Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Illiad Blows & I've Dropped from the Forum

Hey everyone. Only four more days until I move down to
Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. I'm really excited, because I have been pretty bored and without energy without anything to do. But I am also nervous because I'm going to be working with lots of very talented people and I'll have to work extra hard.

Speaking of hard work, I'm having a pretty tough time with the Illiad by Homer. I am only on page 70, and it is 302 pages long. The problem with the book isn't that its a hard plot, and it IS in english. Its that the nuances of the language are so different than the way that you and I use language today. Consequently, you have to read with ALL of your attention on the text, or else you don't remember/understand what you just read. In short, the Illiad BLOWS. (Apologies to all my friends who are big fans of classic literature.)

Well, I dropped out of my online forum yesterday, because I felt like I was being picked apart by not only strangers, but friends. If you have been following my forum, you know that I am a Libertarian who wants to have Kerry in office if I can't get a Libertarian in office.

I have been really dissapointed with both John Kerry and George W. Bush, because both of them are promising things that they have no power to deliver, neither of them will end the war in Iraq, and both want to futher encrouch upon our freedoms (See previous posts about both candidates wanting to ban advertising by "527's", despite their first amendment rights.)

So right now I am planning on voting my conscience, which tells me to vote for Michael Badnarik. I'm still going to encourage those who are undecided to vote for Kerry, but I'm not.

So explained this to the forum in a more emotional way, puting some words in Caps lock to emphasize words the same way you would if you were speaking. To make a long story short, everything I said was ripped apart by a couple people. Don't get me wrong, they weren't "flaming" me, like I aparently was them, but you can tear some one apart civily. Look at most politics.

One person called me a flip-flopper, and insinuated that I should change the way I think because I was going to lose the election to Bush by voting third party. But you know what I think the real problem is? They are angry with me, because they think its my fault that Kerry is going to lose. That's bullcrap. The people who may cause Kerry to lose are the people who are to stupid to see that Bush is tearing the foundation out from underneath this country. That's who they should be pissed about.

So I decided that I don't have time to defend how I feel against multiple people. Dropping out of the forum gives me more free time, and less stress. It's funny, because everyone was so anxious to hear my "opinions" and to tear me apart, so when I left, I left my e-mail on my last post, telling anyone who wanted to that they could e-mail me. No one did, so it once again proves that no one was really interested in "conversation" or "discussion"--they just wanted to win the arguement.

The funniest thing is that almost everyone on that forum has the same opinions, so I can't imagine what they'll discuss, since they've lost one of the two people with different opinions.

Oh! I'm watching The Family Guy, and Stewie was riding the dog, Brian, and he said "Walk slower, DOG! My Huggies are already holed up in box canyon!" I was laughing so hard.

Well, have to go to bed, since I've got lots to do tommorow (IE read 80 pages of the Illiad.)


Anonymous said...

EZRA !!!!! I MISSED YOU SOOO MUCH THIS SUMMER !!!! Hi this is Natasha.. you're favorite psychopathic martial artist !! How are things for you ? I'm at JMU now.. and am sooo soo sooo happy. i cannot tell you how good it is to be in college. I had an extraordinary experience with theatre this summer at camp.. and i am in a play now.. and life is GORGEOUS !!! I saw Midsummer at camp.. and saw the funniest the best mechanicals play ever !! AND THISBE REMINDED ME SOO MUCH OF YOU !!! Seriously there were about 3 people that made me think of you sooo much !! I kept wishing you were there.
ANywya.. e-mail me my love !! or
LUV !!!

Felix J. Lockhart said...

I'd like to apologize for what happened in the forum, I think everyone (myself included) got a bit carried away with those particular topics. I'm in the process of moving everything to a new domain (gallery included, I'll email you with updates about it), but I'd like you to come back to the forum.

Anonymous said...

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