Thursday, January 19, 2006

British Literature, and other woes.

Help me! What have I gotten myself into!

I should have taken my lit course last year, because it is super labor intensive, reading A LOT and writing a whole lot of papers. Argh. I still haven't met my professor, either, because I missed my first class (due to my airline going bankrupt and ceasing operations) and I got a really cheap ticket on Tuesday and missed the class. Today, when we had the class for the second time (and I did not have a syllabus so I hadn't done the reading or the response) of Thomas More's Utopia. The professor wasn't there! So we had this sub with a british accent, who was obviously incredibly intelligent, but had a really soft voice and stopped every three words or so, and made him a torture to listen to, because he told all these stories and facts and you had no idea what to write down!

It was aweful.

I also ordered my RAM last night and (I think) successfully burned a DVD master of my senior play "Bye Bye Birdie" we'll see though.

I learned to transfer 1/4inch nargra tape into avid so that we can soon be working on syncing the sound with the video clips and begin editing the women in motion film! It's really funny, it's a documentary style film about traffic cones, as if they were living creatures.

Hopefully all is well with everybody. This should be a good semester, but we'll see!

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katier said...

hope the brit eng course goes ok. Also, I hope that everything is going well and you're back into the groove. Sorry I had to miss you the other night. I love you and miss you.