Monday, July 30, 2007

Los Angeles, Synchronicity, and other thoughts as I turn 21.

Well, it's here.

I'm officially 21 years around. My frail human form has been carried around that big old sun of ours 21 times, traveling millions of miles through space. I can now no longer pretend that I'm a teenager--I'm an adult. While still and always will be young at heart, I have begun to realize that in just a year, I'll be a full fledged adult. And what can I do about it? Nothing.

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events which occur in a meaningful manner, but which are causally inexplicable to the person or persons experiencing them."

I have experienced synchronicity this week like no other. When I first arrived in St. George, UT, I tried posting an ad in the "Strictly Platonic" section of the St. George Craigslist. I received two e-mails from this ad, and neither of them ever panned out. In fact, I'd say neither of them ever really got started (though not for lack of trying).

So after this pathetic result, I figured the St. George Craigslist was a dry well, and so I moved on.

But a few weeks ago, I got an idea. "Post an ad advertising a RISK game night". And I kept forgetting to do it. "Besides", I said to myself, "I tried posting on craigslist and it didn't work". But everytime I forgot to do it, the voice in my head kept saying, "post it! post it!". And I did. And I only got one response.

Nick e-mailed me and commented that he was in a similar situation--in St. George working for his aunt, bored and looking for chill friends. We talked on the phone, and on the day of the RISK game, Nick called--he'd been in a small car accident. He was okay, but just was not in the mood to do anything because of it.

I told him I completely understood, and that if I wasn't going to be meeting old friends in Los Angeles and that might be weird or boring for him, I'd invite him to come with me. "I have friends in Hollywood I'd love to go see--let me think about that" To make a long story short, we actually met face to face for the first time when I picked him up at his house friday morning.

So at this point, you might be thinking--"well, Ezra, I think that's a very cool story and kind of dangerous to go on a road trip with someone you hardly know, but where does synchronicity come into play?"

That's the best part. It turns out, his Aunt, (who he's apprenticing) SOLD ME MY 1995 Saturn two months earlier! So I'd actually already been to his house, and he had already driven my car, even though we'd never met!

Wild huh?

Anyway, totally awesome guy. Met his friends in LA who were totally awesome. And now I have a friend here that has TONS in common with me.

Needless to say it was awesome and probably the best birthday present I could get short of a 2 feature directing contract. :) Hahaha that's not that funny.

To wrap this up, LA was amazing. Saw tons of familiar faces, thanks to Thadd W. throwing his own birthday party. Probably saw 20 people I knew, some I hadn't seen face to face in 2 years or so! Basically an all around amazing time. It was a pleasure to see each and every one of you!

I've also found that driving on LA freeways doesn't scare me, but I can see why people find it so intense. It does require a good deal of concentration.

Until next time, God bless, keep the faith, defend your rights, and don't be afraid.

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