Monday, November 29, 2004

Hmmmm... Homesick Already

I realize now that I am back at the dorms again how homesick I really am.

After spending just a few short days with old friends and my sister, Sarah, I feel so out of place here. Hopefully it will only take a few days before I have re-integrated into the college lifestyle... of course, then it's only 22 days (three weeks) before I am back in Virginia for a whole MONTH. How will that be? I don't know, but I do know that I will love the visit. It just unnerves me that I am not excited to be back at school... I shouldn't worry, because I like what I am doing. I guess everyone would rather be at home with friends than working hard at school with people who you haven't gotten really close to yet.

So anyway, I was going to sleep in until about 9:30am, and then just shower and go to class, but when my roommate got up this morning and went to class, I woke up, and I couldn't get to sleep. It totally sucked. So I got up and started working on my blog, checking my e-mail, and doing other things to keep me busy.

Today I will be "hitting the ground running" going to class at 10-12, Change the Channel, Desk sit from 12-2pm, work on my Digital Culture Assignment until 4pm, (change the channel) at 4pm go to my digital culture class until 6pm. I change the channel again at 6pm, then I have a little time for dinner until my Women in Motion meeting at 8pm.


Anyway, it took a helloova (thanks, John) long time to set up my room again, since I had to totally destroy my desk, and I have to do it again very soon. But I love Christmas, and I have yet to do ANY shopping... uh oh.


John said...

That's a helloova good dip! Looking forward to seeing you in diciembre. Don't worry about your dislike of school. School is treating me like a kick in the throat and I'm just as anxious to be on break. Meanwhile,don't wig out or anything! See you later!

Anonymous said...

I for one and extremely disappointed in your thanksgiving day ramblings. I was only mentioned in being missed. Instead you talked about what you did with everyone but me??? Is it because we just ate and watched movies...
Can't be because there's a whole paragraph on eating with Tanner and Lee. Do meals with your sister not rate mentioning? See if I do anything nice for you next vacation. Besides, you could have at least mentioned the cool movie we saw together, or even the stupid fight with my roommate. AND WHAT ABOUT MY BIRTHDAY WISH??? I can see the love (on a side note just so all you readers know, he didn't even call to let me know he made it home ok. I say a revolt is in order!)