Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sunday, Nov. 21st. A Day

Well, today was rather uneventful as far as days go, that's why I haven't written more. However, per request and because it allows me to procrastinate, I am updating.

You may notice a new "Daily Read" on the right. It's called "Overcompensating" Very funny, I would recommend visiting and reading the guys daily blog, complete with comic!

I woke up at about 11:30am, and then I chilled in my room for about 1/2 an hour, then ate lunch at the dining hall. (Slice of tomato and basil pizza and slamami and cheese sandwich on wheat.) Upon going back upstairs, I took a shower, chatted online with some friends online, and then I went to church with Dean.

Church was really really good today. Part of this was because I went to our ward Thanksgiving Dinner last night, and met several people. (Jason, Julia, Holly, Amy, Steph, Denver, Brittany) Who were added to me slowly but surely growing list of people whose names I know. The other part was because I felt interested in the lessons, a lot of things hitting my right were I live, and I got to have a meeting and get to teach our hometeachee. But most of all, I got to meet with the bishop. He did a tithing settlement with me (full tithe payer) but we talked about my problems and struggles, and I am filled with joy because I think he really cares and is going to actively help me make it.

The lord moves in mysterious ways, and I wondered why the Lord would help me get to a school that was so not supportive of religious types, so far away from everyone I know, but maybe it was so I could be in this ward with this Bishop. I feel like the healing can begin now. I had my first deep, long cry since I've been at college because of it.

If that didn't make any sense to you, I'm sorry, but unless you are LDS, you're probably not going to get that part.

Anyway, so I'm back at the dorms, updating you all, listening to James Taylor and procrastinating my work. I think I am going to wrap it up now. More tommorow.

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