Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Kickin' Screamin' All The Way, (and other such things)

I’m kickin’ screamin’ all the way. The lyrics to the Shapiro song adequately describe my current situation. I got the 1987 Toyota Truck’s fuel pump replaced. It’s the third time in one year. Awesome. It also was inspected and fortunately it passed. The whole ordeal cost 194 dollars and change. It frustrates me so. Let me recap. Last January the fuel pump was leaking and so I had it replaced so that it would pass inspection. Then this summer, while I was driving out of Portland headed south to visit a friend, it just died. So now I am mega annoyed because I had to shell out another 200 dollars for a THIRD PUMP. Fortunately my mother and grandmother are generous and understanding and footed the bill this time. This means that I can actually use the money that my Grandma gave me for Christmas to buy something for myself.

I was thinking about getting a gig of ram for my computer, or maybe trying for a flat-screen monitor. But since I have a crappy video card, I’ll probably go with the ram, since I currently only have 512MB.

Back to the pickup for a minute. Something else is wrong now! I was driving it and it hesitates and chokes when accelerating and often dies when slowing down or idling. Or it just chokes and wheezes. I think that they got me a sub-par fuel pump that is not providing adequate pressure for the gas, and therefore failing. I’m dreading the fact that I have to call Midas and tell them this and in a way I hope its something that they did so that they will fix it.

Okay, on to a topic that is less technological and boring and frustrating. My dad is working on a pilot to a show, and I have been trying to brainstorm and help with ideas, but I haven’t really been putting the time into it that I should. I’m really hoping that this takes of because if it does, then I might be able to go out to Utah this summer and help him shoot the other episodes (this is of course assuming that someone finances the show).

I’m going to be in Harrisonburg until the 14th-17th (I don’t know exactly when it will be because my airline went bankrupt on the second. Which is another awesome slap in the face since I will not be able to get any money back on the 70-dollar ticket. AWESOME.

Since I will be in Harrisonburg, I would like to visit with people, but as I have a deathly fear of my truck now (because I think it still has something else wrong with it) I don’t know how I am supposed to do that.  Let me know if you wanna hang out.

What else is new? I feel like making a really long update since I have not done so in quite some time.

Also, I’m working on writing a pilot for a sitcom that I will be working on with Adam Ginivisian, comedic extraordinaire.

I guess that should do it for this post. I really need an alphasmart like the older “Alphasmart Pro” that I am using now that I got for my sister some time ago. I like it because for some reason I prefer to write on it, sitting on a comfortable couch, then say, sitting at a computer. The other reason I like using an Alphasmart to type is that there are no distractions. No doodling in a notebook, no surfing the internet like on a laptop. Just typing. That’s all you can o, and that’s why it rules.

Goodnight Cleveland!

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dubby said...

Heighdy Ho! You need to go flying with Bryan and your camera. Bummer about the airline. Allen said it was a good airline, too. Bummer about the truck. There are good airline prices around. I have monitors and a printer if you need one. Free to good homes. But no flat panels. Hope you make it back. --deb