Wholly crap! If I don't change the direction my party is headed in, more people will defect again next time around!"

I've heard the statement that a lot of people are in the "Anybody but" camps. Well, Michael Badnarik is an anybody, a BETTER, STRONGER, MORE INTELLIGENT, MORE TRUTHFUL anybody. So make a stand for the one who will actually know what it means to "defend and uphold the constitution"--Michael Badnarik.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ezra.

I think MB will do around 1.6% - which is leaps and bounds above Harry Browne's totals. It's hard to debase or defame a Constitutional expert, and MB's success is clear which direction the party needs to go - towards the practical issues oriented campaign. Best of Luck with your blog.

(I dont feel like signing up with blogger. I'm a typepad kind of guy. :D )

Tim West

Ezra said...

Still, as you pointed out that is WORLDS better than the previous years. I hope that who ever wins will take notice of our numbers. This is an exciting time. I hope MB get's the nomination again in 2008! Thanks for the note, I appreciate it, and I completely understand not wanting to get a blogger account. It's a waste of time.

Thanks again!