Thursday, September 09, 2004

Boat Cruise, NYC, Work/Study. etc.

Tonight we went on a boat cruise of Boston Harbor. It was sweet to see the city lit up from the ocean, and feel the night breeze blowing arcoss the deck as the boat listed heavily to one side in the wind. It was a little too long, but I enjoyed talking with my new friends.

In the Emerson newspaper, "The Berkley Beacon" there was an add stating that it is a mere 40 dollars round trip from Boston to NYC on Mon-Thurs, and only 30 dollars on Fri-Sun! I may have to visitJake and Tara Beth in NYC sometime!

Looking into work/study today, I have basically got some jobs on the line. One is 6 hours a week working as a mail clerk at 100 Beacon Street, and the other is a Block Editor with the Emerson Channel. Hopefully I'll get both, giving me about 16hrs of work a week.

There are so many groups I want to get involved with, including a film group called Women In Motion, WECB/WERS, the Emerson Channel, ETC. ETC. ETC. I'm pumped. Classes all sound exciting.

I borrowed a friend's digital camera, and the pictures I took of my room should be up soon. Have a good night!

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