Friday, September 17, 2004

Jimmy's Traveling All-Stars

But anyway, I auditioned for Jimmies Travelling Allstars today, but I totally forgot that my audition was today at 5:10pm. I thought it was next week! So after dinner, I'm in the elevator going up to my room, and my cell phone dings (I say dings because it does, it dings ONCE, and shuts up, I can't stand incessently ringing and loud phones.) Anyway, I pick up, and its this guy asking me if I was still planning to audition. I felt like a total moron, and I grabbed my jacket, ran out the door towards the student Union on the other side of campus.

It was humid as HECK out there. I don't know WHY I decided to bring my jacket, but it was a MISTAKE. The twilight was beginning to fade, and I deliberated my options... I could go through the common, and save a few minutes, or I could walk around--and spend more time in the quelching heat. But then the choice was simple. I remembered my "street smarts" which told me that the common was a very very dangerous place after dark.

So I cut through the public gardens instead.

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