Sunday, February 18, 2007

Another Day, Wasted.

Today I accomplished nothing.

No joke.

I woke up at about 12:30pm, and I sluffed around my room until about 3:00pm when I went for my first meal of the day, where I had a double cheeseburger and fries. It was good, but I realized that I was disgusting. That much sleep, no exercise, and disgusting greasy food, well--you see what I mean?

I received a call from Maxx H, who chatted with me for a while. It was good to here from him, but unfortunately he couldn't talk long. I completely understand though, since I do that to people on a regular basis, being the busy bee I am.

What else? I'm going to be writing a short script about pickup lines in addition to my BA project. I will then shoot and edit it to enter and hopefully win a competition being put up by By entering, I'll not only save 50 dollars on the cost of AVID, an editing program that I will be buying as soon as my check from Jake Sasseville comes in, but if I win, I'll make 500 dollars and some software. Sweet.

Unfortunately, I haven't been getting any writing done, I haven't edited any of my sound project, and I haven't been planning my cinematography project or my paper for my Gen-X behind the camera course.

Basically, I feel like a lazy worthless sack of crap. Not sure how true that is, but my dreams are getting more anxious every night, and my sleep patterns are way off.


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Voyageur Poetique said...

Perhaps the laziness, latency and anxious are simply building you up for something. When a dam does not allow water out then energy will build giving rise to a flood. Perhaps in your case it is a matter of time; when the creativity and motivation wants out it will get out.