Monday, September 11, 2006

First Day Of School / A Day I Can't Forget

Well, today was the first day of class. I had "Writing the Short Subject", and though it is going to be a very labor intensive class with lots and lots of writing, I think that I am going to like it a lot.

In other news, today is September 11th.

I thought about posting a long diatribe or reflective peice of writing. But I'm not. Why? Because I'm tired of thinking about war and terrorism. It seems like "we are at war with eastasia, we have always been at was with eastasia"/ Except replace Eastasia with Terrorism--No, wait, replace Terrorism with freedom.

Think what you will about that.

I love America, and I am so scared for the future of our land. Its enough for me to really not want kids. I don't won't anyone to hate me for the world I left for them to fix.

Tommorow I have three more classes: Islam in the world, Editing for Film and Video, and Preformance for Television. They should all be pretty good. As for other things? Well, I'll just have to do my best and try a little harder. I'm going to be going to the gym, and I'm trying to walk for at least half an hour everyday. I'll keep you updated on how that's going.

Take it easy, and good night.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! You're the best!

David said...

That's an awesome goal and it's good to hear that your first day of school went well.