Saturday, April 15, 2006


So Submissions week happened, and when the dust settled the answer was clear-

We had shattered last years submission record.

BY ALMOST 250 ENTRIES. This equivocates to about 3750 dollars of additional revenue to help pay for the EVVY Awards.

Our grand total was 842 submissions. Last year was record breaking and we only had 597 entries.

I'm still in shock, honestly. Maybe it's based on the fact that I operate for about 24 hours at a frantic pace on only three hours of sleep, then only getting three hours of broken sleep on a concrete/thinly carpeted floor of a classroom.

Now I am dubbing TVMC-Best Multi-Cam Director. It will take about 5 hours, and so I will not be done with this category until 4pm.

I'm so very tired, but so very pleased and excited.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Submit Your Work to The 25th Annual EVVY Awards

No, No, I'm not dead. One more week before I'm dead, but yeah, whatever.

I'm submissions coordinator for the 25th annual EVVY awards and I'll probably be talking about nothing but submissions for the next 7 days. It's crunch time now. On thursday and friday we had our early bird special and we got a decent amount of submissions for being so early. We have an online registration system, and there are currently 86 submissions registered, including 19 from fall submissions, but we've received about 30 of those. So we have some to start with. Whatever. I can't even think straight. I wish that I a weekend.

But I totally don't. Not only do I have a bunch of homework to do, I've got a film shoot for Women In Motion "Not-So-Super Heros" and I'll be shooting both Saturday and Sunday. I thought that I was going to be working on the film that shoot like the last weekend in April. But somehow I ended up on this film, and now it's too late to back out. Hopefully it will be quick, easy and short. But I doubt it, as films rarely are, especially with a huge crew like we have on Women In Motion.

Hopefully everything will calm down by the 17th, but I don't know. I've got a lot of stuff to keepup with on top of my EVVY Submissions stuff. Hopefully I can pull it all off. Anyway, I thought I'd just stop in, proverbially speaking and tell everyone that I am still alive and doing A-Ok.

Until Next Time!