Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Series Of Events...

Well, I'm sure you've all realized that I am dead.


I just got not as good at keeping up with blogging recently. But I've recieved plenty of complaints, so it's time to get it goin' again.

However, I am warning you in advance, August will probably be a dry month. I'll explain why:

I am going to be working for Trish and Alex in their concession stands. But I am probably going to be WICKED tired, running myself into the ground, expecially during the 4th week of August, when I attempt to do a WHOLE WEEK at the Union Fair. We'll see how that goes. I hope I can make it.

In other news, I got a part time job at the North Face in Freeport, however, that may be in Jeopardy because apparently one of the main reasons they hired me was because of my weekend availability--which will be completely gone in August. I just hope that they won't harbor any hard feelings for only hiring me for a very short time. But there is the possibility that I will try to work for them full time next year... but I'm not sure.

Tanner is at Sam's, and I'm probably gonna drive on down there and chill with him for a little bit, since when I get back to my bed I'm going to get some sleep, since I also managed to procure a temp job for Thursday and Friday, 9-5 in Scarborough, ME.

So work, though confusing, seems to be panning out. But the real fear is going to be that something happens which gives me work so much that I can't get any rest and I burn my self out before school starts... I don't want to get to school so tired that I don't do anything/do poorly. Especially since I am really excited about my Film One class and my civil rights class.

I figure that I will make this years tuition bills, thanks to help from my Grandma, but it will be a close call. Or maybe not. I haven't spent that much time calculating what might happen.

My weight lifting hasn't been happening, and I'm a little annoyed with that, because I had been doing so well. After work I feel really tired and don't want to work out--what I really need to do is practice standing up all day, every day, in preperation for the Fairs and Festivals, since that's what's going to kill me--because of my weight, standing all day is really really tiring. And unlike a 9-5, this is, like, 10am to 10pm, running around serving customers, etc. And as far as I know, you really can't sit down. Argh.

That's what worries me. But that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

All is well other than that. I am going to go down to Wiers Beach in New Hampshire, to visit my friend J-Pizzle at his lake house on Winnepesaukee. (Sp?) It's going to be awesome, expecially since I'll be there during my birthday and they are going to have this big party for me, his sister and someone else who has a birthday during that week. Also, the infamous Joe Collesano, co-star of Fattitude is going to be there, coming up from Connecticut, so we'll all be able to do some catching up.

I've got to get down to Sams and see Tanner, but I'll tell you about a very big development happening as soon as it's over--but it'll be really good... It involves a celebrity! :0 Later! ;)


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that I wasn't the only one complaining! Hey if you have enough time to go online, you have enough time to post for two minutes.
When you are working standing up, rock, that is continually shift your weight around, it helps.

the unknown! said...

I would just like to say
standing up all day is NOT fun!
I just though I'd let you all know that.

John said...

As if you hadn't heard enough about standing all day, I'll tell you more. In my experience it's pretty tiring the first week, but very soon you get used to it. Working at Lowe's you definitely get a work out going from one place to another! Have fun with Fran Drescher or whom ever that celebrity may be.