Friday, July 13, 2007

Going Camping

Hey everyone.

Maybe a weekend of camping will be what I need to get out of this funk. I hope so. We're going to Great Basin National Park and will be there for two nights and three days. Should be a good time. I've not been camping in a number of years, so hopefully I won't have become too soft!

Of course, with everything so dry, there'll be no fires, which means no s'mores. :( But it's a small sacrifice to make to save the state of Utah from burning to the ground.

Not sure what we'll do during the day. Probably relax, hike, take pictures, etc.

In other news, it rained yesterday! About 1/8th of an inch or so, but still exciting. However, it's a case of being too little too late, as the Leeds/Silver Reef irrigation pond has run dry. Hasn't run dry in 12 years, which was when they converted from ditch delivery to pipe delivery from the mountains. So now Dad's garden will either die, or he'll have to jury-rig the drip lines to the house's culinary water.

Ah Utah, it's a different world.

Be back on monday, hopefully with pictures, (for those on facebook).


Scotticus said...

Hey Ezra,

Thanks for reading my blog. Maybe someday I will turn this trip into a book. We shall see. Keep up your own blog. I love to read other people's stuff.


dubby said...

And I hear you never know WHO you are going to meet. Right Allen?