Thursday, February 02, 2006

Brokeback To The Future

This movie, a parody re-edit of Back To The Future footage, is absolutely hilarious! The concept was created by Emerson College's own comedy troupe, Chocolate Cake City and edited by Patrick De Nicola and Jonathan Ade. It is hilarious! Check it out here!

It's already becoming an internet phenomenon, being linked by sites like and!

I'm so proud of Emerson stuff!


Anonymous said...

Patrick De Nicola and Jonathan Ade did it together.

Anonymous said...

So I hear you don't like anonymous posts. I never make anonymous negative ones, but I don't like to put on my name. So I will put on my pseudonym. -- dubby

Anonymous said...

That is pretty funny, and a great example of how something taken out of context can be misleading.
You know who I am!