Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gentle Reminders

There are a lot of things that remind me and reinforce decisions I have made in the past. Just today in cinematography class, I was talking with Matt V. about the Emerson Channel and why we both left. I don't regret the decision at all, and neither does Matt.

I still believe that Kevin S. Bright, the director of the hit TV show "Friends" is inadvertently responsible for the destruction of The Emerson Channel. When he showed up, everyone let the channel fall to the wayside and The Zebro Show became priority number 1, even though people had prior obligations.

I was also reminded today why I don't want to be involved in on campus organizations--because unless you are one of the chosen few, you'll never get the high positions that you want. Needless to say, I am leaving my schedule open to continue allowing myself time for my post production work, and I'll be doing some film work near the end of the semester, but my desire to work in TV is really almost non=existent.

Sorry if this post is a little muddled. I'm actually working through the time consuming and tedious process of digitizing all my old VHS tapes and creating DVDs out of them. At the moment, I am digitizing a VHS copy of a middle school play I was in called "10 Brides Of Dracula". It's basically horrifying and embarrassing. It's the kind of thing I should be destroying while I have the chance. But instead, I am preserving it so that one day my children have something they can make fun of about me.

I'm also working on a homemade birthday gift for my brother, since I have no money, and it's also one of the only things I could think of he would really like. David, if you are reading this, I will get your birthday gift to you, but it might be a little late.

Well, I've got a lot of work before me. It's fun though, so It's really not even work!

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David said...

You're making me a birthday present! How awesome is that. I have no clue whatsoever it might be and I'm really surprised you even thought to make me anything at all! Now I'm excited!

By the way keep up with all the posting, your doing a great job!