Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Lies And Misrepresentations By Those Who Wish To Destroy Us

My sister's history textbook gives a brief history of the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, however, the "history" speaks in generalizations, and calls the church "The Church of Latter Day Saints"

Convienent that they leave out the words "Jesus Christ"--this intentional misprepresatation futher propells the IGNORANCE of people about Mormons/Latter Day Saints. We believe in the teachings of JESUS CHRIST. WE ARE CHRISTIANS BY DEFINITION. But most people don't know this despite the fact that it is right in our name!

You can argue to me that it wasn't on purpose, but I know it was. When writing a history text, you put the full, real name of the event or organization. When writing a history of the Boys Scouts of America, you don't call them the "Scouts of America" because not only is it wrong, but it OCCLUDES IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION.

Arrgh. I hate textbooks with a passion. One of her other textbooks actually has a footnote under the 2nd amendment which says (INCORRECTLY) that "militia" means the military, and that the quote "'right' to bear arms is a limited one" BULLCRAP. It makes me so mad.


I go back to Boston on Tuesday, and I'm nervous but excited to return to school. A longer post may come later this week.

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Bro Jake Larabee said...

You are quite correct about the name as Jesus Christ should be inserted in your name. However Latter is the wrong word instead as it should be called The Church of Jesus Christ of LYING Day Saints. Better?