Friday, November 19, 2004

Wow! What an Exciting Day!

Today proved to be both exciting and wasted.

I went to my class at 10am, par ususal, which was pretty normal, and as always it was a whole lot of fun. To make a long story short, at one point I was laughing with this guy Theo so hard that the teacher had to seperate us. I honestly can't remember the last time that happened.

Anyway, Nate, the Master Control honcho, has asked me to be master control for EIVl LiveUpdate every friday. Yeah. Later during the day I found out that I am officially being promoted to assistant programmer, which basically means I do the same things I always do, but now I have to attend another meeting. Yay!

So today when I went to do LiveUpdate, someone had scheduled the tapes wrong, so that EIV REC tape was not in the record deck (Deck Five) and instead, a movie, called "American Dream" was in it. American Dream was supposed to be in deck 4, but Back bay cinema was in deck four, which was supposed to be in deck three. Deck three had something else in it, etc, etc. Basically I had to reprogram the VTR programing and move some tapes around, but I am VERY happy that I checked and noticed it, becuase everthing went off without a hitch because of my checking. Another point for me. (In this case, I think points are deserved.)

So after LiveUpdate I went over to the Dibona TV studios to chill out before the taping of Speechless. I took the pictures of the guests like always, and the show went up a few minutes ahead of schedule. About 5 minutes into the program, a noise fills the room. "BEEEooooP ... BEEEooooP, BEEEoooP ... BEEEoooP"

The host, Adam, is flustered and cracks "The cookies are done!" Everyone looks around. The director, Trevor screams "What is that?" I walk over to what I feel is the likely source. As I move closer the sound gets louder, and I touch the offending fixture. Its vibrations confirm the sound.

It's the fire alarm.

A lot of swearing begins to take place, but the director orders quiet in the studio and continues to role tape, getting the antics of the studio on a blooper reel for the Emerson channel, when a voice comes over the intercom. It says something to the effect of "There is an indication of an emergency in this building. Please only evacute if you hear another alarm after this message. We are verifying the situtation."

Odd, but it was a prerecorded voice. Obviously with sky rises, they don't want every floor pouring into the stairways--they need to evacute the floors that are in the most potential danger.

So anyway, we don't get the second alarm. Tom (The studio guy) tells us that we don't have to leave. The building attached to this one was evacuated, and they are looking into the matter. Well the guy in charge said we could stay, so we decided to start the taping from the top. Everything went smoothly.

Until about 10-12 minutes into the shooting. Tom comes over the intercom and tells us that we have to leave. So we abandoned another take and walk down the stairs from the eighth floor.

Turns out there was a bad gas leak somewere in 120 Boylston Street (The building connected to the studios) and the whole block of Boylston street was evacuated. Everything was fine in the end, however.

Anyway, I didn't wait around, since the Producer, Aaron, told us we weren't going to finish the taping today (obviously) so I headed over to the west side of campus to help with the auditions for the Women in Motion film. My job ended up being waiting in the lobby, signing people in and then leading them to the audition.


But here's why this is sooooo cool: I met another Ezra!

He introduced myself to him, and he did a double take. His name was Ezra Stevens, and he was black! So I showed him downstairs, explaining to him how exciting this was for me, never having met another Ezra in the flesh before. So when I introduced him to Tara, the director, she said "Hey Ezra..." AND WE BOTH SAID YES AT THE SAME TIME! That has never happened to me before, and I couldn't believe it! Its such a bizarre and new experience for me.

So anyway, as you can see, today was quite a day, and I am ending it by telling you that I just watched ELF with Will Farrell. Good movie, but not a classic.

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