Friday, March 02, 2007

Good Things And Bad Things

Good Things:
Sold my pickup truck for $650 dollars--I'm badly in need of cash.
Will be getting a new phone courtesy of a buy one get one free deal from my grandmother.
Going to New York City for Spring Break
Working on getting my patriarchal blessing
Probably going to watch the Wizard of Speed and Time with friends tommorow

Bad Things:
Probably going to face some sort of punishment from Housing and Residence Life for being in a video on the internet where a college policy was violated, (even though I was not actually the one breaking the rules)
I'm going to have to sleep on the floor or couch while staying with Jake
Very Tired
Not posting like I should
Not getting the work done that I should be getting done

Sorry it's short, but I'm going to bed. Peace.

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