Monday, September 13, 2004

First Classes: Exciting; Floor Meetings: Boring

So my first day of college classes was today, and let me tell you, I am very very excited. Going to class isn't even like work, because its stuff you WANT to be doing, instead of busywork! It freakin' rocks. Even the assignments which require a lot of time are still fun. This is going to be a great year.

I also had two floor meetings today, one which was very boring, and the other which was very fun. The fun one was our floor meeting where we had "Show and Tell". I brough my pictures of my Urban Explorations in Harrisonburg. The one that was boring was for "Digital Culture" on the 7th floor, and it really didn't have a point, even though it took 45 minutes.

Yesterday I was asked by a guy on my floor if I was a ninja. Not a fighting ninja, but he mean't some one who explores (He was describing Urban Explorers, but he didn't know that term) So I told him yes. He's climbed a radio tower, which is way cool. So now I have someone to explore with! Yay!

I went to Shaw's with Ali today, and returned my bottles, but those WHORES only accept bottles which they sell. And the best part was that they didn't take Pepsi cans OR water bottles. Apparently in Mass, they don't have a deposit on water bottles, even though bottled water makes up, like, half of the plastic bottles in the world. So anyway, we bought one of those old lady shopping carts that you roll your grocieries home with for about 20 bucks, so now we can buy tons of groceries and not have to carry them home, we can wheel them.

We were a little late leaving, about 3:30pm, and I had a class starting at 4:00pm so we took the Green Line from Copley to Boylston. Those of you who know, the Green line has very few handicapped accessible stops, and Copley and Boylston are not memebers of that elite group. So, we had to carry the cart down the stairs, carry it up onto the train, which was VERY crowded, and then push people out of the way to pick it up off the train, then up the stair again. It was the ultimate test. I felt like I was on "The Amazing Race" or something.

"Boys Chests Girls Butts" was a chant that I just heard in the hall.... I wonder what the story is behind that...

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katier said...

nice job on the shopping cart! who's ali?
Did you ever find out what the chant was about?
I'm so glad you're having fun and are enthused about college!!
I love you always!