Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Workin' on the Chain Gang

So I'm capturing footage for a 8-10 minute orientation video. It's pretty funny, but it's also been a cross-country epic, so to speak. We'vc got all this stuff to log and capture. Probably over 9 hours worth!

Granted, full interviews were conducted with each staff memeber they encountered for a seperate project, which is why the footage is so much longer than the final project.

In short, it's going to be an interesting time, as I stay up late and try to edit all of this crap rogether and keep a cool head the entire time. Wish me luck!

Tommorow is the last day before I head out to Spencer, MA for the Spencer Fair. I'm kinda bummed that I have to go, but I will make the money that I need, and that is all that's important.

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katier said...

thanks for still reading. *smile*