Sunday, September 05, 2004

I'm Finally Here!!! EMERSON '08!

I just returned from the Hyatt/Rygency Hotel in Boston after attending a free preformance by the "Improv Asylum", a Boston-based improv group... I thought they were pretty good, but they don't hold a candle to the "Who's Line" guys.

Anyway, I am basically all moved in, got my schedule and bought my books. My schedule is as follows:

Digital Culture MW 4-5pm
"...investigate the impact of digital technologies on forms of artistic and cultural expression ... students strive to balance conceptual understanding, technical knowledge, design principles, and cultural context." Blah blah blah

History Media Arts, TR, 12-1:45pm
"...two semester course exploring the historical development of the media arts ... will investigate the relationship between economics, industrial history, and social and political systems, and the styles and techniques of various films and broadcast programs."

Concept Development MF 10-11:45am
"Emphasizes a variety of approaches to the creative process ... Highlighting storytelling methods, students will create treatments, outlines and short scripts which can ... be developed and used in subsequent courses"

Intro to Visual Arts (New Pathways Course)TR 10-11:45pm
"...ephasizes visual analysis, understanding of materials, the history of style and techniques, and the functions and meanings of art in its varied manifestations."

As you may notice I only have one morning class on friday, so I've got a nice long weekend. AND NO EIGHT O'CLOCK CLASSES! Sweet Cuppin' Cakes!

So I love everything about college so far. There are some things which I am not crazt about, but I'll get used to them--like the crappy matteresses and the noise of the city, blah blah blah.

One other interesting thing is that our MIA roommate Kevin Humphries is still not here. He should have moved in today, and neather Kyle nor I have ever successfully contacted him. So maybe we'll luck out and have a double anyway.

Ate dinner here at the "LB" (The Little Building) and it was very good. (I guess it better be, when the cost averages out to 10-12 dollars a meal. Foodservice is by Aramark, and it's pretty sweet. I can definately see the problem of the "Freshmen 15" creeping up.

My first night in college and I'm so excited--and ready to meet the world... If I can keep up the energy! It can be very exhausting being away from every single person you know and meeting hundreds of new people.

I'll post pictures very soon!

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