Friday, September 22, 2006

Wow! Wowwy Wow Wow!

That's a reference to something that Steve Martin says in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

I am updating right now to let you know what's going on in my mind and my life.

The audition's for all ECTV Programming were today, and I didn't go at all. You see, I am pulling away from the Emerson Channel this year because I want to leave my time open so that I can go on film shoots at have time to edit movies and do my own things. Please be aware that I love and respect the Emerson Channel, but it is time for me to move along, at least temporarily, so that I can dive into film.

It's really scary, as I said before, but I sat down with Pete Chvany, advisor of the EVVY awards and he told me that he thinks that it's okay to experiment and try new things because that's what college is for, and you will usually be forgiven for leaving one area for another as long as you are clear on why.

In reality, the times they are a changing, and I'm trying to bring my film experience to fruition. It's about time.

I'm just worried that people will think that I don't care about TV or the friends I have made there and that I am abandoning them there.

This is not true at all. I just want to make films for a little while, and see what it's like, to re-affirm the things that I want to do.

I'm already starting to worry about being in too far over my head. I'm going to be editing a podcast (10 segements) over the sememster, about 1 every week or so, and I am a little worried about getting that done ontop of my classwork and other editing jobs and obligations. But I'm sure I'll figure out a schedule soon enough. The calender year is still young.

What else? I'm teaching a bolex workshop tommorow at 1:00pm, and I'm really excited and nervous about it. After all, it's not something that I've ever done before, and I'll have all these freshmen looking up to me! How cool! It's going to be a fun and exciting time, and I'll try and let you know how it goes.


David said...

Hey that's great. I can certainly understand the feeling that you might be abandoning the friends you've made. But it's true you need to try different things and find out what is best for you! Besides it isn't like you're moving to another country and it will give some of those freshmen a better opportunity to work there. Although they will be at a loss with out your tutelage!

Anonymous said...

He's soooooooo right! Listen to your brother! You have to do what is right for you. And you have to go forward in your life, and sometimes you have to leave others behind.
If they are really friends they'll understand, and still be friends with you. But understand that they are as busy as you and you may not see much of them now.
Go for it!