Friday, August 17, 2007

Jumping In

Sometimes life is all about jumping in.

Yesterday was one of the most fun afternoons I've had all summer. I had a couchsurfer, Seth Donald, visit. We walked around silver reef talking, found the grated mine shaft openings from the 19th century mining operation, threw rocks down into the waterfilled mine, and got a great view of the community. Then we went back to the house got some water and talked some more, and I showed him my film two's from Emerson.

My only friend here in Utah, Nick, showed up to join us for a trip to Sand Hollow Reservoir. Let me just say, it was a blast. After doing some small jumps off the rocks near the shore, we all decided to swim out to this island because according to Nick that's where the best places to jump are.

After swimming the 1000 feet or so to the island, we found some pretty cool places to jump, but it was starting to get dark, and so we went in search of the place that was "where everybody jumps" and we found it, just in time. Seth jumped twice, Nick didn't jump at all, and I wasn't going to either, but I knew there was a good chance I'd not have the opportunity again. So before I knew it my feet were leaving the rock, and the fear gripped me and I thought "To late to turn back now!"

I fell, and fell, and screamed and fell.


Probably one of the most physically adrenaline pumping thing I've done in many years--jumping of a 17-20 foot rock into water of undetermined depths.

I can't explain it, but I guess I don't need to. I've never fallen for so long in my life. Your mind is telling you your going to die, but you're okay...

Anyway, we swam back to shore, went home and had some delicious soup made with organic chicken and homegrown organic carrots and vegetables, courtesy of my father. We then watched Seth's film "The White Oath" a short 20 minute film, 3 years in the making, but REALLY impressive. He did just about everything.

The White Oath

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Make sure you watch the whole fight scene. Seth taught himself all the computer stuff necessary to make that work over the course of three years. I'm truly impressed, and I'm sure his name will be appearing on a big budget production in very little time.

Anyway, after the film, Nick went home, it wasn't long till we all went the the Hot Tub to watch the stars and have a relaxing soak. And after that, it was bed time, and we talked until 4 in the morning about just about everthing.

That's what I love about meeting new people--whenever I meet someone really cool for the first time, I talk to them until all hours of the morning because I just connect.

Life is sometimes about looking over the edge, seeing that impossibly high drop, and just jumping in. Your brain might be screaming at you the whole time, calculating the speed of descent, an as a bi-product of years of instinctive evolutionary process, informing you that you're good as dead.

But you're not.

I've come to a personal realization that one can't be afraid. Jump in, and have faith that it'll all work out in the end.

And it will.

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dubby said...

What a super post. Now I almost understand why Allen is joining the army and Bryan is scuba diving and Cathryn is in Alaska. Did I teach them that? -- debbie fordham