Thursday, September 16, 2004

Got A Job! But I'm not sure what it is...

Well, I now have a paying position at The Emerson Channel. I still don't really know what I'm doing exactly, but at least it's paid work. And I got s free t-shirt, which is cool.

This saturday I'm going to see my two friends from Harrisonburg that are also in the Boston area, Anna and Justin, which will be a whole lot of fun.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that one of my proffessors, Eric Schaefer said something along these lines during his lecture about how media and technology has changed society. He said that the area where Emerson is now used to be a BIG porn district, but "thanks to the home VHS player, Porn is back in the home, where is belongs" It was SOOOOO funny. I cracked up really badly, so did a lot of people. He knew he was being funny though, so its not as funny as if he had been deadly serious.

I've been dreaming, but I haven't started writing them down immediately yet--I'm supposed to be keeping a dream journal for my course in "Concept Development"--and have consequently been forgetting them. Oh well.

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katier said...

HAHAH! I'm in EnGLISH! ARRGH! so anyways, write down them dreams bud-day! OH, did I mention...I FEEL LIKE I GOT HIT BY A BUS!!! HAHAHAHAH!
well I better get off..crap bell just rang! BYE!