Monday, November 01, 2004

I've Been workin' on my website, all the live-long day

What's goin' down my homies? I'm in the lab again this afternoon putting the finishing touches on my website project for my digital culture class at four.

Hopefully I'll then be able to rest a little bit.

Anyway, I'm gladly keeping myself entertained. I watched an episode of Mr. Rogers Neigborhood today and I was happy.

More later!


Anonymous said...

Dude, don't make fun of Mr. Rogers Neigborhood. He died.

Ezra said...

I don't understand how I was making fun of Mister Rogers. He's the man, and I said that watching his show made me happy. I'm confused now.

A man of few and many words said...

haha just like you ezra to watch those old odd classics.
voting tomm. ready? put up some pics of yourself or something sometime, also do you still talk to tera beth?
i dont have her SN or anything...

John said...

Hey! I'm glad you're feeling better. Yeah, Mister Rogers was a good man. Remember to vote so P. Diddy doesn't kill you in your sleep!