Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sitting Evvy Office... It's Been A While, Ain't It?
And I'm Hella Busy, Too!

Well I'm sitting in the EVVY Office again, and all seems well. Except that I am writign in my weblog when I have tons of things I should be doing instead. Such is life. It's going to start getting very very busy, very very quickly. Today I basically onlyy had 3 hours of free time from 8am to 10pm.

So much for academia.

Such is the way it should be at a school like Emerson. I'm working on producing my film two stuff, and I just did a rough budget the other day, and realized I'm probably going to be spending over $500 dollars on these two short films.... and I'm already trying to do the cheap route! One major way that we could get costs down would be to find someone with a van/suv or truck witha cap so that we don't have to rent a car. Those costs alone are around 400 dollars of the total budget... About 1/4th!

Other than that, things seem to be going pretty well. This is what's on my plate in the near future.

Direct Nightly News Show A (Show time + one meeting per week)
Segment Producing Speechless (Includes finding EDITORS, WHICH IS GETTING HARDER! + two meetings per week)
Camera Operating Speechless (Show Taping)
Chyron (Graphics Computer) Operating for Tracking (Show Taping)
Master Control Associate (Programming The Channel, putting in tapes + one meeting per week)
On Air Promotions Editing (Off and On)
Editing "Gentle Urban Beasts Of Burden" for Women In Motion (ASAP!)
Acting In Rob Krauss's Digital Film "Self Help" (All This Weekend)
Host Packages for The Gentlemen's Club (shooting on location once a week)
Submissions Coordinator for the EVVY Awards, which includes four meetings a week, plus updating and figuring out the submissions packets and methods.
General Meetings for ECTV every other week.
Producing My Film II "Callisto" (Two Meetings a week)
Sitting EVVY Office (2 hours a week)
Hosting "The News" as a Weatherman (One Show Taping a Week)
One book to read a week for British Literature Class

That's a pretty complete list, but it doesn't count all the e-mails and things I have to deal with (Like sleeping, eating, personal hygene, etc)

I'm crazy I guess. But as I've told others--I'm not paying 35,000 plus dollars to sit around hanging out with friends. I can do that for free!



Voyageur Poetique said...

Anyone who reads this blog knows you well enough to know that you will be fine juggling all these activities. That's just what Ezra Horne does!

katier said...

Ezra, my brother, you are amazing! flip amazing!!!

I love you!