Saturday, September 04, 2004

You Would Have To Rain On My Parade!

Special thanks goes to Joe for being JERK OF THE HOUR and undermining my WHOLE ARGUMENT with this link, and now I am depressed. ;)

Seriously, I thought I had a very original phrase! And it turns out it was used at least two years ago!

Today is my last full day in Maine--tommorow at 11am I will head south to Boston, where I will (hopefully) embark on the greatest adventure/experience in my life. Or I may die in a firery wreck on the drive down.

Putting the macabre aside, I', going to have breakfast with Max and Maxx, two friends of mine, at a place called "Sylvas" where we will help Maxx get a girl's number. Wish us luck. Afterwards, we're going back to the Ellard Building (My house) to watch some of my movies before I leave.

Illiad Update: I'm on page 137, 63 pages short of my goal for yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

sorry, but it had to be done...only not...any way in the words of kurt cobain "everythings been said before, theres nothing new to talk about" sooo yeah... enjoy college you should post pictures.