Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Once Again, This Is Why I Can't Run For Office

Once again I have been misinterprited, which is probably my fault, and it is the same reason why I can never run for any public office.

I said I hate people who register other people to vote, but what I was trying to say is that I was accosted on the street by some "grassroots" campagin for Kerry, and they wanted to register me. I don't like that. When registration is provided by a non-partisan group for a general service to the community I have no problem with it. It just seems to me that in this election there are a lot more people out trying to force people who don't care into voting. I know teenagers are an underrepresented group, but there is a good reason. Tell me honestly, (you probably can't answer this question if you didn't attend a public high school) how many kids do you know who had an opinion about a certain political leader that was deeper than "Bush Sucks because we're in Iraq" and could only defend this 'arguement' with "You're an idiot, Dubya sux!" Of course, that's to say if they had an opinion at ALL. About 40-50% of the kids in my Senior class, (taking a US Government course, mind you) didn't have a CLUE about ANYTHING going on in the government.

So my point remains this: Every intelligent and informed friend of mine registered on there own, and on their own time. They will be an informed electorate, nessicery for the proper running of this country. If the people didn't care enough to register, they probably aren't thinking about a candidate to elect. (Emphisis on the probably, because OBVIOUSLY there are exceptions.

One other thing: I said that there is so much interest in registering young teens because they are an overwhelmingly democratic group. Look at all the liberal TV shows Kerry has been going on, trying to get this kids excited about him. So it seems odd that suddenly there is this huge excitement to get teenagers registered. I just drew a parrallel. I DON'T think it has anything to do with my personal decision to vote Libertarian. I'm ready for liberty and freedom. Most people are not. I don't want or expect people to vote Libertarian--and if I pressured or forced people to vote a certain way, I'd be hipocritical. So all I do is talk to interested people, let them know they do have an option.

In closing, why does no one ever leave any postive feedback? Does everything I say bother everyone? I feel like whenever I get a comment its someone trying to make me out to be the bad guy! But whatever, that's your freedom to do that.

Have a great day all!

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Anonymous said...

I think you have explained yourself much more plainly in this post than you did in the one before. I understand where you are coming from now. Thanks for the clarification =)