Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Quick Note...

People have often talked about "The Changing Face of Emerson College" --regarding the 'new' type of student that Emerson accepts.

I always used to say it was poppy-cock, but today I realized it must be true--because in previous years there would be many windows decorated with Christmas lights, but tonight I only counted FOUR ROOMS with visible Christmas lights (including my room), in a building with almost 750 students.

Emerson students are creative, fun people, but I guess the new Emerson students don't have time to be festive. Oh well.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm Up Earlier Than I Thought!

So I went to bed at about 3am, and set my alarm for 11am, but for some reason I woke up at 8:30am, and couldn't really fall asleep.

So I woke up, read a chapter in the Book Of Mormon, went and took a shower, checked my e-mail and social networking sites, sent out a few e-mails, and started realizing that I have a very light schedule, which has made me somewhat lazy.

Now I feel compelled to use a little bit of this time to write a blog entry about what I'm thinking and feeling these days.

I went to Maine for Thanksgiving break, and it might be the last time I'm physically in that state for quite some time. Hanging out with my sister was awesome, as was spending all day Saturday with my friend Tanner playing Guitar Hero and DoubleDash was a blast. But it was soured by that nagging thought that I am leaving it all behind for a place I'm not even sure if I'll like.

There is a part of me that is incredibly excited to go to Los Angeles and make my way in the industry. However, there is another part of me that is already longing to return to the Northeast. I can't really explain it. Perhaps it's because I spent all of my formidable years on the east coast/New England, that I have grown to be a part of the landscape.

Some people believe that the earth's magnetism or inherent energy causes a person to develop a sub-conscious energetic connection to the place where they were born/grew up. Sometimes I think that must be true, because it seems illogical for people to have these kinds of connections to places that are not that special other than that they are where the person lived.

There are only 23 more days before I fly back to Virginia, leaving Boston behind 'for good'. Obviously I'll be back for graduation, and maybe even for a wedding or two some day, but I'll probably never live here again. But I've grown to love the city dearly--it's twisted streets, it's crooked alleys and 3 story brown-stones, the Charles River, the Red Sox, etc, etc.

But I can't stagnate. I know in my heart there is something very important I was sent here to do. Maybe I'm already on my way--but in the mean time I'm trying to do my best and love those around me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Woke Up From A Dream

I just woke up from a dream about flying.

It was rather vivid and though I'm a bit spotty on the details and context of what was happening in the dream, I know this much:

I was on some journey, in a very harsh but brilliant landscape. At first it was a desert but later it becasme a craggy rocky coast with pine trees--but it was other worldly in that the water was completely clear and still, allowing you to see all the way to the bottom.

There were these things in the water, or more properly, floating on the top in large swirling patches, mixing with one another. Vivid reds, greens, browns--like algae blooms upon the crystal liquid.

Anyway, I was looking for something, with someone, but they weren't physically there--more like a narrator or still-small-voice. The items I was trying to get at this particular moment in the dream were up in an eve or rafter in this large wooden structure in the middle of the desert. The items were in (fake) leather cases, and looked something like the boxes that Emerson's lavaliere microphones are stored in.

I somehow got it into my head that I could fly up there if I wanted to. So I ran forward, leapt into the air, stuck out my arms and tried to fly.

Well, I sort of flew--but I had no control over my direction or altitude, and I quickly slowed, glided and fell/descended. But I kept trying, and eventually, I figured it out--I needed to work with the physics, what I knew about updrafts, birds, gliding, banking right and left to turn. I leapt into the air and flew into the air, riding an updraft and circling over the crystal clear pools and craggy rocks in a stunningly beautiful wilderness. (I don't know where the desert went at this point)

I dove down, gliding just above the water, then climbed up again, circling around and climbing higher into the clouds. i learned that if I climbed too steeply for too long, I would slow down and start to lose lift. It was thrilling and invigorating.

But eventually I landed. And when I did, I couldn't get going again.

I was once again outside that little wooden shack in the middle of the sand, and I though I ran and jumped, I just felt like a fool for ever thinking it was possible.

Now, I'm not sure of the meaning of this dream. But I feel it might represent my spiritual journey. If I could only figure out how to maintain lift, how to get off the ground...

I could soar.

The narrator, the voice that told me, urged me on, was the Spirit, guiding me--but I must do the real work.

It was a beautiful and marvelous dream. I hope I really can fly like that someday.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


In the words of that old dying man in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, "I'm not dead yet".

Yes, my blog has gone horribly inactive. Sorry.

I just wanted to let you know that my film was shot two weeks ago, and I'll be getting the HD scanned footage back into the lab this Thursday!

WHOOPEE! On to post production!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lifting Weights (From My Heart, For My Body, and From My Mind)

I'm hoping that I can lift the burdens that have been weighing me down in my heart, and weighing down my mind.

And in the mean time, to mirror the transformation outside, I am hoping to lift weights to physically change.

If all goes well I'll be a whole new man.

So much has gone through my head this summer. I've ridden the highest highs meeting exciting new people, hiking thrilling trails and traveling to new places, but I've also been dragged through the lowest lows--suicidal thoughts, tears, frustration. Sometimes I swear I'm bipolar.

I've recently learned that while you can't always control what happens to you, you are always in control of how you react. Two people dropped into the exact same situation will learn different lessons, be wounded in different ways, or respond with different emotions.

Patience, love, faith, my friends. I realize how lucky I am that I have all these things in my life, all these people in my life, and all this love in my life. I know sometimes, when my heart is tired, it's hard to feel--but it's always there, and I'm working on recognizing it, capitalizing on it, to become a better man.

I hope I'm not boring you with my positivity drivel--but I've just been learning a lot these last few weeks.

Yesterday, I went out on a limb (for myself) and went weight lifting with my friend Aaron and his friend Patrick at Dixie State University. Normally, I would have made up some excuse not to go, but I realized that I have just as much ability to be successful in a gym as anybody else. So we went, I lifted, I leaned a lot, and now I'm convinced that I want to continue with a program when I return to school. I realized that all I needed was the right attitude and the support of a friend, and I could do it.

We can do anything we want to. The limitations in our lives are all self imposed, and I'm learning how be like Gorbachev--

and tear down [those] wall[s]!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So Friggin' Glad

I'm so friggin glad that this summer is over. It's been one of the longest and the most lonely. All summer I sought friends and companionship, and for some inexplicable reason (God, The Universe, coincidence) it's only been that last month where I've been able to meet some people and actually have people physically around me to talk to.

Thanks to the couchsurfing project and the internet, friends with free airplane tickets and friends moving here to go to school, I've actually had a respectable social life.

The thing that concerns me the most is that I get depressed when I don't have friends around me. This, to me, indicates that I am measuring my self worth and my happiness based on other people. In other words, without friends, my self worth goes out the window.

I know better than this--but that's just the problem. I KNOW it, intellectually, I DON'T Believe and know it in my heart. I know that I have value and worth because I am a son of God and He loves me the same as everyone else, cracks, chips and all. If I could accept his love into my heart, and really do it, I think it would make a world of difference. Because I have a tendency to such low self image/esteem that I reject any love sent my way, probably even from God himself.

Regardless, I'm a little sad/miffed because several people who I interacted with this summer didn't pan out, and not for lack of trying on my end. I had at least 4 people who I either e-mail back and forth with or actually met that seemed to want friendship with me, but they didn't really want to help it develop. Odd thing is for all but one, they contacted me based on my internet postings.

Sigh. I'm trying to remain positive, but I need to get the hell outta dodge so to speak.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Jumping In

Sometimes life is all about jumping in.

Yesterday was one of the most fun afternoons I've had all summer. I had a couchsurfer, Seth Donald, visit. We walked around silver reef talking, found the grated mine shaft openings from the 19th century mining operation, threw rocks down into the waterfilled mine, and got a great view of the community. Then we went back to the house got some water and talked some more, and I showed him my film two's from Emerson.

My only friend here in Utah, Nick, showed up to join us for a trip to Sand Hollow Reservoir. Let me just say, it was a blast. After doing some small jumps off the rocks near the shore, we all decided to swim out to this island because according to Nick that's where the best places to jump are.

After swimming the 1000 feet or so to the island, we found some pretty cool places to jump, but it was starting to get dark, and so we went in search of the place that was "where everybody jumps" and we found it, just in time. Seth jumped twice, Nick didn't jump at all, and I wasn't going to either, but I knew there was a good chance I'd not have the opportunity again. So before I knew it my feet were leaving the rock, and the fear gripped me and I thought "To late to turn back now!"

I fell, and fell, and screamed and fell.


Probably one of the most physically adrenaline pumping thing I've done in many years--jumping of a 17-20 foot rock into water of undetermined depths.

I can't explain it, but I guess I don't need to. I've never fallen for so long in my life. Your mind is telling you your going to die, but you're okay...

Anyway, we swam back to shore, went home and had some delicious soup made with organic chicken and homegrown organic carrots and vegetables, courtesy of my father. We then watched Seth's film "The White Oath" a short 20 minute film, 3 years in the making, but REALLY impressive. He did just about everything.

The White Oath

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Make sure you watch the whole fight scene. Seth taught himself all the computer stuff necessary to make that work over the course of three years. I'm truly impressed, and I'm sure his name will be appearing on a big budget production in very little time.

Anyway, after the film, Nick went home, it wasn't long till we all went the the Hot Tub to watch the stars and have a relaxing soak. And after that, it was bed time, and we talked until 4 in the morning about just about everthing.

That's what I love about meeting new people--whenever I meet someone really cool for the first time, I talk to them until all hours of the morning because I just connect.

Life is sometimes about looking over the edge, seeing that impossibly high drop, and just jumping in. Your brain might be screaming at you the whole time, calculating the speed of descent, an as a bi-product of years of instinctive evolutionary process, informing you that you're good as dead.

But you're not.

I've come to a personal realization that one can't be afraid. Jump in, and have faith that it'll all work out in the end.

And it will.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

They Should Have A New Name For It

Del Taco on "Taco Tuesday" has 3 tacos for 99 cents. It's an amazing deal.

However, after taking part in 12 tacos, I feel Del Taco should have a more accurate name...

Like "Instant Regret".

Monday, July 30, 2007

Los Angeles, Synchronicity, and other thoughts as I turn 21.

Well, it's here.

I'm officially 21 years around. My frail human form has been carried around that big old sun of ours 21 times, traveling millions of miles through space. I can now no longer pretend that I'm a teenager--I'm an adult. While still and always will be young at heart, I have begun to realize that in just a year, I'll be a full fledged adult. And what can I do about it? Nothing.

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events which occur in a meaningful manner, but which are causally inexplicable to the person or persons experiencing them."

I have experienced synchronicity this week like no other. When I first arrived in St. George, UT, I tried posting an ad in the "Strictly Platonic" section of the St. George Craigslist. I received two e-mails from this ad, and neither of them ever panned out. In fact, I'd say neither of them ever really got started (though not for lack of trying).

So after this pathetic result, I figured the St. George Craigslist was a dry well, and so I moved on.

But a few weeks ago, I got an idea. "Post an ad advertising a RISK game night". And I kept forgetting to do it. "Besides", I said to myself, "I tried posting on craigslist and it didn't work". But everytime I forgot to do it, the voice in my head kept saying, "post it! post it!". And I did. And I only got one response.

Nick e-mailed me and commented that he was in a similar situation--in St. George working for his aunt, bored and looking for chill friends. We talked on the phone, and on the day of the RISK game, Nick called--he'd been in a small car accident. He was okay, but just was not in the mood to do anything because of it.

I told him I completely understood, and that if I wasn't going to be meeting old friends in Los Angeles and that might be weird or boring for him, I'd invite him to come with me. "I have friends in Hollywood I'd love to go see--let me think about that" To make a long story short, we actually met face to face for the first time when I picked him up at his house friday morning.

So at this point, you might be thinking--"well, Ezra, I think that's a very cool story and kind of dangerous to go on a road trip with someone you hardly know, but where does synchronicity come into play?"

That's the best part. It turns out, his Aunt, (who he's apprenticing) SOLD ME MY 1995 Saturn two months earlier! So I'd actually already been to his house, and he had already driven my car, even though we'd never met!

Wild huh?

Anyway, totally awesome guy. Met his friends in LA who were totally awesome. And now I have a friend here that has TONS in common with me.

Needless to say it was awesome and probably the best birthday present I could get short of a 2 feature directing contract. :) Hahaha that's not that funny.

To wrap this up, LA was amazing. Saw tons of familiar faces, thanks to Thadd W. throwing his own birthday party. Probably saw 20 people I knew, some I hadn't seen face to face in 2 years or so! Basically an all around amazing time. It was a pleasure to see each and every one of you!

I've also found that driving on LA freeways doesn't scare me, but I can see why people find it so intense. It does require a good deal of concentration.

Until next time, God bless, keep the faith, defend your rights, and don't be afraid.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Going Camping

Hey everyone.

Maybe a weekend of camping will be what I need to get out of this funk. I hope so. We're going to Great Basin National Park and will be there for two nights and three days. Should be a good time. I've not been camping in a number of years, so hopefully I won't have become too soft!

Of course, with everything so dry, there'll be no fires, which means no s'mores. :( But it's a small sacrifice to make to save the state of Utah from burning to the ground.

Not sure what we'll do during the day. Probably relax, hike, take pictures, etc.

In other news, it rained yesterday! About 1/8th of an inch or so, but still exciting. However, it's a case of being too little too late, as the Leeds/Silver Reef irrigation pond has run dry. Hasn't run dry in 12 years, which was when they converted from ditch delivery to pipe delivery from the mountains. So now Dad's garden will either die, or he'll have to jury-rig the drip lines to the house's culinary water.

Ah Utah, it's a different world.

Be back on monday, hopefully with pictures, (for those on facebook).

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why Can't I Love Myself?

Why is it impossible for me to love myself?

Why am I constantly feeling terrible, like a failure, dooming myself before I even begin? In my mind, I know certain things, but my heart, my soul aches and tells me they are false, untrue.

I'm probably just tired from working 80 hour weeks, sleeping in the heat because our air conditioner was broken for a week, and having a terrible diet because I'm working so long and hard that I don't bother to make healthy choices because a.) they are slower and b.) they are more expensive.

I'm still terrified of the fall, when I'm supposed to be producing a film, which will probably be "Maze" even though it'll probably turn out like crap because I haven't been doing any pre-production because I keep hoping I'll come up with a better script, a comedy or something that I'll be proud to show to people. But I don't even know that I have the knowledge to direct. I've never directed before, and I don't have a posse of folks who will work on my film because I have been spending all my time in the TV world.

I'm editing for The Edge with Jake Sasseville, and it's killing me. It's probably a good indication of what being a professional editor will be like, except that a professional editor gets paid and has assistants and producers who log footage, make paper edits. Graphics are already made, there are multiple cameras professionally operated so that the footage is much easier to cut.

I feel like I'm burning myself out on what's supposed to be summer vacation. While many of my friends are working and hanging out with friends in their spare time, I'm just working, because if I wasn't working, I'd be watching TV since I have no friends here.

I'm turning 21, leaving childhood behind for good, and I'm super unhappy about it in a way, because I feel like I'm the same person I was in high school, but all my creativity and energy is dwindling. I feel completely detached from myself, like a zombie.

My internet identity is probably stronger than my real one at this point. I'm probably going to regret making this post at all, because people will start telling me how 'everything will be all right' and all those lies you tell people when you don't know what else to say. I don't want anybody to say anything because I've heard enough. People talk and talk, but talking doesn't heal, it doesn't make you feel better in your heart. I'm not sure what can heal your heart.

Maybe love.

But I don't love myself, and you can't get love from others if you don't love youself first. The spirit is willing to change, but the body is weak.

I want to lose weight, I want to improve my body image, because that's at least 50% of it. I'm unattractive and I know it. I'm a health risk to my own body, sitting at a computer all day working and then getting fast food for lunch. But, you say, Ezra you can change that! You can diet, and exercise and better youself!

Sure I can, and I can lose the only comforts that I have in life? I don't have love, I have a hamburger, and I don't exercise because I don't have time and I hate the way it makes me feel.

But Ezra, if you just do it, you'll start to feel better, you'll start to feel better than you are now!

Sure, but how long? And in the mean time, what do I have to keep my from hanging myself on a piece of electrified barbed wire? Not much.

But Ezra, you have family and friends that love you, they'll help you and support you!

Perhaps. Too bad in just one year, I'll be all on my own in Los Angeles, and it'll be only me telling me what to do. Argh, I know I'll still have friends in LA, but they're not going to be able to motivate me to do things I hate. I'm too stubborn.

So yes, blame me for my shortcomings, I know I do. I'm the one with the power to change, but I hate the process, the process is so painful that I'd rather stay where I am, in familiar territory. Familiarity. I imagine this is the same reason drug addicts, even though they know drugs are destroying their lives, can't change. It's all too scary, all too hard.

Going to church, going to work, editing. Not socialization, no friends, no feelings of self worth or love. I wish I could get my heart to listen to my head.

But I can't. My heart is to broken to be healed by the kind words of my brain.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Student Loans and Aching Bones

I'm aching inside and out as I take a personal effort to make positive changes in my life, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I've started to run in the mornings for as long as I can (about a minute--not long) and then walking for 20-30 minutes as a fast pace. I'm so out of shape that it can usually take me the entire walk to get my heart rate slowed down from just running as hard and long as I can.

Student loans are something I've had to look into recently, and I'm going to see if Grandma will co-borrow with me so that I can get a better interest rate. It's really frustrating because I'm barely going to be able to afford this year, and it's as if I'm being punished for taking AP courses and doing non-tuition credits. (For those who don't know, I only need 19 credits to graduate, which is all they will consider for financial aid, even though because I'm in the LA program, I have to take 32 credits.) So I've got to get private funding for about 20,000 dollars which is a direct result of having AP and Non-Tuition credits counting towards my degree.

Oh well.

I'm excited that I may have made a new friend. I started e-mailing him based on a "strictly platonic" craigslist post, and after several days of exhaustive e-mailing, we're tentatively planning to meet up on July 14th... (he lives in Las Vegas) so hopefully we'll get along in person as well as we did in e-mails.

That's all for now. Take care and God Bless You All.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Working In A Cannery...

Today I volunteered at the Latter-Day Saints Cannery in St. George. I worked a 4 hour shift, and I am sore and exhausted for it. I can't imagine working an 8 or 12 hour shift doing that kind of work.

My job was to remove cans from a pallet (each pallet contained about 1300 cans of apricots) and place them on a sloped ramp that fed them into a machine which slapped a label on each can.

What made the job tougher than it needed to be was the method of picking up the cans. You see, there is a "Best By" stamped on the bottom of each can, and the cans all have to be loaded onto the ramp with the "Best By" stamp facing towards me (or the wall). The person facing the wall can pick up a can with each hand the way you might pick up a glass of water and just set them on the ramp. However, from the opposite side (my side) you have to reach down from the top of the cans, using your fingers like a claw, and then place the non-stamped side down on the ramp first, then set the stamped side down and removing your fingers. In other words, it takes a lot more physical effort to load from my side then from the other side.

Either way, it was a good time, and I was one of 4 people from "my" ward in Leeds, UT. We met our quota with ten minutes to spare. It was kinda fun and I met some nice people, and I was able to serve and experience a little bit of traditional assembly line work. I would do it again, because in 4 hour shifts it is actually pretty fun!

Anyway, I must have picked up about 6,000-8,000 cans that morning, and now my fingers and arms are really sore.

Of course, when my shift ended at noon, I had to go to my real job, at ABC Herbs, from 12:30 until about 7:00 which was when I said "no, that's enough, my arms hurt a lot and I don't want to be working anymore." So what do I do? Go home and soak in the hot tub or watch a movie? No, I blog... Because I'm stupid and I'm trying to update as often as possible.

My father dropped my camera in a toilet a few weeks ago, rendering it disgusting (and inoperable, of course) so he bought me a replacement, and it came today, so I might go take some photos with it. It's a Kodak Z885, for those who are interested in looking up specs.

That's all for today. If you have any thoughts on a film idea or want to help on my BA Practicum, I've still made very little progress on all this. Please help!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

So It's Been A Long Time Huh?

Well, I realize that it's been a long time since I've talked to you. How am I?

I'm currently on the tail end (hopefully) of some head congestion that I picked up on a trip home from Virginia. It's been kind of a drag since I've been back--low energy, low desire to do much of anything.

While I was in Virginia I realized how much I miss being with friends and being on the East coast. It's probably because I grew up in Maine, but I really do think I am a New Englander at heart. I'm sure I'll like LA, but I'll need to get away to New England from time to time, I'm sure.

My sister Katie has graduated. So now none of my immediate family are in High School anymore. We're all adults, really, and it's strange to think about that. It seems like not so long ago that I was playing in big piles of leaves with my sister after (or before, as was more likely) we'd done our homework.

Well, on to new chapters in life. Lot's of crazy things have been happening lately. I am not getting any financial aid for Spring, which is when I'm going to LA. Therefore, I'll probably be needing an extra 30,000 dollars in private loans this year. Awesome.

I am still working on my BA Practicum film, and I thought I had come up with a good new idea, adapting a story from 1943 by Robert McCloskey called "Homer Price" but the jerk renewed his copyright in 1971, so it won't fall into public domain for another 11 years! Damn!

Now I'm back to square one trying to decide what to do, since I'm not sure I have the money or support or that I even like my Maze script, because it's not really me.

Anyway, I'm about to go see Shrek the 3rd with my brother David. Hopefully it'll be good. Matinee's are like 4.50, so I'm thinking I might go to the movies a lot more.

Until next time!

Now I'm back to square one--thought I think someday I will make it

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm Going Home!

I'm sitting at ATL-04, a G5 in the Advanced Technology Lab here at Emerson College. My room is empty and so is my stomach, but I am so excited to Journey to Utah today.

This year has been amazing, and I'm very pleased to be making more exciting changes for the future.

I'll check ya'll later.

Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Getting The Hell Out Of Here

Well, I didn't get nominated by the EVVY Awards for either Editing or Multi-cam director. But hey, screw it. I guess I'm just a mediocre editor. Third place at AICE, not even a nomination at EVVYs. Sweet.

Well, I'm glad I'm going home, because I'm tired of this crap.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Wow... This Is Amazing.

This 1 hour documentary by BBC filmmaker Louis Theroux is amazing. He lives with the Westboro Baptist Church for what seems like a month, trying to discover what makes them tick. In case you don't know, WBC is behind the picketing of funerals of dead soldiers, and will soon be picketing the campus of Virginia Tech, explaining that everyone is feeling God's rage because America is doomed for being okay with gays and being a sinful nation. It's really a fascinating watch, but horrifying at the same time.

The irony is, that if they did what they are doing in just about any other country, they'd be in jail, or maybe even dead. With freedom of speech comes the annoyance of jerks like these, I guess.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I won!

I won third place in the AICE Filmspotting Competition! And got not only 150 dollars, but amazing contacts with the director of the AICE and his wife (who can help me get jobs in post-houses at almost any major city in the US!) and was offered internships (unfortunately I'll be away for the summer, so I couldn't take them) but if you are interested in the seeing my entry, click here. It felt like I was really a professional! An amazing feeling.

Lots of excitement here as I've probably burned 50 DVDs in the last two days being everyones proverbial beotch to make DVDs for the EVVY awards. It's been a fun ride. Tommorow I'll be Camera Assistant Director (Camera AD) on a music program called "Musicians Wanted"--I'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, April 09, 2007

It's So Close--I Can Taste It

I'm only three weeks away from the end.

I'm so excited.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Trip To The ER, Projects and Progress

Hey Everybody,

I thought I'd give you an update on what's been happening in my so-called life as of late. I know that I haven't been keeping this blog up like I said I would, but it's not because I've not had better things to do.

After finishing up a long weekend on a film shoot as first AD, and during one of the days having an excruciating migraine headache, I finally got to sleep in a little, and I was happy. That is, until 6am when I woke up with crushing chest pain and extreme shortness of breath. I almost called the Hospital right then, but I was so tired, I suffered through it, since I was sure I wasn't having a heart attack, I figured it could wait.

I went to my noon class and about half way thtough it, I was getting winded very easily and so I called the school's clinic and they said that I should go to the ER. In retrospect I should have refused to go, since it was very expensive and took 7 hours and numerous tests to find out that it was nothing more than a viral case of Pericarditis, which is inflamation of the sac around your heart--the only thing they can do for it, is have you take anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibueprofen or Motrin and wait it out. What a waste of money.

However, it was good to find out that it wasn't serious, but I'm not going to follow up like they wanted me too, because it's just a waste of money.

Since then, I've been taking it easy--on Tuesday I stayed home all day and worked on the computer, and fortunately for me all my teachers seemed cool with it.

On Wednesday my group from Cinematography class headed down to my church in Cambridge... the Bishop had been kind enough to let us use the basement which houses a pool table for our lighting project. The shoot went well other than a small hiccup--the Bishop gave me the wrong key to the building so i was unable to get in... we had to call the ward clerk to come and let us in. But thankfully it all worked out and the project is going to look great. I'm getting the film back on Monday, I'll let you know how it turns out.

Thursday I returned to class, and I delievered my final edit of my sixty second commercial for the Filmspotting Competition. I had to edit a 60 second commercial for a real or imagined product using only footage from Little Miss Sunshine, New York Stories, and Old School. It was really fun, and I made an ad for DQ. Eventually I'll post a copy for you to check out.

The great part about this competition is that only 6 people of the initial 15 entrants actually completed the project and turned it in on the deadline. There are 3 prizes! I've got a 50% chance of winning a prize (1st-Avid Xpress Pro, 2nd-250 dollars, 3rd-100 dollars). And I know I'm a good editor, so there's a good chance I'll win first or second! But I won't find that out until April 12th.

The other great thing about this competition is that I now have an established relationship with a Boston Post-Production house. I met the owners, Noreen and Barry, (Barry has edited every single Olive Garden Commercial on TV, they have that account) and got some great advice and contacts out of the whole event. It's just awesome. Noreen even complimented me on my sense of timing... she said she could tell I was a real editor!


So now I'm importing Sound Effects for my Third audio project for Intro To Audio Production. It's kinda a tedious process, but I'm working through it and I should have something pretty sweet by 2pm or so. I guess that about does it for this edition of Ezra's Ramblings 2.0! Twice As Fast As Your A$$

By the way, BIG AWESOMENESS to my little sister who just recieved a 6,000 dollar a year merit scholarship from her school in Chicago--Way To Go!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wow. Time Keeps On Slippin'

It's been about two weeks since I've posted because I've been that busy.

Life is going swell here in the Big Cranberry. Just kidding, that's a retarded nickname for Boston. But as I was saying, I've got more editing projects than I know what to do with. And as luck would have it, my G5 started having major issues with it's logic board (known as the motherboard on any other brand of computer) and so I have been without my G5 for almost a week. Hopefully, if all goes well, I'll be picking it up today.

I've got a sound project due next tuesday, a fine cut of a film due tuesday (after I got a week extension), two short videos for Jake Sasseville due this thursday night, and a commercial edit due for the Filmspotting Competition due Thursday at 6pm.

Great time to have your computer conk out, really, the best possible time.

Nonetheless, it was under warranty, so I don't have to pay for anything--I have that much to be thankful for.

I'm also 1st AD on a film, all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, leaving me just about zero time to get any of these projects done. My cinematography project needs to get filmed a week from today, and we still haven't storyboarded... we have equipment pickup at 9am next tuesday.

Wish me luck, because this is getting ridiculous.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New York City, Half Way Through The Week I Check In

I'm currently sitting in the Battery Park apartment of a friend of Jakes importing a lot of his Africa footage for editing. He needs to have a bunch of little segments that he can have to show to people like executives and producers (like at Sundance Channel) to help get finishing funds. Sorry if that was a run-on sentance, but I'm simultaneously capturing footage and watching Scrubs.

So far my trip to New York City has been so-so. I have pretty much figured out the Manhatten bus and subway system, but I still have no idea where the stops are. So I often have found myself hitching a ride on the nearest bus until it passes a subway stop.

When I arrived on Saturday, it was practically balmy. I didn't even need a jacket it was so warm. Jake met with me and we headed to Marymount Manhatten College for his Edge writers meeting where I met many of his writers, shooters, editors and his director, David Sonkin. I had actually came to NYC running on only 3 hours of sleep, so I actually laid down in a cubby like bench in the hallway during a break in the writers meeting, and I fell asleep! It was kinda funny because I was awoken by Jake about 1.5 hours after I laid down--I had slept through the rest of the writers meeting.

After that we headed to Jake's home in Astoria, Queens, NY. It's a beautiful large (for New York) and inexpensive. This is largely due to the fact that it is over a half a mile from the nearest subway. It's remarkably quiet--when I woke up on sunday morning I could hear the birds chirping and singing... I thought I was back in the suburbs.

Sunday, Jake took me on a little tour of NYC. We sort of walked around, visited the apple store, walked up the south side of central park over to Columbus Circle where we visited a Trump tower (they are like everywhere). Visited a Samsung store and almost got kicked out for sitting and watching HDTV for too long. We had lunch off the hot bar at Whole Foods, and after that we proceeded to Times Square. Took some photos for ourselves and others and tired to find a public restroom--it's harder than you think.

After that we split because Jake had a meeting, and I continued to explore, entering Macys and doing some more wandering around, visiting Grand Central Station. Then I tried to meet up with Tarabeth who goes to NYU, but she was busy, so I decided to check in later in the week.... still need to do that... ;)

On Monday I wandered through Central Park, checked out the Bethesda Fountain (featured in Godspell and Angels In America among many other films) Passed the Dakota apartments where John Lennon was shot down, and then headed south to check out the Latter-Day Saint Temple in NYC--it was closed, being monday, but was interesting to see nonetheless. Then I proceeded to Ground Zero where I walked around the perimeter.

I feel bad, but I didn't really get much of an emotional response out of it... it has become a construction site, and a tourist attraction now... I just didn't feel like it was real. That was what made me feel bad... but you'd never believe the enormity of the site until you visit. I, for one, had no idea that they have already rebuilt WTC7. Unbelievable... but then again, it was 6 years ago... A lot can change.

After that I headed home because I was cold and kinda tired, but I decided to head out the next day with one very specific mission--get standby tickets to see The Colbert Report. I showed up outside the building in 10 degree whether (less with wind chill) and waited with some other kids until we were finally able to sign up for a standby ticket... I was 6th in line. They told us to come back at 6;10pm to see if they'd have room for us. To make a long story short, they let in everyone in front of me. I was turned away. It was really sad. I was positively freezing at this point, and I even went back and practically begged to be let in. Of course I was turned away.

After that I found the nearest bookstore to crawl into and warm up, reading for about half an hour before they closed and kicked me out. Then I took a bus anyway, (turned out to be downtown) just to get warm. I passed B+H photo, and I got off hoping to go in, but they had also just closed. So I walked east and passed a Loews/AMC and decided that I might as well see a movie. I saw Reno 911 Miami. It was very funny, but no funnier than the TV show.

I also visited an urban K-mart which was an odd experience. Its probably the most confusing place ever, with three floors, none of which are of the same shape or size.

Then, after that, I headed to meet up with Jake, but due to confusion, we missed eachother and I was freezing and had to walk home alone.

But the next day we rose at the crack of dawn (6:45) and headed into Manhatten to Battery Park City (Just southwest of the WTC Site) to do editing for Jake's Africa stuff. And so here I am now, editing in his friend Joe's apartment, Wild.

That's all but I'll give you more updates soon. Later!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Good Things And Bad Things

Good Things:
Sold my pickup truck for $650 dollars--I'm badly in need of cash.
Will be getting a new phone courtesy of a buy one get one free deal from my grandmother.
Going to New York City for Spring Break
Working on getting my patriarchal blessing
Probably going to watch the Wizard of Speed and Time with friends tommorow

Bad Things:
Probably going to face some sort of punishment from Housing and Residence Life for being in a video on the internet where a college policy was violated, (even though I was not actually the one breaking the rules)
I'm going to have to sleep on the floor or couch while staying with Jake
Very Tired
Not posting like I should
Not getting the work done that I should be getting done

Sorry it's short, but I'm going to bed. Peace.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Editing Away, Making It Happen!

Today I have the fascinatingly fun job of editing another video. The owner of the site is casting to find more hosts/co-hosts for the videos. Jake Sasseville and I will be spending spring break in NYC editing some trailers/teasers and whatnot from his 60 hours of Africa Footage, and during that time I'll get to "do" NYC!

I'm really excited about this, because Jake is putting me up, paying for my food and my travel, in exchange for which I do some editing for him on The Edge. I've been working on a list of things that I'd like to do while there.
1. Ground Zero
2. Time Square
3. Statue Of Liberty
4. Visit TaraBeth at NYU
5. Central Park
6. Take in a Broadway Show
7. Gray Line
8. Toys'R'Us and ride the indoor ferris wheel
9. Eat at a Jewish Deli
10. B AND H Photo Video!
11. General Wandering and Exploring
12. Visit the top of a tall building (not necessarily the Empire State Building)
13. Check out the high-line in the Meatpacking district

More ideas to come!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Taxes, Money, And Life--It's all flowin' downhill!

Tax day is coming, financial aid applications are due and lots of paperwork is going to be doing. However, I shouldn't worry about that, as I've got several major editing projects to finish up, and some more editing to do over spring break in NYC!

I called Stewart Colley, my High School chemistry teacher and had a lovely bit of catch-up time with him. It's really great to have friends that are from a different generation who you can call when you are tired of your peers. What a great guy.

I also heard from Jake S. who has confirmed an edit suite for me while I'm in NYC, so I'll be able to enjoy NYC and edit for Jake while I'm down there.

And one last note, I'm going to be editing a sixty second spot for a competition, and I'll be working with a local edit house in Boston, called "Panache Editorial", and I'll be working with a professional editorial... how cool is that?

Well, I'm meeting with Katie M. to work on editing CMYK. Later!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Important Things, That Could Help Everybody

Sometimes when I spend a whole day working on a project and teaching myself a new piece of software like Adobe Audition or DVD Studio Pro and figuring out all the little things I want to do as I do them, I think about all the things that I could do if I was focusing that energy on something big, something important that could help everybody.

Oh brother. I'd better get to bed.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gentle Reminders

There are a lot of things that remind me and reinforce decisions I have made in the past. Just today in cinematography class, I was talking with Matt V. about the Emerson Channel and why we both left. I don't regret the decision at all, and neither does Matt.

I still believe that Kevin S. Bright, the director of the hit TV show "Friends" is inadvertently responsible for the destruction of The Emerson Channel. When he showed up, everyone let the channel fall to the wayside and The Zebro Show became priority number 1, even though people had prior obligations.

I was also reminded today why I don't want to be involved in on campus organizations--because unless you are one of the chosen few, you'll never get the high positions that you want. Needless to say, I am leaving my schedule open to continue allowing myself time for my post production work, and I'll be doing some film work near the end of the semester, but my desire to work in TV is really almost non=existent.

Sorry if this post is a little muddled. I'm actually working through the time consuming and tedious process of digitizing all my old VHS tapes and creating DVDs out of them. At the moment, I am digitizing a VHS copy of a middle school play I was in called "10 Brides Of Dracula". It's basically horrifying and embarrassing. It's the kind of thing I should be destroying while I have the chance. But instead, I am preserving it so that one day my children have something they can make fun of about me.

I'm also working on a homemade birthday gift for my brother, since I have no money, and it's also one of the only things I could think of he would really like. David, if you are reading this, I will get your birthday gift to you, but it might be a little late.

Well, I've got a lot of work before me. It's fun though, so It's really not even work!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Long Weekend, Presidents Day Dreams

Well, this is day four without any classes or really anything major to do. I still haven't done the writing I'd like to do. So be it. I've been listening to Joni Mitchell a lot, and she has such beautiful music, with great messages. I sometimes wish I could do sound the same way--singing is something I love to do, but I don't do it nearly enough, and when I do I don't do it "correctly" so it doesn't improve my skills.

I'm down to about 12 dollars and a jar of change, but now I have no money on my T pass, so I can't even go anywhere.

It was a strange night... it got very cold, and since for the first time in weeks I went to bed at a reasonable hour, I slept somewhat fitfully and woke up a lot. And again I had weird dreams. I woke up at about 7am and laid in bed thinking about my dream and thinking that I should haul my butt out of bed and write it down. Alas, I did not, and so all that remains is a faded shadow of ideas. Visions crossing paths in the night. I only remember that the dream had a magic to it, about the realigning of something amazing. I remember only one image from the dream, which was a forest of pine trees, and something being placed and said which caused all the pine to turn a brilliant white, in all directions, spreading through the woods like a fire.

"Woke up, it was a Chelsea morning, and the first thing that I saw
Was the sun through yellow curtains, and a rainbow on the wall
Blue, red, green and gold to welcome you, crimson crystal beads to beckon

Oh, won't you stay
Well put on the day"

Joni Mitchell sings with such an awareness, a heightened sense, that she could certainly empathize with what I felt as I slept through the night. For those who don't know, Boston is a city that sleeps. At 4:00am or so, not a soul can be seen on the streets. My room got very hot in the middle of the night, and so I cracked my window. The pressure difference started making howling sounds in the window, but soon there was silence, and through my sleep and my dreams I would hear the scrape, scrape, scrape, of a lone person moving down the icy sidewalk. It was as if they were walking right next too me, even though I'm 8 stories up.

Today, I have goals, ideas and dreams. Will they come to fruition? Or will they wither on the vine?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Another Day, Wasted.

Today I accomplished nothing.

No joke.

I woke up at about 12:30pm, and I sluffed around my room until about 3:00pm when I went for my first meal of the day, where I had a double cheeseburger and fries. It was good, but I realized that I was disgusting. That much sleep, no exercise, and disgusting greasy food, well--you see what I mean?

I received a call from Maxx H, who chatted with me for a while. It was good to here from him, but unfortunately he couldn't talk long. I completely understand though, since I do that to people on a regular basis, being the busy bee I am.

What else? I'm going to be writing a short script about pickup lines in addition to my BA project. I will then shoot and edit it to enter and hopefully win a competition being put up by By entering, I'll not only save 50 dollars on the cost of AVID, an editing program that I will be buying as soon as my check from Jake Sasseville comes in, but if I win, I'll make 500 dollars and some software. Sweet.

Unfortunately, I haven't been getting any writing done, I haven't edited any of my sound project, and I haven't been planning my cinematography project or my paper for my Gen-X behind the camera course.

Basically, I feel like a lazy worthless sack of crap. Not sure how true that is, but my dreams are getting more anxious every night, and my sleep patterns are way off.


Friday, February 16, 2007

ProTools Sucks and other notes...

Today I attempted to work on my audio production project, using a very pro, very complicated software called "ProTools"

In about 30 minutes I was more frustrated then I'd been in a really long time. Partly because I was not really sure of what I was trying to do, and partly because the audio suites are set up with the computer monitor about 3 feet away from the viewer, high and at an angle, but mostly because I couldn't figure out how to do some things that should be incredibly simple. But in fortunately, I got so fed up that I didn't even finish what I was working on.

I should be happy with my current situation, because I have no other projects or distractions to worry about--leaving my time to brainstorm and write for my BA Practicum Script, and to brainstorm and create an outline for a 20 page paper I have due in a month.

Here are some reasons why I should be accomplishing a lot:
It's freezing outside, so I don't feel the need to go anywhere
I'm Broke (Current Liquid Assets: 15.77 and a jar of change.)
No editing projects are due at the moment
No real homework
A long weekend

So what am I doing? Not my audio project, not my writing. I'm listening to music on the computer and blogging. Argh.

In other news, I was offered the position of Warm-Up host in the EVVYs and I took it. It's not exactly what I wanted, but it's at least performing on the Cutler-Majestic stage. And that is something that I've wanted. One of the other benefits is that I get to write my own material. This is exciting because I'm going to get the audience ready to go... you know? Get them excited for the awards.

Anyway, I'm basically wasting my entire day. Why do I feel so guilty about this? Whatever.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Editing Away, Everyday.

Every day, I seem to be editing away.

Swordplay, CMYK, The Edge,, Women In Motion. It's consuming me and my time... but I don't really mind.

I was joking with my friend with today that since what I'd really like to do someday is direct, I will edit for Scorsese or Tarantino and they'll be like "Ezra, you're so talented, why don't you direct your own feature, I'll help you get financing".

Hahaha, right. Seriously, it seems like all I'm ever doing now is editing--and that's not a bad thing, but I'm still not sure if I should be broadening my horizons more or not. I've planned to go to New York City over Spring Break and help Jake Sasseville by editing clips of his Africa trip into promotional pieces of 2-5 minutes in length. In addition, during that time I am going to be working with Joe Collesano on making our BA Practicum film idea/pitch, so that we can get into the program. I can't wait, partially because I want see NYC, which I've never really done, but also because I'll get to make some great contacts through Jake, and meet some of the people I've been working for remotely.

When I go to NYC, I'm also going to visit B and H photo, which will be amazing. For those who aren't into that sort of thing, BandH is like Toys'R'Us store of Video and Photography and lighting. Basically, I'll spend a whole day there.

Got a big agenda coming up. I'm pretty content with what I've got on my plate at the moment. Maybe I have found what I really want to do. I mean, I really love having my own workspace and editing. I like it a lot more in a way than stressing out about all the little details and relying everyone else to do their part of the work or risk having the whole project fall apart.

I'm really nervous and excited about the whole BA Practicum project, but what makes me nervous is that if I am going to be working with a close friend on a project that we'll both be pumping in excess of 5,000 dollars into, it had better be damn good.

How do you make a good film? Well, you've got to have everything be extraordinary... sound, lighting, story, cinematoraphy, direction, acting, production design... it's all got to be seamless, flawless and above all, moving the compelling story forward.

It's a tall order, but I think I can do it. I'm talented... I just have to go for it, and stop worrying about the what-ifs.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Three Out Of Four Ain't Bad!

Well, I didn't blog yesterday, as some of you may have noticed, but hey, as the title of this post suggests, I'm still doing pretty well.

Anyway, I'm been having more dreams, and they are all anxiety ridden. I keep dreaming about stress and fear, probably because I'm very nervous about the future. I can tell myself in my mind that everything is going to be alright, but my mind doesn't seem to listen. I'm going to have to start taking skullcap again.

Church at 2:00, but I've got to see if I can get some things done so I can leave at 1:00 to get there for the 1:30pm choir practice.

Last night we had a big 20th birthday party for Richard Feindel at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). It was a grand old time and the food was delicious. I wish I could eat that well everyday. The best part was when we Richard walked in, because we were all seated in this big common area just out side the restaurant, because there were over 30 people, and that was the only space they had. We screamed "Happy Birthday Dick" and started clapping and singing happy birthday, basically everyone in the whole place was watching. Hilarious.

This one's probably going to be short, but hey, when you post daily, the amount of new data gets a little thin. Later!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Wierd Dream, Bad Night Sleep, and a Rude Awakening

Last night I taught an AVID editing workshop on campus, and three students had RSVP'd. Only one showed. So we had a nice one-on-one session and I taught her all the basics. After the workshop, my friends and I went to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream. I got Cake Batter and Mint Ice cream mixed, with oreos. YUM!

Then I went home and worked on a DVD of the videos. I finally finished it and went to bed at about 4am.

Four hours later, I was awoken with some cramps. Probably due to eating a big bowl of that rich ice cream. Needless to say, after some time in the bathroom, I was finally able to go back to bed. But by this time, it was very difficult to fall back asleep.

I finally fell into a fitful sleep, and had a very strange dream. Some of you might be familiar with my Earthquake in Boston post from this summer, and this was a similar dream. I was living in a city, perhaps some sort of bizarre combination of Detroit, Boston, and New Haven. It was a big city, and it was rocked by an earthquake. The damage wasn't that bad--few buildings came down completely, but parking structures and other buildings were very weakened. The odd part came in the aftermath.

Everyone started to die.

I'm hazy on exactly what caused this in the dream, but I remember that, like Detroit, people started disappearing and the city emptied. No one came to help, and I knew that no one would... the death was not going to stop because it was undoubtedly greater then just the city.

It was summer, and if I remember correctly, I was living with my wife or maybe some other people, and that the death skipped our apartment. We didn't go out and lived off what food we had in the apartment. As the days passed and more people died, I would look out from the windows (our apartment was on the fifth or sixth floor) and watch as gangs of boys, without parents, would wander the street, breaking windows and eating what food they could find.

Law enforcement was obviously gone, and I was afraid--but not so much for myself, but for the safety of those around me. I was enveloped with the magnitude of what was happening around me.

The gangs became more violent, because they began to starve. The supermarkets were empty, and no trucks came to replenish them--everyone was gone. Boys staggered in the street, crying and calling the names of dead mothers into abandoned buildings. They would fight over the remaining cans of food until someone was hurt or killed.

I carelessly started eating a sandwich--presumably we had some source for supplies, either our own pantry and rooftop garden, perhaps a generator,though I don't remember where it came from--near a window that faced the street.

I was spotted by a group of boys.

They screeched and screamed. "He's got flour and dough, he's got sugar, he's got..." they began to scream. I ducked and closed with windows and the blinds, and told my wife/the female in the dream to get down and bolt the doors. Only, I couldn't remember if the door was locked, and so I ran and turned the bolt--it was locked, and I had just unlocked it--which allowed the door to be pushed open at that very moment.

But instead of a wave of starving boys, it was just one, and he begged for help as he pushed his way inside. Either because he was already inside or because of the sadness of sorrow that I felt for him, we took him in. He started to live with us.

I don't remember much after this point in the dream. Within the dream, I was thinking like it was actually happening, and trying to get out of the city. I remember some how risking driving a car out of a parking garage (damaged by the earthquake) and drove around the city, and almost getting cornered by a gang in a dead end street.

That's my dream, and I wish I could remember more. It's really fascinating to see what dreams I can remember vividly, and what dreams dissipate like smoke when I open my eyes. Not wanting to get over analytical, I think there is a reason that I keep dreaming about disasters and helping people. Maybe that's what I'm supposed to do, help other when the world falls apart. My father had visions of that sort of thing when he was my age, and maybe I'm seeing the same things.

At the same time, who doesn't think about the demise of civilization from time to time?

When I finally got up around noon, it was involuntary as well. There was a black man on the street corner yelling something incomprehensable, but very loud. It sounded like either "Satan Savior" or "Save me Satan" or "Savior Save Me"--honestly I have no idea. The police took him away. It's my hypothesis that he was on drugs of some kind because he was shaking violently at some points.

After that initial excitement, I went to lunch, and have been cleaning, organizing, editing, and doing other work all day. Hope all is well, and that your enjoying the renewed vigor with which I am updating my weblog.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's Morning In America!

Well, I told you yesterday that I was going to try and write for 15 minutes every day, and here's day one. I titled this post "Morning In America" because it seemed clever at the time. After all, it's morning, and I'm posting in my weblog.

Arguably, it is pretty late in the morning, and most of America has been up for several hours. Whatever.

Armed with some organic vanilla yogurt for breakfast, I'm ready to face the day. Two classes: Gen-X: Behind the Camera, and Introduction to Audio Production. Both are nice classes, but I don't have a long enough break in between to get lunch, which is frustrating, because I don't like eating lunch at 2:00pm.

I e-mail the creator of the NSP "Don't Worry Be Happy" video, (see previous post) and I received permission to have it on YouTube, but he recommended that I contact NSP because they are the actual owners. As soon as I can I'll find someone (probably in PR) and contact them.

Anyway, class is coming up so I better let this post go. I realize it kind sucked, but, oh well.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Whoa!!!! New Web Presence!

So it's official: I've got a website. If you type in you'll see the framework for a new exciting web presence.

It's amazing how much the computer takes up in time and energy. I've got videos to edit for myself, my class, Jake Sasseville,, and films. I've got DVDs to burn, VHS tapes to import and convert to a digital format, websites to build and design, videos to upload to, building and maintaining web presences on Facebook, Myspace, Blogger and more.

Basically, real life has been supplanted by the digital realm.

For those of you who know me, you'll be aware that I'm always working on something, and recently I transferred "Don't Worry Be Happy" from VHS and uploaded it to Youtube. All Nature's Sunshine Employees should check this video out. I'm not sure of the exact year this was made, but I believe it was before 1986 because my Dad is in it and he stopped working there in 1986.

You can view my other recently uploaded videos by going to my YouTube User Profile.

I'm going to try and write on this weblog for at least 15 minutes a day. It's a lofty goal, but I think I can do it. After all, I spend so much time doing nothing of import, I can at least spend some time updating my friends and family on the excitement happening here at Emerson.

Tomorrow I will be teaching a workshop on Avid editing for EIV. Hopefully I'll be an effective teacher and get my fellow students really excited about this. After all, Avid is industry standard, and despite all the hype about Cold Mountain being edited on Final Cut Pro, Avid was actually still used in the finishing process of the film.

My roommate Joe and I are going to be making a BA Practicum film in the Fall. However, before we can do that, we have to come up with a terrific idea and then pitch it in March, so that we can get accepted into the program. After that, I'll be taking out a loan of at least 5,000 dollars so that together we'll have a budget of 10,000 dollars for a short. It's not a lot of money, but hopefully it will be enough to make us a really nice calling card film for when we go to Los Angeles in Spring of 2008.

My roommate has started to get sick, so I'm trying to fend it off to keep myself healthy by drinking lots of liquids and taking my herbs.

Well, that's all for now, but I'll post again later!

Friday, January 26, 2007

In Maine, At Work With My Sister

So I'm in Maine, and since everyone I know here is either in college or working today, I had nothing to do. So I decided to go with my sister Sarah to work. She works for a guy who owns an leases properties in Maine, and has an office in City Center, in portland. It's really a neat office. I'm sort of helping out in an attempt to save myself from boredom. Even though I wouldn't mind helping... it's like take your brother to work day.

Oddly enough, I saw The Devil Wears Prada for the first time the other night, and enjoyed it. Both Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway give excellent preformances, (although I feel like Hathaway is playing the same type of character that she played in "The Princess Diaries"

NOTE- I didn't post this entry until Feb 9th, because I forgot I had saved it as a draft.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Week Of Defense

So this week has been really messed up. I don't even know where to begin. But let's put it this way--I've been fighting all week and I can't believe I'm still going.

I had to defend myself against a vandalism allegation from Emerson College (charges dropped)

Then I had to fight Bank of America to stop them from raping me with fees (Still in progress)

And today I had to go to traffic court and fight a speeding ticket. (I was not successful in dismissing the ticket, but I reduced the fine by 85 dollars. It's now only 100 dollars.

Well, what else?

I'm in maine and I'll still be in Maine until Sunday. I'm going to hang out with my sister, Sarah and my friends Tanner and Zak. Hopefully I will do well at my EVVYs audition when I get back. However, I really think I screwed it up because I upset the Executive producers. Hopefully they will not hold anything against me. I've wanted to host the EVVY Awards since I was a prospective student. I could do a really good job too, and this is my last chance.

We'll see.

I'm pretty tired, and the workload this semester is going to be pretty heavy as usual. However, this year, I'm going to try and do better!