Monday, November 08, 2004

Hello Hello! I'm at a Place Called Vertigo!

Yeah, special thanks to U2 for that catchy post title (Please don't sue me.)

Anyway, I had a meeting with Women In Motion, as we are gearing up to shoot our short film, "Lunch Break" (Working title). I'm assistant producer, so I'm going to be keeping very busy making sure all of this stuff gets off the ground and the shoot goes as smoothly as possible.

It has gotten really cold and windy all of a sudden, and I finally pulled out my long wool peacoat that I bought way back in Septemeber. I really like it, but I am almost worried that it won't be warm enough. But we'll see.

Interesting side note: As you may recall, I recieved some negative and harrasing anonymous posts in the past, and I criticized the poster for not leaving their name when they insult me. A friend of mine said that posters have the right to be anonymous and not leave their name. But I stumbled upon this while reading Joe's blog.

I just feel thats kinda funny. But I don't care, because no one is perfect. Depending on the circumstances we change are minds, don't we? Because whatever we feel is right IS right in our own minds.

Well anyway, I love all my friends and readers, and I miss everyone so much. I can't wait until Christmas Break when I return to Virginia and see everyone. Have a great day!

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