Friday, February 16, 2007

ProTools Sucks and other notes...

Today I attempted to work on my audio production project, using a very pro, very complicated software called "ProTools"

In about 30 minutes I was more frustrated then I'd been in a really long time. Partly because I was not really sure of what I was trying to do, and partly because the audio suites are set up with the computer monitor about 3 feet away from the viewer, high and at an angle, but mostly because I couldn't figure out how to do some things that should be incredibly simple. But in fortunately, I got so fed up that I didn't even finish what I was working on.

I should be happy with my current situation, because I have no other projects or distractions to worry about--leaving my time to brainstorm and write for my BA Practicum Script, and to brainstorm and create an outline for a 20 page paper I have due in a month.

Here are some reasons why I should be accomplishing a lot:
It's freezing outside, so I don't feel the need to go anywhere
I'm Broke (Current Liquid Assets: 15.77 and a jar of change.)
No editing projects are due at the moment
No real homework
A long weekend

So what am I doing? Not my audio project, not my writing. I'm listening to music on the computer and blogging. Argh.

In other news, I was offered the position of Warm-Up host in the EVVYs and I took it. It's not exactly what I wanted, but it's at least performing on the Cutler-Majestic stage. And that is something that I've wanted. One of the other benefits is that I get to write my own material. This is exciting because I'm going to get the audience ready to go... you know? Get them excited for the awards.

Anyway, I'm basically wasting my entire day. Why do I feel so guilty about this? Whatever.

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