Friday, June 16, 2006

I'm Still Alive, and Pay is now coming in!

Well, I finally got paid. Took 'em long enough! Not that I'm bitter.

Here's my question? Where is the line between having character and BEING a character. And why is character building so good but being a character can be so bad?

Just a thought.

Things are going well, work is riding me hard as we prep for the huge sample sale next week. Lots of hard work, but fun too. Now I'm off to bed so that I can dream a little dream--maybe it will be beautiful.

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David said...

Ah you have money now. Now we can sue you! But your posting now so I guess I won't.

I'm not sure why being a character is bad. I'm guessing though if your a character you really don't haven't built any character. It's just a facade or something. Or maybe its just that they're shallow, or in other words lacking in character. Ok I've rambled enough about your ramblings, I better go right some of my own.