Thursday, November 18, 2004

What More Do You Want?

Geez, I never realized that I had any "AVID" readers. But I guess that's goo information to know. But I am sorry that I haven't updated in a while, as I have been pretty busy, and with my until very very recently lack of computer, I had learned to start slacking off. Which is unacceptable, you are absolutely right.

Anyway, today was a good day, and yet also a bad day. I woke up at 8:05am to the ringing of my cellphone, which I use as an alarm. (I used to use my stereo, but I worry that with how late I stay up these days that I would sleep right through it.) So anyway, being Thursday, it was GME master control day. I went down to the studio, loaded all the tapes and DVD's, checked the NetEm/Leightronics Programming and let the studio know that I was recieving their feed.

That being done, I settled down to check my e-mail until the deck was to start recording. Then I looked over and the deck didn't start recording.


So I hit record manually, nothing. I started to panic, but then I checked the deck, and for some reason, whoever usually puts the GME record tape in the deck HADN'T DONE IT. So I had to find the tape, put it in and hit record. By the time the tape was recording, thirty seconds of preroll had already gone by.

But the immediate crisis was over. So I just reprogramed the Leightronics to correct the tape for the re-air so it would still air properly. However, I forgot to adjust the take delay, so when the time came for the show to play over the channel, it didn't and so I had to take it manually.

Yeah, so my drama and excitement as Master Control continues.

Anyway, after that I had Intro. To Visual Arts, which was cool, but as always a little flaky. Then I had lunch with my pals and we went to take out History of Media Arts test. We had all of our 1hr and 45min class to complete the 50 question test.

I was out of there in 25 minutes, the second person done only because I went through and double checked my answers.

Then I proceeded over to ECTV, where I began editing a package for "Ladies Room" a female talk show, which was about one of the hosts getting a makeover at Sephora, a department store.

Needless to say due to multiple and insane complications and interuptions, and redos for the hosts, I just wrapped it up around 8pm.

Then I had dinner, which included NACHOS WITH HOMEMADE, FRESH TOMATO SALSA. It was awesome. Now I'm here updating my blog before my Evvy's meeting at 10:00pm.

Oh! When it rains it pours, because I never get mail, but today I recieved SIX peices of mail today! A package containing my two James Taylor CD's that I bought off of Ebay for about 8 bucks, 2 DVD's which I got from on a free trial of their version of "Netfix", my monthly check from Dad, a letter from my friend Laura, AND my invitation to the ADVANCE SCREENING of "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers"--which I can't wait to see!

Anyway, I'd say in all it's been an awesome day, just long. But that's okay.

Okay, regular posts from now on!


Anonymous said...

wow what a day! you are one busy guy, but i'm glad you finally found time to fill us in. also you might get more mail if you gave out your mailing address to everyone *hint hint you have a sister who's asked

Anonymous said...

What were the JT CDS that you got?
How did you wrangle a invite to see thelife and death of Peter Sellers? You little tease....give us all the details.